India · 235 Days · 7 Moments · March 2017

Vaishnavi's views on VIJAYAWADA

3 November 2017

18 October 2017

Bowling 🎳 If you like to play bowling then, LIFESTYLE mall is the best place to visit in Vijayawada to play bowling..

14 October 2017

Pvp square mall You can shop, play and eat here. It's a good place to visit with your friends and family. And if you have plenty much of time you can even watch a movie 😉😉.
Trendset mall So this is an another mall you can visit to shop,play and eat. The main bonus here is the scary house, it scares the creep out of you, so yeah do feel free to visit some time. It is a cool place to hang out with friends! If you have a good time,Well you can watch a movie.. 😊

9 August 2017

Undavalli caves.. 😍 If you're a nature lover then you have to go here. You don't have to spend much time here. All you need is mere 30 minutes.! Because there isn't much to see except the caves, in spite of that you will experience nice views of the roads and trees. 🌳 Sculptures on the walls represents Vaishnava deities. Second storey has a pillared rectangular shrine of Lord Vishnu on a Serpent. Sculptures of Shiva and Vaishnava and a few like the Vaishnava Alwars are sculptured later on. Top floor was unfinished.These caves were carved out of solid sandstone on a hillside in the 4th to 5th centuries. There are several caves and the best known largest one has four stories with a huge recreated statue of Vishnu in a reclining posture, sculpted from a single block of granite inside the second floor.It was originally a Jain cave,and includes Buddhist art work includes Buddhist art work. Note:It closes by 5PM.The best time to visit the caves is 4-5 in the evening 🙂🙂

29 July 2017

Food junction It opens only from 10:15 PM You can have a load variety junk food there.. 😍

21 March 2017

Kanaka Durga Temple It's the most beautiful and perfect place to visit if you're new to vijayawada. The temple is very famous and powerful. The goddess Durga has a vibrant glow and it brings out the utmost peace out! ✌️ Special pujas are performed during Dasara also called Navaratri. The most significant are Saraswati puja and Theppotsavam. The festival of Dasara for Goddess "Durga" is celebrated here every year. A large number of pilgrims attend the colourful celebrations and take a holy dip in the Krishna river. Note: Make sure you do not carry your phones because you are not allowed to carry them inside the temple. Jai matha dhi.! 🙂

14 March 2017

Ghiza restaurant Chicken is worth tasting here! Its opposite to PVP mall and it's good to have a little after shopping 😃 And there are no regrets the food tastes great here. 🥘 If you're looking for a small restaurant with good atmosphere then, do try this restaurant! 🙂😃