India · 357 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

Vaibhav's adventure in Leh

8 November 2017

GOD is a concept for a deeper understanding of life.

15 August 2017

It seems normal people don't take eccentricity that well.
The concept of God in most religion is singular, as in they talk about God being one eg. Jesus son of God, Allah the almighty etc. Where as in Hinduism there are many God it's plural. Gods! As in 'They', many aspects of the ultimate. Duality, plurality in things. Here there is never only one thing affecting a certain situation there's always many. 'They' has a certain strength to themselves. In a multiverse there is never a Single understanding. There must be quite a few. It's unlikely to like a person or a being in it's entirety, there will always be other thoughts to any understanding. Hence highs & lows, positives n negatives, yin and yans. The reality is like a pendulum which swings between them. ( Instigated by, " I forgot my charger and I start getting defensive therefore the vibes has a tension."

14 August 2017

In India we drink a lot of tea..not the English teacher but the country has developed it's own prepration, a stronger more milk and sweet. While traveling to ladhak from Delhi we would take a lot of tea breaks on the way. We knew we were in the state of punjab (known for it's generous and rich local culture) when the amount of milk starts to exceed the amount of water in the tea.
There seems to be more similarities in science and philosophy than differences.
Seems like the first leg of my journey in life. There's a certain sense of tragectary that I've been following. It's an opportunity an understanding. A certain level of awareness. Traveling in the dark nevertheless traveling. The darkest night brings the brightest sun.