Europe · 7 Days · 44 Moments · September 2017

Austrian Coffee and Wildness

15 September 2017

14 September 2017

Ein Geschenk von Heidi!
Bruck an der Mur

13 September 2017

Affogato und Sacher Torte
Stephansdom - Wien
Schweizerhaus - Prater - Wien
Schloss Schönbrunn - Wien

12 September 2017

Kapfenberg Burg

11 September 2017

Home, sadly for the departure but it has been an extremely joyful journey! Looking forward to new adventures with Frau Saez!
Me la he jugado pidiendo al ÚNICO restaurante de la zona que funciona con app... #UrbanitaCampestre
Time to go for me, but Frau Cristina will remain for several days. Hopefully she will update us on the plans and places to come during her stay!
La vida en el campo
Before I leave for the airport to go back to the UK, we have made a new, extremely lovely friend, Bianca 😍

10 September 2017

Back to our retreat, and Cristina has become the Master of Puppets! 😎🤘🏻
Mariazell 😃
Having an awesome traditional Austrian Lunch in Mariazell!
Blowing some glass and a souvenir to take home!
Happy Coffee
Kaffee und Liebe

9 September 2017

Night coffee
Btw, we made it to Styria!
Unser Nest :)
They can take our women, they can take our land but they'll never take our Skittles!! #England!!!
Yesterdays Lunch! Ñam!
Endlich mal zusammen!
There we go!!

8 September 2017

Saint Trinity
I don't know what it says... but PENGUINS! 🐧
[Insert a Rammstein joke here]
Never too late for a coffee, and my god WHAT A COFFEE ❤️❤️❤️
Town Hall!
The Parlament 📜
Holfsburg Castle
Gate in honor to Franciscus I - Austrian emperor
The legend... MOZART!
Watching live Opera!! 😦 Never thought I would like it this much!! I have been standing here speechless for the last 10 minutes!
Looks like money isn't an issue in Vienna what a beautiful sights!
Vienna Shopping Street... at night 😅
Massive Sausage Roll 😍 loving it!!
And Off we go!!