Europe, North America · 21 Days · 37 Moments · September 2017

Vancouver Island to San Francisco

6 October 2017

All good things come to an end. 😭flying home to Amsterdam.

5 October 2017

Taking the rental car from Trinidad to San Francisco.

4 October 2017

Trinidad Bay. One last day of rest, surfing, tango and mashed potato cones. Our new all time favorite food.

3 October 2017

Crescent City to Trinidad Bay. 100 km through the Redwoods, amazing! Unfortunately our last day on the bikes. We also saw elks. The RB&B in Trinidad was was a dream.

2 October 2017

Golden Beach to Crescent City, 90 km. Another day in the hills. But it's Utes Birthday so we celebrated with pie. We even found another traveler to join the celebration. James is on his way to Patagonia. Ok different scale.

1 October 2017

Bandon to Gold Beach, 90 km. Freezing 8C and rain in the morning, but the day ended with sunshine on a wonderful hotel balcony.
Lakeside to Bandon 70 easy kilometers. This is our rest day.

30 September 2017

Half way into the day the sky cleared up. How nice. Extra joyful climbs and descends and through the dunes and finally after 110km arriving at the motel in Lakeside. We got so enthusiastic that we stopped for a little hike on the way. Since the reviews for the only available motel and the only restaurant where so bad, we stopped at the last bigger city before to stock up on food for dinner and breakfast. Cashier asking: where are you heading to? We: to lakeshore lodge in lakeside. Cashier: super nice place out in the nowhere. Extremely nice and they have great food to. We: Looking at each other, paying, walking out with all the food ... Ute: well, who knows, to the people here great food can mean a fatty burger, fake cheese and some sort of fries.... Turns out food and motel where quite decent and restaurant had even lake view we went for that..... what to do now with all the food? For now into the motel fridge. We are studying the local art as well as the wildlife😉😂
Getting up early ------ again. Just to find out: pouring down rain. What to do? Martins idea: work around, let's find a cafe which opens just before 7.00 and sit out the rain. Some heavy and long breakfast later the rain didn't stop, but at least got a bit lighter. We still needed to make 110km the day, so no choice. Rain gear on and back on climbing and up and down and up again. Really nice and rewarding views again even though we were super wet and partly cold. Grat experiences are the narrow tunnels: cyclist do press a button before entering and flash lights do give signal to the cars that cyclists (which can't be overtaken, because the tunnels are to narrow) are in... Makes the scary tunnel pretty save, right?

29 September 2017

We found a great lunch place: all you can eat.... just what we needed after all the cold, mist and climbs. Martins words when we came out of the restaurant, starting again to cycle through the spooky mist and fog: "What is invisible and smells of garlic and onion. Me!!!" He had finished off a big portion of garlic mashed potatoes and onion loaded salad.... if I would have lost him in the fog, I could have tracked him down anyhow!
At the end of the climb we rested at the view point and there we saw: whales, every where whales. At least 15-20. We saw a couple of more cycling further. Quite difficult to get the, on a photo. Some where right in front of us coming up next to the cliffs. We were really blown away. Then sudden mist and fog came up and the temperature dropped by 10 degrees. Totally changed the scenery to a really spooky ride along the wild coast and cliffs and forests.
Getting up early again to make it from Pacific City to Waldport roughly 101 km. Again it started of really sunny. Great views and then a long climb with going up to a pass.... It gave the day a real change: see next post

27 September 2017

Seaside to Ocean City, 120 km up and down, beautiful views, only the American coffee made Ute frown 😩.

26 September 2017

Easy 80 km from "Unpronounceable" to Seaside. Stunning views and marionberry pie. Live is good.

25 September 2017

Portland to Clatskine 105 km. After two wonderful days in Portland with Paula and Slim we started out on Highway 30. Lots of traffic, so we were happy when we found a to alternate route through the hills. It was great, than the asphalt turned to gravel and the rain started. And by the way it's hunting season so we had to sing and whistle to avoid ending up stuffed over the fireplace. Than we were attacked by dogs and Ute got stung by a wasp. But we had lots of fun : )

24 September 2017

Went for a beautiful hike at the Columbia river gorge. Ending with some food in River Hood. Saw a lot of kite surfers on the river.

23 September 2017

Enjoying Portland. Tossed away my broken jeans and bought a pair of pants and cycling paints. Now all set.
At Paula's. Our bikes enjoying balcony view over Portland. Paula is making nice vegan lunch for us.

22 September 2017

Seattle in 4 hours - sure we can make it. Not to see on the photos: we also made it to the pikes place / market (overrated), saw the needle (not went up there), walked through some neighbourhoods (downtown, around occidental square and pioneers square and china town), and saw a street fight with full police action of 4 cars, 15 cops, guns pointed, people arrested etc. Moved away as quickly as we could....please excuse us: no photos either😰😨😱
4 hours is enough😬😪for Seattle. We have better plans. Parking our bikes in the Amtrak train to go tonight to our dear friend Paula in Portland. Looking really forward to it. On top of it Paula will help us to solve 2 bigger challenges for continuing our journey: Finding a bike shop to get Ute some cycling shorts (still can't believe they didn't make it into the bags...) And a pair of long pants for Ute. They made it on the trip but unfortunately did tear apart on the 3rd day... at a crucial and extremely visible part... don't want to describe it in more detail, let's leave it by: somewhere at the back😜
Riding into Seattle. Really nice bike path, with nice little rests, leading almost till down town.
So many boots around Seattle they actually need to be stored on top of each other.
Something went wrong here? Which food are the Greek famous for?
Leaving Mukilteo in the morning passing by the historic light house starting a pretty steep climb. Cycle with Ute and Martin and you will go on paths even the locals don't know. A known situation for cyclists: a nice route google maps showed us turned out to not exist based on the Information of the local cyclist we asked not finding the path we wanted to go. We don't give up so easy though, goggle must be right. Hidden behind a dog playground we found a path. Pretty steep and nasty gravel, partly hindered by fallen trees, but who would give up? Google will know it. Arriving at the top, crossing some train tracks, big signs: no trespassing, but into the direction we came from. So hey, from where should we know. We got out right at the impressive airplane wharfs from Boing. Super impressive.
After our first day we made it to the ferry at night and luckily got also a parking spot for our bikes with the helpful parking permit from the hotel...
We are now professionals in taking ferries. By now we also know how to work the advanced bike fixing systems installed on all ferries we used😜 Just make sure you know before de-embarking how to undo your knots!!!
Ok, it is not our home address guys. Even though Martin thought Ute would get definitely a lifetime membership....easily. But she got refused...... even though she managed to forget her bike shorts at home...... going on a cycling vacation!!!!!!
Orcas!!!! We were watching out for them. For days now. We believe they are a myth made up to lure tourist on boats... I mean we were 2 times on a boat for 2 hours in Tofino (saw plenty of wildlife including all the mammals living there, including whales, but no Orcas). We went in a ferry for 3 hours and another time for a shorter ride: it was said they see Orcas very often. Nothing!!! We stared at all waters we passed by being even told by signs that Orcas can be spotted, nothing!!! So be aware, the stories about Orcas is a pure tourist nep😜
In the road from Anacortes to Mukilteo. After the pass nice riding, beautiful scenery, only little climbs. We couldn't find a lunch place until late in the afternoon, not really densely populated those islands. So we ate the whole day till we got to the ferry apples and almonds. Pretty healthy. Just before the ferry a cafe popped up... called Timbuktu😄😀

21 September 2017

Getting up early to make it from Anacortes to Mukilteo all the way across the Fidalgo Islands to catch the ferry in the south of the island at night. First highlight of the day: deception pass. Nice, long climb with rewarding views.

20 September 2017

On our way to Anacortes by ferry. Tomorrow cycling will begin. Finally, Ute was already getting antsy.

19 September 2017

Today a nice hike in the morning and then we went to some hot springs flying back by water taxi airplane. Quite a stunning and fun experience. Last day today on Vancouver Island. Heading tomorrow to Anacortes.

18 September 2017

Today: pouring down rain. But it seems wildlife is not bothered by it. We saw a bear with its little one at the bay shore eating crabs and other seafood😁 The bold sea eagle was waiting and dolphins were passing.

17 September 2017

First day: hiking through rainforest to the beach. No bears to be seen and luckily non of the "bold" wolfes either.

16 September 2017

Arriving with a little Propeller-Plan on Vancouver Island.
Leaving in the rain to the airport.