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USA Roadtrip, part 3: Washington - Nevada

1 August 2015

continuation in part 2: california

26 July 2015

On the road making our way back to LA, we stopped by Hoover Dam, where we almost died because of the heat.
We had to spend the night somewhere, so we decided what better place than Las Vegas?

25 July 2015

The second day at the Grans Canyons, we took the first half of the day to hike a few miles down the canyon side.

24 July 2015

We spent a night in the Grand Canyon National Park, taking the first day to stop at some look out points

23 July 2015

Some "loops" we found on the road.
The trip from Seattle to the Grand Canyons

22 July 2015

Drive through Idaho in direction Arizona.

21 July 2015

Bubble gum wall in Seattle

18 July 2015

Around five days in Seattle, staying with dad's old friend, Bill.