United Kingdom, Ireland · 22 Days · 42 Moments · December 2018

United kingdom and Ireland

4 January 2019

A day at Stonehenge

30 December 2018

Met a great couple from Japan. He is a farmer and on the City Council. They are in the UK for 2 weeks.
Were leaving Glasgow this morning by train headed to Edinburgh which we'll switch trains and head to London.
I was expecting this. I finally got sick. Just a plain cold but the constant traveling wiped me out. After leaving Oban, we returned the rental car and headed to the hotel. I stayed in bed for two nights except for a small walk to get some seafood chowder. It was soo good.

28 December 2018

We drove to Oban that next morning and met up with the Robersons. Fiona, Alaster, and Chris for lunch. Brit and Fiona had a chance to catch up. It was about 10 years since the student exchange and there was so much to catch up on. Britt wanted to show me around. HEY DAD, we found Pallets!!

27 December 2018

Leaving the Isle of Skye and saw the Eilean Donan Castle again lit up as we drove past.
Ferris Pools. I took a lot of videos here. Very few photos.
More pictures on our drive across the Isle of Skye. We so wanted to visit the ___ Castle but it was closed for the winter season. After seeing the gate, we had to drive on. We also wanted to continue to drive west so see the light house (most western and a good place to see sunset. However we decided to skip it and visit the ferrie pools.
We drove North East toward ______. Saw _____.
Before crossing the Bridge to Isle of Skye, we came across Eilean Donan Castle. We didn't have time to explore it. With such little daylight available. We needed to be on our way.
Left the AirB&B and started our way to the Isle of Skye. Here are some random pictures along our drive.
We stayed at another AirB&B. It was on the other side of Loch Ness. It wasn't much to look at on the outside but it was beautiful on the inside. I watched about 6 more episodes of Outlander which really added to the romance of being in Scotland.

26 December 2018

Loch Ness. Unfortunately, we didn't get to meet Nesse; however, we got to learn a lot about her at her museum. The Scots put in a lot of effort to find her.
Random pictures along our drive from our Christmas lodging to Inverness and visited a kilt maker museum/shop. Then continued to Loch Ness to see Nesse.

25 December 2018

Britt and I climbed the highest pint to watch the sunset (at 3:45 pm) I thought the sky would light up with brilliant colors but it did not. 😑
More of our Christmas lodging.

24 December 2018

Long drive to our Christmas lodging. Will arrive at 8pm or later. 3 1/2 hour drive. Britt is doing most of the driving and is doing great. ~ much better than me.
Left the Museum and went to Edinburgh Castle. Again, so much fun. The place is huge with so many things to see and views from the castle are breath taking. Lots of tartins scarfs for sale. 30+ stores with 100s of choices.
Soup of the day sweet potato and butternut squash and I'm having fish & Chips. Britt is having a Scotish burger. We're both having lemonaid.
Sitting at the Museum of Scotland's cafe waiting for Britt to put more money on the parking meter. Spent almost 2 hours here and loved it. Beautiful building. I met the famous Dolly. :-)

23 December 2018

We arrived in Glasgow and rented a car. Both Britt and I hit our exhaustion wall. Neither of us could really absorb anything more. We drove to Edinburgh and stayed at an AirB&B. We got there at 3pm (after doing a little grocery shopping) and had the place to ourselves. We watched a little netflix, slept, watched a little more and then slepted through the night.
It was a rough night. Less than 5 hours of sleep and a tight squeeze on the shuttle from hotel to airport at 4:20 am. At airport the line (queue in UK/Ireland) had 100s of people lined up. It stretched from one end of the airport terminal to the other. Lucky for us it went fast. Only about an hour. Security took about am hour as well. Glad we decided to allow extra time for the Eve to Christmas eve. Our flight was delayed an hour.

22 December 2018

Rock of Cashel deserves a lot more photos.

21 December 2018

We stayed at a quaint AirB&B. An older couple ran it. They were so sweet. We left the car in the parking lot and walked to Rock of Cashel.
We arrived to see the Cliffs of Moher. It was about 3pm and already the sunset had started. It was pitch black when we left and it wasn't quite 5pm.
And... more driving...
Just saw a rainbow in Ireland and just heard the baby shark song on the radio.
What I didn't realize was that the Castle added another hour to our drive to see the sites we selected. So lots and lots of driving. Our first stop was at Kylemore Abby. A beautiful location.

20 December 2018

As Britt drove towards the Cliffs of Moher, I searched for a hotel/AirB&B. I asked Britt if she wanted to stay in a castle she said yes. What we didn't expect that it was an amazing Castle!! <3. I was only disappointed that we couldn't stay longer. So many trails to hike and great food and amazing sites to see.
Brit and i left our hotel and took a walk to the car rental and picked up a car. I drove for about an hour before giving up the wheel to Britt. It was clear that she was the better driver and a lot less nervous than I.

19 December 2018

Ended the night by going to an Irish Pub. They played popular music (Phil Collins) and there was a Christmas holiday cheer vibe to it all. It wasn't the quaint Irish pub we were expecting but loved it for what it was.
Britt and I did the hop on hop off tour in Dublin. We saw a lot of Guinness historical sites from the bus but enjoyed hopping off and touring the Museum of anthropology and the Dublin Castle.

18 December 2018

This morning we began our journey to Dublin. A 3 hour train ride followed by 3 hour ferry. The first thing I noticed was the countryside reminded me of home. Beautiful NC. Exchange sheep for cows and there you go. However, when you look closer, the homes were vastly different. Older architecture and because of that there seems to be a romantic quality of the view. We arrived at the ferry. It's cold, wet and stormy. They ferry rocky. Britt promptly got sick... me? I fell asleep being rocked by the waves. I am more in love with sea life then ever.
The hotel we stayed in was cute but very, very small. We barely were able to fit through doorways and the elevator could transport only 2 people who are comfortable in snuggling. The shower was smaller than my shower on the boat. But all in all I enjoyed the experience.

17 December 2018

We got off the water taxi at the tower of London. We walked around the tower and then crossed on food the London Bridge. By then we were exhausted and needed to rest. We ordered a Uber and headed back to the hotel. It was after 5pm. But before we could end the night, Britt needed Chinese food and I needed to get a document submitted to work. By 10pm we were snuggled in bed and fast asleep.
We crossed back over the Thames on a different bridge and jumped on a water taxi to take us down river to the London Bridge. (I cannot say London Bridge without singing falling down, falling down in my head). Along the way I spied Big Ben. 😁
We came to the London landmark called the Eye. (Not creepy at all). I want to go on the farris-wheel but I'd rather do it at night so we can see the lights. So we passed up going on it today and headed to lunch. We had Fish & Chips. It was good.
Loved the market and just couldn't pass-up the Merry-go-round. Loved the colourful dishes.
We left our luggage at the hotel, jumped back on the tube and with no hick-up we got to the Thames River. We crossed over to the far side and headed to the market and attractions.
The morning started very early with a hotel shuttle back to the airport then hopping on a bus to London. From the bus station we took the metro tube. That was a lot of fun. However at one point Britt got on the tube and the doors closed before I could get on. You should have seen our faces. She mouthed next stop... whatever that meant. But no worries. She got off on the next stop waited for the next train and got back on with me. I raised a very smart girl. <3 :-) We started toward our hotel. After a mile of walking, we knew we were lost. (Ok, not so smart) We stopped at McDonald's for Wi-Fi and realized we walked a mile in the wrong direction. We hopped on a bus that brought us back to the station. We finally found the hotel just a block away. Along the way we stopped in a few stores and enjoyed the wrong turns.

16 December 2018

While waiting for soup and chicken wings, Britt and I watch the weather channel at the hotel bar. Weird not seeing the States. I was spell bound for awhile.
Brittany & I take a selfie in my first taxi ride after waiting 45 minutes in drizzle rain for a bus (H4) that never showed up. It didn't slow us down - not at all.