France · 47 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Unexpected trip - Germany

18 February 2017

I past the New Year's Day in Germany. First we went at the Laser game (they say laser tag) and ... I lost aha I was so bad, but it was fun and that's what matters the most.There was a big party to my friend's house, it was so great! I met people, danced and I discovered the passion of German for fireworks! They seem to be crazy about that aha
----> shopping center of Hambourg 🙏
I went to the Zoo of hanover , a really beautiful place to go!
I met some of my friend's old classmates and we went together in a cool (but small) nightclub called "Zaza" in Hanover, it was really fun, the music was soooo great (and this is RARE). I was surprised to see how cheap the drinks are! Had a Really good time
I bought my bus tickets a few days before the departure. Actually, I wanted to join my German friend that I didn't see for 3 years, we decided to see us again. It was amazing to see again a close friend with whom I never lost contact. It was so strange to see how he changed through the years. When I arrived we hugged like we didn't see each other for a thousand years, like a gentleman he gave me a flower. The thing is : I don't know a word in German. I learned some things there, but just insults and sentences in order to drink aha.. nevermind I talked in English (which is really really bad), and I met such a cool and lovely family, I felt like I was a part of it, i feel honored to know them, i stayed there for 9 days and I swear I didn't want to leave
I took the bus (flixbus) from Lille (FR) to Hanover in Germany. We left lille at 00h30 and I arrived approximately at 09:30, the trip was long, someone was snoring all night long.. I met a French guy who lives in Hanover and works there, we talked during the trip, it's one of the great things when you travel, you see new places, you met people and discover other cultures.

3 January 2017

Some of the pictures I have, Laser game, hanover, Hamburg...