United States of America · 3 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017


16 June 2017

Matthew: Matthew is the son of a god or better know the god of the sea. He was once a leader of the assassins for a quite some time. But he has once of the polmac items as the trident that can convert to anything of choice. Jimmy: jimmy was one of the four originally assassins to begin their mission to save the world, however in his spare time he work at Atlas corporations and transformed to an elite assassin to not be killed. Mia: Tyler: Tron: Troy: Andrew: Rosie: Lexi: Tai: Pamela: Astral: Emmett: Domnic: Jay: Charlie: Scott: Atlas Corporations: Altas tron: Serina: Nick: Brock: Atomic Industries: Atomic:

15 June 2017

Introduction to the people in RebornLegacy Assassins: The Assassins have been here for sometime. They are the protecters of the virtual world known as RebornLegacy. Ulises Chacon: ulises is the leader of the assassins Who mysteriously doesn't know who he is. He's mission is to unleashed the truth of the past. James: james is a young boy who discovers a polmac item belong to an ancient pharoh by the name of Ulises Atem. Once he unlocks it, a world of imagination happens with a help of a name astral. They are both season zero protangists. Akame: Akame is the wife of ulises who has one of the six polmac items that is a sword of posion given from Augustus the god of all creation. She met ulises in unbreakable. She is strong and sweet to people she meets.

14 June 2017

RebornLegacy idea number 1 A young boy was determine to become the protecter of the city he lives in with others too. Ulises is strong enough to stop everything that is coming his way only to disvover about who he is. The only problem is that he would eventually face number of villians like Atlas Corporation's, Atomic Industries, Rouge, Arsonist, New frontier, and more. To discover the legacy of his past.
RebornLegacy idea number 2 A young boy gets kidnapp by an organization called Altas Corporations who desire to uncover the truth that the world they live in is not real but a virtual reality created to protect the truth about the real world. The only problem is this boy is an assassin stopping at nothing to save the people of portland. Can he do it?
RebornLegacy idea number 3 RebornLegacy is a virtual reality created by the government who discovered the world would end on December 21 2012 but shown that a war started the end. However they noticed something else that a young boy has the key to stopping this from happening and coming true. Some say this young boy is the last living Egyptian pharaoh to protect the world from destruction while everything become extinct.