United Kingdom · 596 Days · 9 Moments · March 2015

Tamara Toppler

UK for CASTLE lovers

22 October 2016

Canterbury - a must for castle lovers!! Can't believe it took me 6 years in the UK to finally go there. Doesn't have a castle as such, old remains of the Roman city walls and Canterbury castle but it has the famous Canterbury Cathedral which is the seat of the English church. Totally get why...it's amazing inside!! The organ was playing when I walked in and the crypt has something truly magical. 11th century awesomeness!! Worth the 12 pounds entry for sure and only an hour on the highspeed train from London. The town is tiny and wonderfully old idyllic english. In short: Perfect autumn day out 😍

2 October 2016

Little hike in the famous Cotswolds. The Cotswolds are kind of like a national park, they call it AONB which stands for Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. From the village Chipping Camden to the Broadway tower. Super nice autumn walk!!
Visiting Shakespears birth and living place - Stratford upon Avon, a medieval market town in England's west midlands. Very idyllic place full of awesome timber framed houses!! My rainy selfie is in front of his birth house. His crest was a shield with a spear which you can see on the porch. The cute thatched roof cottage is from his wife Anne Hatherway (yea, just like the actress, we all got confused as well)

28 August 2016

Herstmonceux Castle in East Sussex - visiting England's (apparently) biggest medieval festival. It was very big indeed and saw my first real joust which was awesome. Also did a little basket weaving course which was great fun too. All in all not very authentic though. Surrounding gardens and area are very nice though as well as the 15th century moated castle. Inside of the Castle was closed unfortunately.

25 October 2015

3. HEVER CASTLE in East Sussex This was one of the best castles I've ever visited!! Great gardens and an amazing interior with most rooms kept in the tudor style. The best part was that Anne Boleyn lived in this castle while writing with the King Henry VIII - you can see some of the original letters they wrote with each other. The audio guide and tour was informative and well done too and all in all a pretty impressive place packed with history.
2. ARUNDEL CASTLE in West Sussex (Between Brighton and Portsmouth) Another castle visit in the south. The reason for the frequent visit to Sussex is that there are quite a few cool castles worth a visit and its also close to London so on average 1,5h on the train, while going further north usually takes longer. Arundel is a small town which has a train station so no need for a hike to get to the castle. Arundel is open only in summer since the family still lives there. Stunning castle, especially the inside to see how an old castle can be used as a modern home still keeping the historical touch. Best part - the vicorian library!!!!!

18 October 2015

4. LEWES CASTLE Another castle visit in East Sussex. Lewes is a pretty tiny and old town in the South Downs national park with one of the oldest and biggest priories in the country. The priory as well as the castle are now only ruins though but it was still pretty impressive to get an idea of how it could have been. The castle was an old motte and bailey castle with two mottes and a keep. We also visited one of Henry VIII wifes house - the Anne of Cleves house. These days Lewes is famous mainly for its big bonfire night festival.

25 May 2015

2. ARUNDEL CASTLE GARDENS Arundel Castle also had amazing gardens ! A lot of castles are privatly owned and refurbished over the years. It seems people stoped having enough money for refurbishment in the vicorian era so late 19th century. Most castles which are still intact inside and not made into a museum are therefore often in this vicorian style which also reflects in their gardens. The times love for the magical and exotic was pretty obvious with all those special plants and fairy like fountains and gates. Pretty awesome place I have to say!!

7 March 2015

1. BODIAM CASTLE in East Sussex From Central Londom we took the train to Robertsbridge, a small town in Sussex the south of England. The train took about 1,5h and from there we started our journey to Bodiam which is a little 2h hike through nice and calm heath land. I think it's actually the closest train station to the castle but our castle explorer team always welcomes a walk 😊 Bodiam Castle is not build on a hill or anywhere obvious so we had a bit of a trouble finding it. It's fairly small and almost in a bit of a valley which makes it visible only when you're close to it. Well we found it in the end and it is awesome!