New Zealand, United Kingdom · 6 Days · 15 Moments · September 2018

England Trip

26 September 2018

Went to Hampton court today! Absolutely stunning and learnt so much more about the tudors and the edwardians. Lovely to see Babs and spend some time at a place I love

25 September 2018

Went for a lovely walk with Tim and ruby and mum today which was really nice. After that we dropped ruby home before me and mum went to the oracle and reading. We went to M & S for lunch which was AMAZING!! after we went to the oracle where I bought my makeup and a nice jumper. After we went back to janes where we cleaned her bathroom. Awful! We the have dinner before Ruby’s boyfriend Adam came over on which we then watched home videos

24 September 2018

Picked up tie grow car today before going to TK max. Bought a reallly nice shirt there. After that we went to John and Barbara’s which was horrendous. The state they were in is really terrible. After we went to Henley with Julia and ruby which was really nice. Nice to spend some time with ruby duby. After that we went dropped ruby home and spent a while at Janes helping her with her house before going home.

23 September 2018

This evening I popped up to janes with Jane and Izzie to see ruby and Dave which was nice
Had Chris’s birthday. Lovely to see all the family and to celebrate
Just woke up. Door to dad this morning and going to start getting ready for Chris’s birthday this afternoon

22 September 2018

Yay here! Hung out with the boys and went to su rider this morning. Bloody tired so kept on drifting off
On flight to London. Just landed. Quite cloudy but hopefully will start getting better through the day

21 September 2018

Stop over in Doha airport for a couple of hours. Feeling real crap but hopefully will be better when there
Almost there only 4 hours to go now

21 September 2018

Taken off and on our way!
On the plane ready for take off to Doha!
On the bus to the international departures ready for our flight to Doha!
On way to Auckland