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Uganda Africa 2019

25 January 2019

January 25th, Friday We left the beautiful, amazing Acadia Lodge in Lake Bunyonyi! 07:00AM headed back to Entebbe. Stop for a bite to eat at the cafe by the equator that we stopped at on our way down. Did some more souvenir shopping and bought a big tote 👜 bag to carry it all home!!

24 January 2019

Beautiful sunset at Lake Bunyonyi!! I decided that this place is where my calm, peaceful, happy spot will be when I close my eyes and need t go there!
We left Bwindi Forest and made our way to our next spot, Arcadia Lodge, Lake Bunyonyi! This is my awesome room! Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest lake in all of Africa and is 900 meters deep. It has 29 different islands. One island long ago was a place to send people who had leprosy. It now has been taken over by the government and is a growing community with a hospital on the island. One of the smaller islands was a place that back in the day they would send unwed pregnant women. Obviously that has all changed! Now many of the islands have communities and some have resorts on them!!
About 3 hours into the trek our house finally got the information from the trackers where we could find these awesome creatures! We spent about an hour or so observing and following a male, female and a baby gorilla! It then took us a very complicated and tiring trek to get out of the jungle and back up to the trail to the road.
January 24th, Thursday Up at 6:30, had a quick breakfast 🥞. We went to Bwindi National Forest for the big Gorilla 🦍🦍 safari today!! We had about an hour briefing Bree started on our way with walking sticks. You can hire a “porter” which is a local that will go with you and carry your things and help you get up and down the steep jungle terrain!! I decided to have one when I saw how steep the climb would be! Her name was Agnes and she was awesome!! I couldn’t have made it without her!
More of Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge.

23 January 2019

This was my room ! The “Sparrow”.
After our very very long drive, checked into our second lodge for the night, just outside Bwindi Forest/Jungle. It was “Ichumbi” Gorilla Lodge.
On the road to Bwindi!
The Uganda Flag!! Black means Black Africans Yellow means sunshine! Red means “One people, one blood” Bird is a created crane, symbolizes peace!
The Ugandan Equator Line!!! Kayabwe is the name of the town Charles, Sharifah and me!
January 23, Wednesday Up at 05:30, picked up at 06:00AM I really enjoyed the beautiful, calm and tranquil atmosphere at the Malakai Eco Resort. I enjoyed having the time to myself and reflecting on my journey so for and my journey to come!🦍🦍

22 January 2019

This place has been here about 5 years now. It was created by a German man and Ugandan woman who live right next to the property and share their pool!!
Residents of the resort!
Lunch in paradise
Here are other awesome pictures of this hidden paradise!
I’m in the “Pabble Cottage” I think it’s called Pebble Cottage though since it is paved and made with pebbles!
So the second half of my adventure begins!! My ride pi led me up at 12:00 noon, to take me to another hotel called Malakai Eco Lodge. It is hidden and tucked away right outside the city between Entebbe and Kampala!
PART 2 of the Great Ugandan adventure
January 22, Tuesday. Up early this morning, I guess that my body is just getting used to it now! Had a buffet breakfast with the few remaining people here. I had an appointment for a 9:00AM deep tissue massage for an hour and a half! Was very relaxing! Packed up to check out of Lake Victoria Hotel. Took a walk to Anna’s Corner. It’s a very well known gift shop! She was a very sweet lady with lots of beautiful things! I just might have to go back there on Friday when I get back from safari!! I took a “boda boda” back, motorcycle ride so I didn’t have to walk back! Very hot today 💥💥

21 January 2019

January 21st Monday Today we left the jungle and village in Buseesa! It was sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful, beautiful and grateful people that I met there.😞😞 We got out vans at about 10:30-11:00 AM. The drive back was very different during the daytime rather than at night when we first arrived! It still took a good 5 hours or so to get to Lake Victoria Hotel where we were all staying the night.
Last night in Buseesa 😞😞. The cooks made us an extra special dinner and they all brought their families! The sisters from S. Julie’s private school came as well and so did the deacon. There was drinking and dancing and a great time was had by all!! What awesome, gracious and happy people I have met in the last week or so. They have touched my heart ❤️ forever!!!🙏🏻❤️🤗💋
Finally got my motorcycle ride! WOOHOO!

20 January 2019

January 20, Sunday Today we went through all of our supplies and sorted and boxed up for next year. Took a few hours. Stacy and Patti and Kait were still not feeling well at all. 😞😞. We then took a drive out to see Em’s clinic. It was pretty amazing to see what she has created there for all those people!!

19 January 2019

January 19 , Saturday Day 6 “Buseesa” We stayed right here in this village on our last day. Had an awesome breakfast with homemade chapati! Took a leisurely time and started the clinic at about 10:00AM! No a very long line this morning.
Day 6 of our outreaches! Today we are at “Buseesa district. After an awesome breakfast of Chapatti

18 January 2019

January 18th, Friday Day 5 Birongo. Headed out to “Birongo” after the rain passed. Left about 10:00AM. It was pretty short trip to the village and we set up at the little church there.
Up this AM at the usual 0600 to thunder and lightning and a downpour??⛈

17 January 2019

Finishing off our awesome day “Katanga”!
After our long great day we had dinner and celebrated “Diva’s” 3rd birthday . Rosemary’s little boy.
January 15th, Tuesday Day 4 “Katanga” Up again at o’dark 0600AM! The village today was “Katanga”. It was very much a jungle! We saw 300+ patients since we were unable to go on Tuesday due to the rain!! This village has the nickname of “Scabiesville”, but it wasn’t that bad . Did see quite a few scabies though!!

16 January 2019

Leisurely day in Beseesa! Wednesday
Here are our cooks!! Annette Jane Akiki Rosemary Madrine is a soon to be nurse, HIV counselor, Emily’s “daughter” Norbert is a nurse at Emily’s clinic. Michael is a micro credit outreach coordinator and in charge of agriculture. Joseph is a clinical officer. Paul Director of the board of directors. Juliet bookkeeper for microcredit. Bruno’s mom Matea Head of construction manager. Tusabe manger of microcredit. Moses runs the farm and then is “our sheriff “. Wasswa translator this week only Phiona translator this week only.
Playing Dominos with Renée, Jeremy, Madrine, Norbert!!
January 15th, Wednesday Day 3 Birungo Our mission to Birungo is a bust! Thunderstorms and lightning and rain ☔️!!⛈😞😞
Some Ugandan words: Eggo = Yes Boda Boda = motorcycle ride Orieota = Hello Nangwa = No Ocebreota = Evening hello Cali Cali= Webali Muno = Thank you very much Sabo = man Nyabo= Girl
Day 3 Mission Supposed to go Birungo” Woke up to a thunderstorm and lightning ⛈🌩⛈ that started last night. Hanging out in conference room snacking on goodies and waiting to see if/ when this storm will pass!! Our fearless leader watching out!!
Our providers! Emily Rymland Jeremy Kadish ER Doc Jill Athens Steve Mo
Our nursing team Stacy Hevener Lacy Burnett Renee Johnson Leanne Andrews
And last but not least our awesome Pharmacy staff! Patti Poole Prince “Brian” Poole Wes Hoffmann Kaitlin
The team Our boss/ team leader Emily Rymland

15 January 2019

Stats for outreach Day 2 0 Typhoid 7 Malaria 1 H Pylori 0 Syphillis 138/250 treated
Multiple injuries seen.
Tuesday Day 2 Mission was in a village called “Kyatwanga” Nothing major seen. A lot of HIV testing and want to be tested for malaria. A few interesting burns and an older lady with a large chronic goiter. A little boy named “John” with a serious case of jiggers!!!Madrine one of our translators and Reneespent hours getting them all out!! The village people were all so thankful and appreciative for all that we did!!

14 January 2019

Stats for outreach day 1 No typhoid 14 malaria 1 syphillis 1 new HIV 1 H Pylori 238/240 tested
Outreach Day 1: Kahoro Monday was the first mission and sadly I was still quite 🤒. I t was decided that it was best if I stayed behind today to get some rest and refresh. I ended up sleeping all day until I heard the truck pull up!! I definitely needed the rest!!

13 January 2019

After lunch and a little nap 😴. It’s so very hot here it takes up your energy! After a nap, we sat around and talked. Then we were going to head down to town and check it out! Local goats 🐐 outside our rooms.
Up this morning at 7:00AM! Didn’t get very much sleep last night! Not sure why??! Had a team meeting at 8:00 and got supplies sorted out for tomorrow’s first adventure!! I wasn’t feeling very well after breakfast? I think it was the malaria pill that I took on an empty stomach! Had to lay down for awhile. (And no it wasn’t because of my blood sugar!) Hiked back up to the office for lunch. Feeling a little bit better. Met with lots of hugs and best smiles from all the locals and the kids!

12 January 2019

After a long 5 hour van ride to the BCDC, Buseesa Village. We were all exhausted!! We got in after dark about 9ish. Off to bed we go!!
Dubai to Entebbe was about a 5 hour flight!
Dubai Airport Hotel room

11 January 2019

Getting ready for our 14 hour flight!!
In flight statistics!l
The Emirates crew!

15 July 2018

This adventure is a long time in waiting! I’ve been hoping to get to go to Uganda and now my chance is here! This is my good friend Renée! We met and went through nursing school together a long long time ago! She has been going on this medical mission for the last 3-4 years now!!