North America, Europe · 14 Days · 76 Moments · May 2017

Our voyage in France & Italy

12 June 2017

The last supper.

11 June 2017

The Forum. The lowest parts date back to 1 BC
Coliseum part IV
Coliseum part III
Coliseum part II
Coliseum part I

10 June 2017

On the way home
St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican part II
Vatican part I
On the way to the Vatican!
Lazy Saturday morning!

9 June 2017

Walking after dinner. Had gelato at Fridgerium (sp?). Walked to the Pathenon.
Walking and dinner at Etabli
Presenting with Linda at Rome ABA!
Good morning Rome!!

8 June 2017

Last lunch in Paris, heading to Rome!
Out and about shopping!

7 June 2017

Beautiful churches and a fountain at St. Michele metro.
More Louvre.
Us, at the Louvre!
The Louvre!!
Almost to the Louvre...
Lock bridge and Tuileries!
Luxembourg gardens!

6 June 2017

Ceiling at La Sorbonne station and dinner at l'Agrume!
More Musee d'Orsay! Got kicked out, still not sure why. But found out that later in the day there was an attack at Notredame.
Musee d'Orsay! Massive rain storm while waiting to get in!!
Le royal with cheese? Yes, indeed!!

5 June 2017

L'arc de triumph.
Out and about with Linda, Jim, and Brenna!

4 June 2017

Sooooo sleepy!!
Versailles garden part IV.
Max, jumping stuff in Versailles garden.
Versailles gardens part III
Versailles gardens part II
Versailles gardens part I
Inside Versailles!!!
Heading to Versailles and waiting in line, fooooooor and hour and 15 minutes!
Breakfast chez nous!
Shopping for tasty things!
Evening walk and cafe stop with Ad.
Notredame -le fin
Notredame part trois- inside
Notredame part deux
Day 2 still walking!
Notredame part 1
Early morning coffee and walk on day 2.

3 June 2017

Dinner on our first night. Basque food. Then walk in the rain.
View from apartment!
On the train!
Making our way through CDG!!
Arrived at CDG!!

2 June 2017

Progress!!! So. Hungry.
Getting comfy!
Iceland, here we come!!! Fingers crossed that we'll get to see the northern lights!!
Fun on the Seattle airport tram!
Ready to take off to Seattle!!
Parking at SLC airport. Let the adventure begin!!!

30 May 2017

Linda, ready to get her Parisian on! See you soon!!!