North America · 4 Days · 11 Moments · October 2016

Tyra's voyage in Puerto Rico

27 October 2016

I fell in love with PR...there is absolutely nothing to have issue with. The sun, the's all beautiful and timely. The people here are kind, with the exception of the hating taxi drivers of uber drivers! This place shines... the forts, beaches and the streets of old San Juan will feed your soul. El Yunque's lush land will captivate your heart. This place is truly a blessed part of the world.... I could retire here.

26 October 2016

As God would see fit.. it's raining again. In prayer, and when I usually come to a place where I'm asking God for direction, clarity, etc... He causes it to rain! I think it's a cleansing, a sign of washing away old things, refreshing, and nourishing new things to come in my life. I'm not an overly spiritual person, but I believe God will provide answers when you take the time to sit and wait for Him.

25 October 2016

El Yunque! This was an amazing trip! Completely exhausted from the hike, but the beauty of the forest, the pouring rain and the flowing waterfall were a perfect combination to see God's majestic work! I was amazed at the beauty found in the simplest of things. The African, Indian, and Asian bamboo trees. The clouds forming over the peaks, the rain poring along the walk back from the hike! Amazing!
Ginger and cilantro!
El Yunque exploring!

24 October 2016

Lights over San Juan...all natural! This place is pretty amazing! And it's only day 1! Crazy thing...I took an uber to Old San Juan, little did I know that the uber driver would be threatened by the taxi driver! He gave the uber driver the...I'm coming for your ass look! I mean literally! Uber has now been in PR for a little over 3 months and it's working!
Just a few sights from Old San Juan...I have many others, but will post them later. The bright and festive colors, the lovely people, how amazing!
Up in the air! But I'm here!
Just landed in stop SAN Juan!
Remind me never to volunteer for the exit seats! Lol! The staff at Delta played me! Said I'd have a window seat! Not!
Love that I haven't even left the airport and already got charged $25 for luggage! 😒 Delta😡