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Tyler in Europe

2 July 2016

I spent my last day in Berlin with the Australians I met the night before the in hostel. We went to the Berlin Jewish museum (very artsy and strange) and then I went to a museum on the living conditions in east Germany under the Soviet Union. I played cards at the hostel with the Australians again and then we said our goodbyes.

1 July 2016

Rented a bike from the hostel and rode around town. Found an abandoned airport where people were flying kites and wind+skateboarding. Later I met two new roommates from Australia and spent the night hanging out with them. We went out for burgers (the tallest and messiest burger I've had in my life) and then played cards back at the hostel while watching the euro cup game on TV.

30 June 2016

Visited the Topography of terror museum (about the Nazi police crimes) and then tried some local Currywurst. Later on I met a guy from the Netherlands (Marcel) that wants to visit America. We watched the first half of a soccer game together and then I went on a pub crawl.

29 June 2016

Did an alternative walking tour of the city. Tour guide was half German, half Spanish, and she is a professional trapeze artist (traveling carnivals and such).

28 June 2016

Spent my first day in Berlin on a walking tour of the city. I went with a guy I met in the hostel from Singapore. After the tour we had Turkish food for dinner and then watched Game of Thrones back at the hostel.

26 June 2016

Spent the day with two guys from the hostel (middle one from Sweden, one on the right from the UK). Walked around the town square, had gelato (again), and ate dinner at an Irish restaurant. Went back to the hostel and played Taboo with a big group of solo travelers.

25 June 2016

Walked around the Prague castle today. Had some gelato before returning to the hostel. Met a lot of other solo travelers at the Hostel's free outdoor BBQ. A group of 4 of us went out to the famous 5 story club.

24 June 2016

Spent my first day in Prague doing a self guided audio tour. Ate dinner with a guy from Brazil in my hostel and then went out on a pub crawl. It has been very hot and humid favorite :P

22 June 2016

Met a friend from Princeton (Angad) in Vienna for a few days. He's traveling with a group of 3 other friends and they are heading to Croatia. Today we did a guided tour of the Shönbrunn Palace.

20 June 2016

Spent the day with Wes (from Seattle). Waked 12 miles around the city and sampled a dessert Lángos.

19 June 2016

Did a communism walking tour today with Canadians from my hostel. God some Hungarian soup and then walked back to the hostel. Met a guy from Seattle and spend the night hanging out with him watching the mariners game.

18 June 2016

Saw Julia from Princeton compete in a track event here in Budapest. She's a hammer thrower trying to qualify for the olympics. Afterwards I joined a crowd to watch the Hungarian soccer team play in the Eurocup. Came across the most beautiful McDonalds I have ever seen in my life in an old train station. At night I went to the world famous spa party with my hostel.

17 June 2016

Did a free walking tour of the city today (tour guide pictured with statue). Had Langos for lunch (fried dough with sour cream, cheese, and sausage). Tasted good, but definitely not healthy.

16 June 2016

Made it to Budapest and then went on a boat cruise with the hostel. Eastern Europe!

15 June 2016

Had an easy day in Salzburg. Just went on a short hike around the town. Later I hung out with a group of other solo travelers from the UK, US, and Australia.

14 June 2016

Met two guys from California this morning at breakfast. Spent the day walking around Salzburg and seeing the sights.

13 June 2016

Went from Munich to the Neuschwanstein castle today. When I got there the place was overrun with visitors and the next available time slot to enter the castle wasn't for another 3 hours. I settled on hiking up to the castle and taking pictures of the area. After the hike back down I got on the train heading for Salzburg Austria.

12 June 2016

Met up with two Australian guys in the hostel. They are traveling to America after the finish Europe in a few months. We went to a biergarden to watch the German national team play in the Euro cup. I also met a guy from Trinidad and Tobago that worked in NYC for 8 years and has now been traveling since 2013 😅. He says he teaches scuba lessons for periods of time to make money.
Dachau concentration camp

11 June 2016

Spent yesterday on a guided tour about the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich. Munich was the birthplace of the movement. The city recently reached the same number of Jews as before WWII. My tour guide was from Scotland. The plaza pictured is where the Nazi's held several of their biggest rallies. After the tour I stopped by the Hofbrauhaus (also where the Nazi party had their first official meeting detailing their platform). Later I watched the English soccer game at a hostel with some people from England.

10 June 2016

Went on a free walking tour of the city. It was great and I met three girls from Pennsylvania (pictured with the mad hatter, the other guy was our tour guide)

9 June 2016

Rode the train to Munich today

8 June 2016

Took an easy day today because of the weather. Watched a movie with my host Elias. Then we went out for a Swiss fondue dinner. Found out that he doesn't ever eat any fruits or vegetables 😳

7 June 2016

I arrived in Lucerne. More rain in the forecast 😕
Went paragliding today!

6 June 2016

Spent the day hiking with 2 girls I met at the bus stop (one from Seattle). Beautiful weather today!

5 June 2016

Had an easy day in Interlaken. Trying to rest my sore leg. Walked around town and spent some time by the lakes.

4 June 2016

Spent the day walking around Bern.
Einstein House
First castle of the trip in Thun
Train ride

2 June 2016

Went on a hike with Chris (from Michigan). Didn't know how long it would be when we started, ended up going for 6 hours. Too foggy to get views of the Matterhorn!

1 June 2016

26 May 2016

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