United States of America · 47 Days · 10 Moments · January 2017

Two Fat Foodies in L.A

18 March 2017

The last supper. Our last supper was at The Kettle which was recommended to us by every single uber/lyft driver throughout the trip. In a bit of a time crunch to watch the sunset on our last night of spring break, we got down to business. Foodie 1 ordered a buffalo chicken burger that was undoubtedly the best meal she has ever had in her entire life (no offense mom). Foodie 2 had a crab po boy, that he claimed was crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Mini got blackened chicken penne which was claimed to be "very average". Skinny enjoyed a blackened salmon sandwich that was "pretty good". If you can't tell by their statements that is an example as to why this food blog was titled "Two fat foodies in L.A." The phat foodies, as Greg Heil likes to call them, would like to thank you for your time, support and dedication to reading our food blog and hope it made you hungry, laugh, and envy our wonderful vaycay to L.A. -two fat foodies
Appetizers, basketball, and beaches. The last day we walked from Redondo beach back to Manhattan beach. This obviously works up a sweat and an even bigger empty stomach. We walked up and down the shops/restaurant looking for a place to eat and almost equally as important, a puka shell necklace for foodie 1. Finding a necklace that fit the vacation is essential to a great trip. Luckily we found one with a 5-60 million year old REAL shark tooth necklace down at this little local shop. After, we sprinted to Mermaids Tail and ordered some well deserved appetizers. The atmosphere mimicked our spring break attitude with the energy of march madness basketball games. We engulfed some Irish nachos, hot wings and calamari in typical Pacific Ocean fashion. For our v nice waitress,and the array of food, we give it a 7/10. -two fat foodies

17 March 2017

We took a not so pleasant ride down to Long Beach to experience some whale watching. We saw many whales and dolphins alike. Both the dolphins and whales were cute as could be! Well, how to explain dinner... GREAT. We snacked on endless chips while taking forever to order our food. The waiter loved us, and was in the Saint Patty's Day mood, and gave us some green margaritas and mojitos. While we sipped on those, we ordered some burritos of different varieties and tried everything we could. We stuffed down carne asada, carnitas, and chicken, as fast as humanly possible because we needed it. Once we finished we walked around Long Beach pier to try and experience all the scenery. Needless to say, we experienced every shop they had. Long beach is cool. -Two fat foodies

16 March 2017

Every college kids dream is free food. We got to experience this first hand. After our bumpin uber ride to Manhattan beach we got to our new home for the trip. They told us they serve appetizers and wait for it, booze, for happy hour at our hotel. Stoked out of our minds we rushed to the happiest of hours. They provided little corn dogs, pizza rolls, veggies, some good ol' California Ipa, and coors light on tap. For the ladies, red and white wine. We must admit we took FULL advantage of this hospitality. After the many cheers and full bellies, we ventured to the beach. At the ripe hour of 10pm, the foodies were hungry AGAIN. Asking a local who had the cutest dog in the world only two places were still serving food. We sped walked to a place called Hennessey which will definitely be packed today on St. Pattys. Here we indulged in some hot wings and a volcano pile of nachos. These two apps sure did satisfy the hunger brewing after our free meal at the hotel. -Two fat foodies
Adventuring and wondering around a new city can work up quite the appetite. We ventured over to a well known shopping area in Hollywood called the Grove. In the Grove there is a farmers market which consists of hundreds of different restaurants from espresso shots in ice cream cones to homemade Brazilian food. We sampled the poo poo platter and said "why not both??". The espresso cup was cookies and cream flavored and held a simple shot of espresso which gave me a boost for the hours to come. After walking, for what seemed to be hours, we stumbled upon a Brazilian buffet style restaurant. After being hesitant at first, we realized we wore our stretchy pants and made the bold move. To say the least, WE LOVED IT. We feasted on to sirloin steak, cheese stuffed chicken, sausage, and some crisp caesar salad. The overall experience was a 9/10, only docking a point for the crowds of families yelling whilst standing feet away from each other. -Two fat foodies

15 March 2017

After kindly denying a hobos request to suck his wiener while walking down Hollywood Blvd. I decided to go get a wiener of my own. The only wiener that would satisfy this craving would be the World Famous Pink's hotdogs. The crew orders a variety of dogz. Foodie 1 got two Weiners wrapped in bacon, topped with cheese and chili. Foodie 2 hit a home run with a two hot dogs with bacon, chili, and cheese wrapped in a tortilla...with a side of chili cheese fries. Skinny got a fiery polish dog with jalapeƱos, onions and all the goods. Lastly, Mini got a wiener with pastrami, sauerkraut, and onions. Halfway through the dog we took a moment to reflect. "Why would we do this to ourselves" and "I can feel the plaque clogging my arteries as we speak". But then we realized mama didn't raise no quitter, so we all finished those wieners like it was our only mission on this planet of ours. Rating 9/10, point deduction for the pain that is sure to follow with this type of meal. -two fat foodies
Adventure. We see the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, we decide to be spontaneous and take a tour! Learning the history of one of the landmarks in Los Angeles really works up an appetite. We searched high and low and stumbled upon a restaurant called Ahipoki. We feasted upon an array of different fish and toppings creating a masterpiece of flavor. Similar to Chipotle style serving and a Tokyo Jo's menu, we ended up with a yummy bowl of rice and sushi delights. Our mouths were in awe. The flavors created a saucy palette which lead to a 8/10 rating overall for taste, experience, and good vibrations. The adventure continues as we make our way around this beautiful city. -Two fat foodies
FINALLY, breakfast! Upon our arrival to the city of angels we decide to not branch to far from our home country Colorado roots. We ate breakfast, which felt like lunch since we have been up so long, at a place called Farmers Belly. No, sadly I did not meet a farmer, but yes, gained a belly from this meal. Since we love each other so much we all got the same meal, breakfast burritos. Stuffed full of BACON, potatoes, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and eggs, it was immaculate! It even came with a side of salad to prove we are getting our nutritional goodies for the week. I would like to announce for all of us that the meal was A-mazing. 9/10 because of deliciousness and the fact that we were about 5 minutes away from 1) killing each other 2) passing out or 3) becoming canabalistic. -two fat foodies
On a crisp early morning, two fat foodies and one skinny headed out to L.A. Once we arrived at D.I.A. you could only imagine we were all starvin' Marvins. Of course airports have limited selections at 3 o'clock in the morning, therefore we were stuck with Einsteins. This decision was not all bad, a Cinny Sugar bagel w/ plain cream cheese is always the way to go. Unless you are traveling with Kyle who is repulsed at the way Meg eats bagels. This first meal I would rate at 7/10. Please tune in for more fascinating unwarranted opinions I will generate throughout SPRING BREAK 2017. -Two fat foodies

31 January 2017

I would officially like to introduce my most recent venture, a food blog. My blog, Two fat foodies, will cover my adventures of eating my way around Los Angeles. On this trip we have the Two fat foodies, Meg and Cam, a Skinny, Kyle, and a Mini, Aimee. We all have different eating styles so we will provide a diverse platter of entrees from sunrise to sunset. Make sure to keep up to date with everything I'll be feasting on over this fast paced SPRING BREAK 2K17!