Ireland · 2 Days · 4 Moments · February 2017

Twistidson's adventure in Dublin, Ireland

12 February 2017

Temple Bar area in Dublin was what Ross whinged at me that he wanted to do more than anything in Dublin.....wanting to relive his youth I think....luckily he's never grown up as we had an amazing night, live music, Guinness, dancing, Guinness, live sport, Guinness.
Walking around Dublin; even in the rain was a treat for the eyes. I am a lover of architecture, coming from a country were there is not a lot of historical buildings I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I hated we didn't have more time for me to find out the history of all the buildings we visiting. The castle we visited had information boards around the grounds to explain the history. Trinity College didn't cater to this however earsdropping on a walking tour was fascinating.

11 February 2017

The Guinness Factory was nothing like I was expecting. It is set across 7 floors. Prebooking your tickets is a good idea....unless the machines to 'check in' don't work. It is relatively easy to walk to but there are loads of buses that will take you there. You book a tour time, however it is self guided and each floor takes you through a drifferent proccess. Grains, hops, yeast, water etc make up the 2 first floors. The process of making it over the years comes next. Storage and history of the factory, making of the barrels, advertising and developing the product etc etc follow. By far our favourite was the tasting floor where you get told exactly 'how' to drink a Guinness. We also were treated to a surprise 'flash mob' irish dance while in the tasting bar which was incredible to watch.