Italy · 3 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Tuscany and Rome

8 August 2017

Went to Perugia! Went in an Etruscan well built in 3rd century BC

7 August 2017

Went to a small concert in an old church. A quartet played Mozart and it was beautiful but extremely hot .... I was very sweaty. Here's a nice cat I met there on the street
Went on a wine tour at Poggio Antico, the wine was amazing!!!!🍷

6 August 2017

Having fun relaxing and eating at Locanda dell'Amorosa

5 August 2017

Our hotel feels and looks like we've gone to heaven. I absolutely love it here
Beautiful views from the air. Also we flew over the colosseum and it looked amazing! Can't wait to see it up close soon