Austria · 3 Days · 33 Moments · January 2017

journi team retreat -Turracherhöhe

22 January 2017

Bye Bye Turracher Höhe! Thanks to the Röttls and Biedermanns 😘Back to city life.
Journi Team posing 😜
Last lunch at Turracher Höhe. We're at MeiZeit 😋
Today we went ice skating at Turrachersee. It was amazing and for some of us, the first time on natural ice! This lake is actually frozen every year and has at least 30cm of ice!
Morning view out of the bedroom! 3rd beautiful day in a row! Sunny and not a single cloud!

21 January 2017

playing some cards after an amazing dinner 😉
Preparing the mountain of happiness 😍🙏🏼
Getting ready for Kaiserschmarrn - a traditional Austrian sweet food 😍
After about 6hours and 11.5km we are back. 🙏🏻 All well but exhausted but also proud of reaching the summit together. Now it's time to relax.
We had to walk down through deep snow with some of us falling into the snow all the time and struggling to walk straight 😂 After about 8km we reached Vastl Hütte am Sam where we got some tea with rum and Speckbrot from Andis Granddad. 😋
What a hipster team 😎👌🏻
We made it to the top! #journiteamontopoftheworld #schoberriegel #2208m
On the top!!! Bianca kept everyone moving, pretending that the hardest part was behind us and that we would reach our goal in 30min😜The weather was just great and we enjoyed the view on top!!
Happy faces 😍☀️
We are giving our best hiking in deep snow! But the view on top will pay off! 💪🏼
Andy giving instructions because... Today the whole team will hike up the Schoberriegel to 2208m. #lifeisajourni #bestjourni #journiconqueringtheworld
After a nice breakfast we are getting prepared.... but for what???? 🤔

20 January 2017

After a long and funny day, lets have more fun. And the winner of Hosen Obe is... Marlies.
The guys from Hiasl Zirbenhütte stayed open just for us. In the end we induldged ourselves with Glühmost and Reindling 😋
In the evening we went sledging at Hochrindl. Sone of us were so fast we nearly went straight into the wood fence ❄❄❄🤘🏻#sledgingrocks
🤘🏻⚡️What a ride! ⚡️🤘🏻
What a view and nice weather. Now we are going down with the Nocky Flitzer.
With the Gondel we went up the mountain where we had amazing Austrian lunch at Almzeit!
While waiting for the others to arrive, we did a hike around Schwarzsee and had a sunny and relaxed start into this weekend!
P O W D E R - F U N
Good morning from Turracherhöhe - we have a beautiful winter wonderland here. Staying in the family house of our founders A+B.

19 January 2017

The party bus arrived! We are enjoying a company retreat/teambuilding over the weekend!