Europe, Asia · 122 Days · 71 Moments · March 2018

„Tuk Tuuuk“ - Asien 2018

1 July 2018

Our trip ends in Thailand. A few days in Bangkok and a short road trip through Rayong and Chantaburi province. We enjoyed big city life, mountains and beaches. The perfect places to relax and to look back at 4 spectacular months. Thank you very much for following our journi and being part of the trip. We hope you enjoyed following as much as we enjoyed writing and posting pics.

19 June 2018

China was a blast! Thousands of years of cultural history. Futuristic approaches in transportation and digitalization. Peaceful and relaxing places. Majestic mountains and Megacities that never sleep. A diversity in cooking styles that blew our minds. Friendly, curious and ambitious people. We just had a wonderful month here and are more than sure to return soon. There is still so much to explore and experience. Thank you China.

16 June 2018

Hangzhou must be a nice place to live..... So much greenery, huge lakes, wetlands, canals and mountains with tea plantations. Oh yeah, and millions of people in between. It feels like mother nature is all over the place and has given her approval to the Hangzhou citizens to stay.

13 June 2018

Huangshan mountain area is spectacular. The area, also called the yellow mountains, appeared in the movie Avatar as the flying mountains. We felt flying ourselves when we climbed some of them.. Definitely nothing for height sick people but the views were so worth every single step.

10 June 2018

Nanjing. One of the tallest buildings of China offers a great view over this huge city in which you find astonishing architecture as well as relaxing parks and entertainment. The Yangtze River flows through the city and is much larger than we had imagined. We rented a bicycle-car-thingy to cycle along. 😎

9 June 2018

Lotus: a plant of which everything is used in Asia. The leaves (pic 2) are very good for wrapping food - either for transportation purposes or for steaming in a bamboo steamer. The flowers (pic 3) are so beautiful that they are used for decoration all over. The flower also develops the fruit, which looks like a green cup with lid (pic 4). Inside you find the lotus seeds, a delicious snack. The roots (pic 5 top right) are sliced and used in soups or fried dishes. We also came across a new dish we haven’t seen so far: the empty compartments of the roots get filled with rice and then cooked (pic 6). Super tasty!

8 June 2018

It is with great grief that we received the news of the death of Anthony Bourdain. He was a great chef, author, traveller and asian food expert who inspired us during the last years. We loved his shows and comments about traveling and local cuisines. He would sit next to a busy street in an asian town on a little chair with a bowl of organ soup from a street food vender and say: "This is what life is all about!". He made us laugh and follow his culinary paths so often. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙏🏼

7 June 2018

Kaifeng in Hunan Province. Mostly a side dish when it comes to tourism, although its been the capital of an ancient dynasty. We went here for three reasons. Get off the track, find the remains of the past culture and of course: food! Old cities often have good food. And we found it 😛 As much as we were surprised by the diversity of Kaifeng, Kaifeng was surprised by us.
#train: 600km with multiple stops in just 2.5h! 🚀

6 June 2018

We visited the excavation site of the famous Terracotta Army. In 210 BC an enormous number of statues were buried together with the first emperor of China. Their purpose: protect him in his afterlife. Each statue is a unique piece of art: They are life-sized and have their own face and hairstyle. Since the warriors were discovered only 40 years ago, excavation works are still ongoing. The archeologists look for even the smallest pieces to rebuild each figure. This process is time consuming, so far about 1000 statues have been recovered and it is estimated that the remains of at least 6000 more will be found. When everything is rebuild, they might even start with the next task: paint all of them in the same vibrant colours they were once decorated with.

5 June 2018

Biking on top of the 14km long city wall of Xi’an. 🚲🚲

4 June 2018

Beautiful Xi’an. The city is mostly famous for the Terracotta Warriors but they also have a very special noodle dish. It’s called „Biang Biang Mian“ (pic 8&9). The Chinese character for „Biang“ also is very special (pic 7). „While eating this dish you will definitely mess up the table and need to shower afterwards. But it is the mother of all noodles!“ - Gerry

3 June 2018

The giant Buddha of Leshan was built to bless the area and thus make shipping on the adjacent river safer. It’s impressive to see the statue which is just over 70 meters tall and has ears as long as 5m and fingers as long as 8m. A masterpiece.

2 June 2018

Visiting super cute pandas in the panda research center. A usual day for a panda starts at 2am with breakfast (3h), followed by short nap, second breakfast (4h), playing (0.5h), napping again (3h), lunch (4h), after-lunch-nap (2h) and then having dinner (4h). We can definitely agree on that schedule.

1 June 2018

Another medium sized town in China. Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, has a population of around 14.5 million. And sooooo incredibly good food! A good friend told us that there are three provinces, that like spicy food. In one province they say „We are not afraid of spicy food“. In another province they say „Spicy food is not what we are afraid of“. In Sichuan they say „We are afraid, that the food might not be spicy enough!“ so here we are in chili heaven. Additionally, the chili is supported by sichuan pepper which makes your mouth numb at makes you sweat instantly after you take a few spoons of the broth. But you all know we like the heat, right? 😉 We also tried stinky tofu for the first time. During its preparation a disgraceful stench is blasted into the air. Also it looks quite miserably (pic 5). But the taste is surprisingly smooth, herbal with a touch of fermented dough. Really nice. Especially with the fermented cabbage as condiment. Try it if you have the chance.

31 May 2018

We traveled further into Yunnan mountains to visit Lijiang and to hike within the beautiful scenery in Yulong Snow Mountain National Reserve.

29 May 2018

Cooking class in central Yunnan. We learned how to make dumplings from scratch. Trained by a Chinese dumpling expert we are ready to host the first Karlsruher dumpling festival when we are back home. Tickets to be sold soon! 😉

28 May 2018

Dali. Discovering Yunnan with our dear friends!

27 May 2018

Kunming, capital of the Yunan province in the mountains of southern China. We learned that in China many mountains are holy places, so we’d like to visit them to understand more about their culture. Our first trip takes us to the temples next to the so called dragon gate 🐲 A beautiful and mystic place.

24 May 2018

Biking in the karst mountains, Yangshuo County. It is so beautiful and relaxing. Nice viewpoints, sweaty shirts, wet shoes and a cooling bath in the river at the end.

23 May 2018

Wherever you go.. it’s all about food. We love it.

22 May 2018

First impressions of China

19 May 2018

3 good reasons to book a place in 40 storey building with a rooftop hangout area: 1. if you are height sick, it’s a nice thrill and good training 2. you can take awesome skyline pics 3. you multiply your chances of taking a pic of a thunder! Whoop whoop! ✋🏼😎🤚🏼

17 May 2018

100 Islands is one of natures finest. Green forests, white beaches and blue water - a good place to swim and snorkel. People having drinks and food, and doing ziplining between islands and banana boat... well ok they turned it to a completely touristy place. But its awesome nevertheless. See for yourselves 😍

16 May 2018

Discovering low tide sea life! 🐚🦀 In Germany we call it “Wattwanderung”! :D

15 May 2018

Off the beaten track: We arrived in Dingalan, a small town at the pacific coast of Luzon.

12 May 2018

An island within a lake on an island within a lake on island within the ocean: welcome to Taal Volcano! It even has its own Starbucks - sorry! - STAALbucks!

9 May 2018

Vigan, one of the oldest cities of the Philippines and unique since its old structure (established by the Spanish invaders) is mainly intact. Feels like traveling back in time with all the colonial houses and cobblestone streets.

8 May 2018

Timeout at the beach. No tours, no shops, no wifi. Nothing but a beachhouse!

7 May 2018

Sunrise in the mountains of Sagada.

6 May 2018

In the middle of the rice terraces.. so beautiful!

5 May 2018

On the way to mountain province. Indeed, the Philippines do not only have beaches but also very large mountains (almost 3000m), many of them in the northern part of the main island Luzon, which we decided to travel to. Therefore we rented a car 😎

3 May 2018

Volcanotour 🌋 Off we go to reach Mt Pinatubo. The trip takes 1 hour by car, 1 hour by 4WD, 1 hour by foot... one way. To avoid the sun and heat, once again we get up at 4 am in the morning for a nice tour. Arriving at the spot where we switch to the 4WD we were super lucky. We got the oldest jeep, but as a compensation they gave us the youngest and fastest driver. So with that insanely great combination we raced through the ashes of the great 91' eruption to get closer to the volcano. To us it all looked like the surface of the moon. After that bumpy ride we hiked to the beautiful crater lake in the middle of the volcano. Awesome trip :)

30 April 2018

Manila, just a short stop but a tasty one 😋 And so many cool Jeepneys, the philippine Tuk Tuk!

28 April 2018

Bye bye Java.. We are off to Bali for our flight to Manila. Thanks for three wonderful weeks with fantastic people, nice music, great food and beautiful nature. We really fell in love with all of it and will be back for sure. ☀️

27 April 2018

And we learned how palm sugar is made, how dragonfruits grow and how rubber is harvested!

26 April 2018

On the way to a turtle conservation beach. 4 hours, by car, and 4 hours for the last 12km by way. Quite a trip. The rangers in this area go out to the beach every single night and dig out all the eggs to bring them to a safe place. Then after two months the baby turtles hatch and are brought to the same beach again. There they can safely check their home beach, then crawl to the ocean and come back to the very same spot after 50 years to lay eggs too. We were lucky and got to see a turtle laying eggs in the night, and were even allowed to release a few baby turtles into the sea. A unique moment. 🐢
In the deep deep jungle there is a rest area named: Gumitir 🤗 Including climbing forest, giant chair and coffee. And since almost no foreigners come here, we had to take - have a guess - a picture for the local marketing campaign 😃

25 April 2018

A true hidden gem! Jember surprised us with astonishing accommodation, a bird market and beautiful botanical garden with koi fish feeding and one of the largest banana trees we ever saw!

24 April 2018

North East Java: We like bamboo, just thought you should know ;-)

23 April 2018

Satisfying cup of coffee.

21 April 2018

Once a place of worship, Borobodur is now a place of education. Groups of young students come here every afternoon to practice English with tourists. 👍

19 April 2018

Over 1200 years old and one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east-asia: Prambanan. And of course: everybody comes here for selfiiiiieee!

17 April 2018

Amazing clear water, perfekt for snorkeling. 🐠🦀🐙🐡🐳

16 April 2018

Karimunjawa Islands in the middle of the Java sea. Biking, kayaking, snorkeling, fresh fish and a sea view bungalow 😎🏝

13 April 2018

Semarang, a nice and quiet city by the sea. We visited the house of a thousand doors, which turned out to be the house of a thousand selfies with Indonesian tourists...

11 April 2018

We discovered the very first flipflops! And tried the national dish „Gado-Gado“: vegetables, potatoes, tofu, tempeh and egg, all covered in peanut sauce. Yummy! By the way: People here refer to it as a light salad..?!

10 April 2018

Welcome to Jakarta! You can easily spent the whole day in a traffic jam, or you just walk around, have something to eat and watch the sunset.

7 April 2018

Hanoi Street Life...

5 April 2018

Ninh Binh, south of Hanoi, is also called „Dry Halong Bay“. We rented bicycles to explore the area. Although weather tried it’s best to flood everything, we didn’t mind and went for a boat trip. Really amazing way to paddle your boat: use feet and legs instead of hands and arms?!

3 April 2018

Trekking and farm stay in Sapa.

1 April 2018

In the north of Vietnam: It’s the first time we see China! We‘ll meet again in May... 🥟🍚

30 March 2018

Hanoi - The world’s street food capital. Our mission is to eat as much as possible: Pho Bo, Pho Ga, Mien Luon, Bun Bo Hue, Banh Mi, Banh Cuon, Bun Cha, Ban Xeo, ... its the never ending story 🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜🍜

28 March 2018

After all the feasting it was time for some workout - good fun. Huge trees and bushes, little runs and rivers, monkeys, birdsized bees, beesized birds, ants at the size of a toe, a million mosquitos... The trek got tougher than planned but totally worth it.

27 March 2018

Kuala Lumpur 🏙 wohoooo! Melting pot of the deep south...

26 March 2018

We spend 3 weeks in Hindustan and it was an amazing trip. Friendly, funny and socializing people, tasty food, astonishing nature and history... Thank you Deepak, Prital, Davahl and Jude for making this an unforgettable adventure. We'll definitely come back and visit you again. Next stop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

24 March 2018

Booked a private houseboat for two days in Ambalapulai. Just chilling and watching peoples everyday life in this nice environment. And having amazing food provided by our own chef. The kitchen took half of the ships space. Food is a serious matter here! 😄

23 March 2018

Boat tour on the lake of the Periyar Tiger Reservation in Thekaddy. The manmade lake, where a forest used to be, is a mystical place due to all the dead trees in the water. A perfect chillout area for all kinds of birds. Although the mascot of the park didn't show up - lazy cats! 🐯 - it was also nice to see a wild elephant mother with its kid devouring 10 feet bushes like they were a bag of popcorn.

21 March 2018

The mountains of Munnar in the beautiful state of Kerala. "God's Own Country", "Spice Garden of India", "Land of Coconuts" is what they call it. So true. Besides the tea plantations there are so many different types of spices and fruits all around us. First time we ever tried raw cocoa beans and butter, directly from the tree. Far far away from chocolate but yummy!

20 March 2018

Fantastic day with our friends in Pune! Thank you so much!

16 March 2018

Welcome to Udaipur. Bisschen was los hier auf den Straßen. 🛵🚜🐄🚕🚚 Mit all den Brücken, Parks und schönen Häusern um die Seen vermittelt die Stadt irgendwie italienischen Flair 🤔

15 March 2018

So ziemlich die teuerste Unterkunft die wir je gesehen haben! Eine echte Berühmtheit hier, einer der letzten Paläste, die in Indien gebaut wurden. Immerhin sind die Parkplätze inklusive, das wären in Deutschland nochmal 25€ extra. 28 Prozent Steuer kommen allerdings noch dazu!!!

14 March 2018

Jodhpur. Spitzen Küche, malerische Stadtviertel und Gewusel in jeder Ecke. Während uns die Jahrhunderte alten Paläste immer wieder ins Staunen versetzen, staunen die Einheimischen immer wieder über unser Antlitz. Immer wieder Selfies und Ballspielen mit den Kids. Wir haben bisher soviel tolle Menschen hier getroffen. Ein großes Lob an die indische Gastfreundschaft, Hilfsbereitschaft, Fröhlichkeit und den tollen Humor.

12 March 2018

Camel Safari! Mit dem Kamel in die Wüste und dort eine Nacht unter freiem Himmel schlafen. Was für ein klasse Erlebnis! 🐪
Hostelavie, eine wunderschöne Unterkunft mit fantastischer Dachterrasse und tollem Personal. 😎Chilling chilling chilling 😎

10 March 2018

Jaisalmer - Die lange Anreise ist es wert! Ein echtes Wüsten-Juwel ☀️🏜

9 March 2018

Fahrkarten bitte! Zugfahren ist klasse, zumindest im klimatisierten Abteil. ❄️ Bett mit Bettwäsche inklusive. Für lange Fahrten ist das dann auch ganz angenehm. #train: Jaipur - Jaisalmer. 600km. Wir fahren 12 Stunden.

8 March 2018

Next Stop: Jaipur Der berühmte Palast der Winde, der CityPalace und Alltag der Tiere auf den Straßen.

3 March 2018

Unser erstes Thali 🍽

2 March 2018

Delhi... laut und voll.. Unser Start in Indien

1 March 2018

Ready to take off 🛫🗺