China · 5 Days · 9 Moments · August 2017

Weekend Trip around South Sichuan

22 August 2017

We had a brief stopover in Meishan city before we went back to Chengdu. The wetland park here is nice and what I need to mention in it is this amazing spiral path which combines the upgrading corridor and sunken path between the pond. It is really interesting not only for children but all the adults to enjoy the up and down walking experience. After that, we had our dinner at a small restaurant where the shop owner recommended a fabulous delicacy- Braised pig's large intestines mixed with blood curd,a little bit spicy but really really delicious.
Natural playground. A rare opportunity to play in the wild.
We spent the Saturday night at Qiliping where it's a part of scenic spot in Mt Emei.
We went to another nearby ancient town: Gaomiao. Really old,lol. but it is definitely suitable for drawing. The dilapidated houses and stone steps polished smooth from centuries of walking seemed to be telling it's long history and glorious past.
In the afternoon we drove up to the top of Mt.Yuping where we enjoyed a panoramic view of the mountains and fields in the far distance from a sightseeing platform. It is only 14 miles from the town and it mustn't be missed if you want to soak in the rich negative oxygen ion.
I was greatly stunned by the beautiful view. The verdant hills, flowing river, quaint towns and a thousand years old banyan tree. Tourists lined up to get across the elegant stepping stones over the stream, adding a vivid scenery together with the natural landscape.
This is our first stop-Liujiang Ancient Town. We arrived there just before sunset and proceeded to have a stroll through the town after we tasted the local white spirits,to be frank,it is really strong.

18 August 2017

Stopped for a while at a service area after 2 hours' drive from Chengdu,we finally escaped from the noisy city and expected to embrace the lush green nature.