Japan · 3 Days · 13 Moments · October 2017

Trudy and friends in Japan - Oct 2017

20 October 2017

Taking the JR Shinkansen to Shin-Hakodate Hokuto where we will change trains to Noboribetsu! Booked green tickets where the seats are plusher and more comfortable! Glad that we managed to reserve our seats together too! The efficiency of the Japanese train cleaners never fail to impress me! Just had a bento lunch set and going to while away the time until we arrive in about 2 hours!

19 October 2017

View of the Tokyo Station from Daimaru at night - or what Trudy did whilst Van and Shin were claiming tax refund! We were quite tired tonight so bought some food from the Daimaru foodhall and brought it to the room and broke open the second bottle of champagne too!
Check out some finds at Tokyu Hands!! I didn’t get either but wow, was so tempted!
We took forever to locate the meeting point of this walking tour and was severely disappointed by it! The fact that it was raining heavily throughout the entire tour wasn’t great either and the tour guide was just not good. The sights we went to see were pretty shambolic and lackluster - quite an example of what it might be like to literally make a mountain out of a molehill. We cut our losses and left halfway! Then ended up for tea at Daimaru - 10th floor, I think. Wonderful matcha place and also found the green tea sweets Victor wanted!! 👍 the matcha desserts were intense and matcha ice cream really the bomb!!
A little sweet shop Shin brought us to after lunch - across the road from the unagi place and straight down - on the left side of the street. Van and Shin bought some sweets but I abstained... not so much into mochi nowadays.
Some outstanding unagi in the Ginza area! Tender and melt in your mouth type of bones! I was a bit too full to finish the rice but in general, the unagi sets in Japan are not as sweet as the ones we get in Singapore! Will recommend this place for sure!
Love sitting in the cafe at Itoya, sipping on a hot coffee whilst watching the rain pelt down. Loving the loft effect too and wishing I could one day have a home with a loft! Thereafter, we walked slowly down from 12 floor stopping at each floors to browse around! I bought loads of the gift packs and gift tags! Just what I needed to stock up my gift wrapping box.
Breakfast at Sushimaru - Tsukiji Market! Took train to Tsukijishijio, turned left after exit and walked round the corner to walk through the fish market. Sushimaru is to the left, the last shop in the first row of restaurants. Had the ¥3,240 breakfast set and it was delicious! I think my favourite was the huge prawn sashimi!! Awesomeness! The soup was a king prawn miso that was also very slurp-worthy! The chefs were in fairly good humour and joked a bit with us! We also learnt that the Japanese word for oyster is ‘ka-ki’. Oishi!!

18 October 2017

After our crazy running around to purchase Shin’s Fendi items, my Rimowa 26” suitcase (red) and rest a little in between, we then headed to Daimaru for a quite whirlwind blitz shopping before going to Maisen for dinner! Good!
Stopped for a hot mocha at the Joel Robuchon cafe just in the pavilion above the Ippudo Ramen places yums!
After Bao Bao shopping, we headed to Maranouchi for some ramen at Ippudo Ramen! Totally slurp-worthy!!
We hit the Kitte Bao Bao store once we sorted out our train tickets! The girl remembered us from last year!!!!!!!! Only 3 items purchased!
We arrived in good time at Narita! Managed to get tickets without a hitch this time and are now safely ensconced on the Airport Limousine Bus! Onwards to Oakwood!