North America · 21 Days · 26 Moments · April 2017

Toth tour through eastern U.S.

12 May 2017

And we're home. Darn it. ;)

10 May 2017

Many road miles were travelled yesterday completing the east end of Route 66 from Springfield (it's birthplace) to Chicago and around to the east shore of Lake Michigan. A requisite and tasty stop at a Cracker Barrel for chicken fried chicken and gravy (he's young, he'll heal), we had enough leftovers to picnic along the way and stretch our legs (especially great for the four legged traveller). It was our longest road day yet, ever, but sam still ended with enjoying the day. His geography game and you tube for music helped a bunch. One more day today.

9 May 2017

While you might think of bass pro and think shopping (and we did pick up a couple of things), we went for the ducks and fish and for dinner in front of a salt water aquarium bar (hemingway's). We also walked around both the gun and archery museums - all inside the granddaddy of BP stores. The place was massive, and there was more than we saw in buildings. The complex was so big, there was a city road sign for entering BP area!
Impressive discovery centre in Springfield MO - and as homeschoolers, we had a discounted rate (sam was free). Lots of great exhibits (most of them working), a neat layout, a green building, ... great afternoon! Two hours was not long enough. Sam could have played for the whole day, which isn't true of all discovery centres. The highwire bike was a cool addition. Turned out to be too scary to leave the dock, but sam got on, which is more than I did!

8 May 2017

Left Branson today after a bit o bass pro. More tomorrow in Springfield at the mother shop near 'base camp' including supper. Yep, supper at bass pro.

7 May 2017

Big tourist day out and around Branson - Sam's favourite was either laser tag or go kart. Mini golf was fun, but I'd agree! More pics to follow later. First, we must shower. Hot potato !

6 May 2017

We arrived early yesterday after our cinnamon bun breakfast start at Frontier Lodge and a fun part of the drive through the bends and hills of east AK - funny thing we saw was the giant liquor store (steel, rectangular and plain) in seemingly the middle of nowhere in the AK rolling hills... and to boot, it had a drive thru :). Had a couple of small detour blips for still washed out sections of road, but it was smooth sailing. Then it was a straight out panic. Zoomed around to drop off the dog (and We had one very close call near disaster - I hesitated at a green light and looked around when a flash of silver full sized pickup went barreling just in front of the car, running the red light he had - the bumper was up quite high... we would not have had a chance in the tbone! Disaster magically averted (I don't often sit and pause when the light goes green), we rushed off to a great lunch / wedding gift pick up location only to find the gift was not there. In the end, it all worked out.🙃

5 May 2017

As we drove off into the AK sunset, we passed a lot of standing water. Hard to tell in the dark, but we weren't going by lakes... this was fields and homes. And there was a stretch of road newly reopened still under construction. Our little motor inn stop was lovely though. The night ended with prince of bel air and the smell is cinnamon buns baked for breakfast.
Yesterday we crossed a lot of terrain - GA, AL, MS, TN, and AK. It felt a bit like Sam's geography game on the iPad! Wikki stix have been a hit. Good for non- pad time. As is music. He wants to abscond with my iPod, now. But not with my music. Except maybe queen. We managed our Cracker Barrel stop and an Arby's road snack. Sam says his salad eating starts tomorrow. Now that it's today, we'll see. ;). And poor giz got pushed around at the dog park for the second day in a row. This time he stood up for himself and then some. Yikes. I hope he's not too frightened. He was doing so well.

4 May 2017

Two nights ago, we had stayed at a lovely Howard Johnson - coolio decor, great space to run (the dog) and super friendly people! The magnolia trees on the drive were amazing! So glad to have seen them in bloom.
Bison burger and fries, crab cake on a Georgia kale salad! Yum at Rev Cafe NW FLA

3 May 2017

And so today we said goodbye to our lovely little space it fort myers, left mike to work :( so we could preposition to meet him in Springfield. it's a road trip, part 1, for the three of us. Mike will fly to catch up. With heavy rains forecast, we are on the lookout for bad weather and closed roads - but now in north Florida and so far so good!!

30 April 2017

It's been a busy but not kind of couple of days. Whew! But it was lovely to walk to ice cream and lounge in the pool. Even gizmo joined in! Although, while he was at an interview for doggy day care (yep, you read that right), sam whooped me in a game of golf!
Not a bad way to work. Although it's hard to not slough it off and read a book, veg, or just chat. It's the heat of the day, though, and hiding out under the umbrellas to work isn't so bad. Sam is cooling off inside and Gizmo can't go in until we are ready to bath him (I gave him a pool dip, then he ran and played under the bamboo and in the dirt. For now, there's not too much barking, but if that changes, so too does the plan as he will have to go in. With stray cats living under the house, it's a challenge. :)

29 April 2017

After a small fender bender (not bad considering all the road miles we've travelled), we are enjoying a lovely lunch at Matlacha.

27 April 2017

And, of course, there was more cuteness in the backseat! Love my boys!!
A quick stop in Jacksonville last night was followed by the last of our drive. We are now tucked in to the house in Fort Myers - hot, hot, hot! The a/c can't seem to keep up. But most incredibly, after over ten years driving around this state, I finally stopped at an orange grove! And after the most beautiful drive across Florida on 232. Great driving day.

26 April 2017

24.5 C at 8pm :)
Best dog park ever! And gizmo's first swim lesson! Amazing 😎
Sam's latest funny question.... where's the next gastro-intestinal filling station?
After a sunny start to waking up from a car nap (it was nothing but mist and drizzle all night), we stopped at the most lovely information stop in Halifax County, North Carolina. The huge billboard for the visitor's dog run is what took us off I95. Lovely space. Now we are powering up with an IHOP stop. Happy sam!
This pic does not do it justice... in person, amazing!

25 April 2017

Nap time. 1+45 at the border, but we are almost through NY o PA. I'm too tired, so mike's st the helm again. Nap time....
Thank goodness mike's driving. Not a lot of sleep was had... looks like I'll nap after the border and get ready to take the helm. But first, we play! Sam and I have had a hangman battle and now it's on to connect four. The magic of magnets in car games
Off to the races! In,y three hours later than I had imagined, although considering we had nothing packed this morning and yesterday we had the house turned upside down to renovate a room and I went to work this morning and mike had work all morning.. out the door before four is a miracle!

22 April 2017

Three more sleeps and we are not even close to being ready... and I'm not sure how we are going to get there with such full days to go, but boy am I looking forward to a weekend off in Florida at a rental house! And I can't recall the last time I was invited to a wedding, other than my own, of course. A worthwhile drive ahead, and an adventure, to be sure, with the dog coming along. We will wing it and it will be fine.