Greece · 5 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Trisha's adventure in Santorini, Thira, Greec

26 April 2017

I had such an amazing dinner at Pelicano's, it was a night to remember all around!! I started with a Santorini salad and fava dip, so darn good. All I missed was a lemon or lime. My main course I allowed the server Dimitri to select and he made a great choice. Croacker with Mediterranean Veggies, lite and cooked to perfection. All in all a fantastic end to my dreamy stay in Santorini!! I can not wait to return 💙
My last night in Santorini was spent in Oia (pronounced E-A), its said to have some of the best sunsets. The ride from Fira to Oia however is a journey up the mountain on a narrow two-way road. As it winds up the mountain so get to enjoy the other side of the island, while you hold on tight! My evening in Oia was amazing, the town is quaint, colorful and full of energy. Oia certainly has a different feel from Fira, there are more colors and different styles. I enjoyed the sunset from the rooftop of Pelicano's. It was a perfect spot 💙
Another must in Santorini is to climb the volcano. I personally only did it for my 4 yr old niece who is obsessed with volcanos, one day she will pay for it!! The hike up was brutal, didn't know it was gonna be as long as it was. In the end it was worth it. The views were incredible and the boat ride over was so relaxing
Geez, been having so much fun I lost track of time. I did what you must do in Santorini and rode a donkey. My guide wasn't hot like I had hoped, (ala Sisterhood of Traveling Pants) but what he lacked in hotness he gave in adorableness. He spoke zero English and loved to talk. He also liked to ride his donkey from the side, true gangsta style, lol!! He rode me past his house and introduced me to his wife. Pretty sure its standard on his tour, but it was a super cute touch

23 April 2017

The sunsets are amazing here, pics do it no justice
Skipped bfast and had lunch in Fira after my shoot instead. Started with a dip asst because my photog told me fava dip was a Santorini specialty and a must try. The dips were eggplant, tzatziki, fava and spicy feta. All pretty good, the eggplant had a strong smoky flavor which I am typically not a fan of, but this worked. The fava was good but needed a drizzle of olive to me, just a bit too dry. They paired it with either onion or capers, nice touch. The spicy feta was my fav for sure. Next up was chicken souvlaki and it was cooked to perfection. Note to self, start asking for a veggie over these fries, ass is spreading 😲 For dinner, I had mussels in a tomato broth with feta for HH, I give em 3.5 stars. They were cooked perfectly, just nothing to return for. Later in the evening I decided to try some street food and it did not disappoint! It was good I couldn't even get a good pic of it. I am always turned off by gyro's but when in Greece how do you avoid it #FriesAgain
I woke up to a beautiful day in paradise today!! Albeit chilly (55°-60°) and windy, the sky was clear and it was a great day to be outside. I started the day off with a photoshoot in Fira. The photog took me down a gorg path and even gave me a lil history lesson on Santorini. After the shoot I had a tradition donkey ride just like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants without the hot guide though, lol! The guide was about 75 years old and spoke about 4 english words but that didn't stop him from talking the entire trip. He was adorable and rides you past his own home where he hollers for his wife to come outside and she brings you chocolate. They were really cute, but I coulda gotten away with a 20 min ride vs 40!! I must mention how the guide tried to hoist me up onto the donkey himself and we you guessed it, he was unsuccessful. 3 guys from the hotel had to come over and lift my big ass up onto the donkey #Wth #PutDownTheFork #CanYouSayEmbarrassing #GuideWasGangsta #SideDonkeyRider

22 April 2017

The journey to finally make it to beautiful Santorini almost made me wanna go right back home! Flight changes, re-routes, delays and misses certainly put me in a mood! When I finally made my way to my hotel Volcano View it was some 30 hrs and 4 flights later. To make matters worse it was raining and freezing . To make matters terribly horrendous, I fell down a flight of steps due to the rain and my shitty flip flops 😭 At any rate, I got some sleep and was out touring Fira by 6pm.
My first meal in Greece started with a lovely carafe of house white. I adore how Europe has the most delightful house wines. I couldn't do Greece without a greek salad, taboo much!! I also had a lovely pumpkin soup which was to die for. My entree was a Seabass Gyro (yep fish gyro) and it did not disappoint. Service was top notch and I enjoyed every bit at Argo Restaurant