India · 2 Days · 14 Moments · May 2017

Trip to The Nilgiris

28 May 2017

Assorted clicks capturing the various moments of the trip.
Needle Hill View Point Not only is the view from the top stunning, the drive to reach the place is equally enthralling. You get the unmistakable fragrance of eucalyptus in the air. A short and easy trek, the whole climb gives you nature in abundance. From the top, it's greenery as far as the eye can see. There is an observation deck at the top allowing you to soak in a 360 degree view of the surroundings. Its almost as if you are wearing green tinted sunglasses 😎
Most people take a flight to Bangalore or Coimbatore and drive down to the Nilgiris, depending on its proximity to the place of visit. The best way to get around is by hiring a car for the duration of the stay or driving down in one's own car. The hills can be steep at places with U pin bends and narrow hill roads, hence its best to use the self drive option only if one is confident of handling such routes. The major drawback of self drive is that you are going to miss out on the gorgeous view. Don't take my word for it. Have a look at the pics I have shared on this blog. 😏
The Nilgiris is famous for tea plantations, organic oils such as eucalyptus, citronella, citridora and other medicinal plants. You get flavoured teas - ginger, lemon, masala (few herbs & condiments mixed to add flavour) and even chocolate. Buying tea pack here is the most common souvenir one can take home. Medicinal oils, honey and other such items are also popular.
The sights along the drive make the journey just as exciting as the destination :) There are eucalyptus tree groves giving the air a faint hint of its fragrance. You would also find lot of tea plantations along the route.
Memories with friends 😊
Pine Forest 🌳, Shooting Point and Pykaara Falls & Lake There are a number of Shooting Points, famous as places where movies used to get shot earlier. The pine forest cum shooting point has many tall trees and a green lake just adjoining it. During our visit there was a group of boys playing dhol tashaa / drums, a man playing guitar which lent the place a festive air. The Pykaara Falls, when in season is a brilliant sight to behold, with water gushing down the layered & rocky terrain.
Though there are many places around Mudumalai, famous being Ooty, we decided to skip the place (having been forewarned about crowds) and instead headed towards other spots. The bonus was that the route was very scenic taking us up through the hills and misty routes. The fresh air itself is a great detox. First among these was Kalhatti/Kallatti falls. A small trek takes one to the waterfall, with lovely sights on the way. The waterfall had already begun its flow due to the rains a week ago. Am sure it is a brilliant sight to behold once monsoon begins.
Part 2 David, the camp owner told us that lately an elephant had been coming through from the adjoining forest in the middle of the night to drink water from the small pond in the camp. And that one of its route was past our tent. Needless to say, we were very excited and slightly apprehensive at the same time, staying alert to sounds and hoping to be rewarded by getting a sight of the tusker when we would poke our head from our tent. Alas, that never happened. In the morning, we woke up to the chirping of birds & to the sight of a herd of deer grazing beyond the camp fence. We did have a small adventure - while returning from breakfast before we were to check out, we saw that a monkey had slipped in to the open area of our accommodation, ripped a plastic bag containing few eatables & made off with a couple of items. In foresight, we should have concealed it better. Before long, a few other monkeys gathered on the roof & we hastily collected our packed bags and left.
A small walk away from where we were staying, was a stream where at times some animals come over for a drink. We decided to have a look at this place. The place was serene and we wound up spending more time than we thought we would :)
Part 1 Bear Mountain Jungle Resort We stayed at Bear Mountain Jungle Resort located at Bokkapuram village in Masinagudi. The place has a variety of trees, view of the mountains & activities ranging from badminton 🏸 to indoor games such a table tennis 🏓, carrom among others. You wake up in the morning to the sound of chirping birds and view of misty mountains. There are plenty of hammocks to laze around and enjoy the view or read a book. Ah! Blissful. The staff especially Senthil and Ramachandran were very helpful and even showed us the way to a nearby stream. The walk led us through a small road around which there was a herd of deer who had made their home in an abandoned shed. While we stayed in a tented accommodation, they also have cottages for those who prefer a brick and mortar dwelling.
The Nilgiris district is in the Southern part of India. It spreads across the border of three southern states - Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala. Nilgiris is also referred to as the Blue Mountains. It has beautiful hill stations & national parks providing one with a dose of tranquility and bonding with nature 😊

27 May 2017

Mudumalai National Park One of India's famous national park is located in The Nilgiris, known as Bandipur or Mudumalai National Park. Both are two ends of the same park. You can choose from a jeep, bus, camper or an elephant ride for the safari. Day 1 of my trip from Bangalore with my friends got me to the Mudumalai National Park to enjoy a safari. After a long waiting time, we got the best seats on the safari bus, right at front giving us a vantage view point 😃We were delighted. It was a lovely drive with lot of wildlife on the way, though would have been a bonus if we could have spotted the elusive tiger. The family of elephants you see in the photos were politely waiting for our bus to leave before crossing the road to the other side. It was the season of peacocks - we saw about half a dozen of them. From their deep blue neck to the multicoloured feathers, they made pretty sight against the lush green background.
The sights during the drive on the national park road between Bandipur and Mudumalai & the sights in and around our accommodation were amazing! During the drive through the park, got a closer glimpse of the park habitants - deer, elephants, peacock, large squirrels, bison among others. Just couldn't get enough of it.