Australia · 4 Days · 5 Moments · April 2017

Trip to Tassie

25 April 2017

Last day in Hobart, how very sad. Woke up, cleaned the Airbnb and James made some cheese and vegemite toasties. Average because they were on grain bread. Stopped at SASH for a coffee and a take away brownie. Delish because it had white choc chunks. Headed up to mount Wellington, and the top was covered in fog, fog and more fog. No views of Hobart, however some nice shrubbery and rocks. 7 degrees up there, pretty icy. Went back to the new Sydney hotel for lunch and a schooey, I mean 'pot' - no 2up happening so that was a bit disappointing. Drove around battery point, then headed out on to the country roads to explore before having to head to the airport. Decided to take a stop at the berry farm yet again to pick some delish strawberries!! Jumped on the plane - business class was pretty good, got a pork dish with crackling and apple, alcohol and sweets! Unlimited waters woohoo and semi reclining chairs. Back in Sydney - no trains so forced to catch an uber! Home sweet home

24 April 2017

Went back to Small Fry to have a delicious meal. There was a different chef which we thought was strange, but good! We had an omeltte and a heirloom tomato and egg tartine, basically a bruschetta with an egg on top. Best part of the trip: picking strawberries at the berry farm!! On our trip out to Richmond we stopped at the coal river farm, sooo many strawberries and they were insanely delicious. Stopped then at a very small winery and was hailed down by the very eccentric owner. She basically gave us a whole tour of their winery, whilst we threw the ball for her fat black lab. Kate felt obliged to buy a bottle of course. Continued onto Richmond for a stroll and some lunch (pies!), then another couple of hours in the car travelling out along the Derwent river through the country. Finished the night relaxing at our place, and then into town for dinner at the New Sydney Pub. Cute little place with a log fire and outstanding food. We had grade 9 marbled beef along with others. Yum!!

23 April 2017

Day 3 - Today we headed to Pilgrims cafe for brekky, yummmmmm! Then strolled around some local farmers markets. Would be nice to be able to shop here on a weekend! Then a drive down to the ferry headed for Brunt island. Skipped the oyster place cos oysters are gross. When to the berry farm for some scones (meh) and a chocolate shop (double meh), but really good cheese and beer place, some great scenery and a marvellous lookout! Back home we soaked up the evening view and then out to Templos for dinner (recommended by both our airbnb host and small fry chef). The 8 course meal, g&t, tiramisu and vinsanto did not disappoint! Smelly uber ride back home.

22 April 2017

Day 2: Started the day off right with a delish coffee from SASH (our air Bnb hosts fav coffee place) Headed to the Salamanca markets with the intention to spend lots of money on wooden products. Bought 2x boards, a wooden spoon, salad servers and a special playing cards box for James. Kate bought 2 necklaces & 3 pairs of earnings! Next stop..Small Fry. A little hole in the wall restaurant where you sit at a bar and the chef takes your order and cooks in front of you - bloody fantastic! Very unique experience Sat in the park surrounded by autumn leaves enjoying a lemon meringue donut. Walked to Mount Nelson with the expectation of a great view, however the view was just fog! Bottle of wine, cheese, grapes & strawberries at our air Bnb. Small fry chef recommended we go to Frank's for dinner. So fantastic!! Had some delish steak with chimichurri, pork belly, a tres quesos empanada and a fish ceviche. Finished the night with a panookie from the honey badger.

21 April 2017

Day 1 - Trip started off great with free food and alcohol in the virgin lounge. Wish we spent longer! Good 1.5 hour plane trip and landed in Hobart. Picked up a car and headed to our air Bnb. Picked up some local tassie ciders and beer on the way. Our air Bnb is amazing, such a cute studio with an outstanding view!! Air Bnb host is super friendly and is exactly what you want for a host. Headed to north Hobart to a Mexican restaurant Poncho Villa. James had a caramel tequila cocktail that was phenomenal and Kate had a fairy floss cocktail. Walked to Salamamca. Only about 5 ubers around Hobart so they're hard to locate !