India · 3 Days · 40 Moments · February 2017

Tamilnadu, Feb 24th to 26th 2017.

26 February 2017

Reached home.. finally.
Leaving.. next stop will be home..
That was really a long drive.. break at Maiyas
Towards Bangalore
Done with shopping and all Samarth wanted was some insects 🙄🙄 Beating the heat with Kulfi.. First cold bottled water since 2 days. Not bad !! We can survive in TN.
Ok Shopping time after prasada lunch.. it was awesome. Beautiful temple and we got lucky by multiple folds. Entered the temple at the right time.. took the long walk towards the main idol and we were right in front of the Golden goddess with nearly no waiting time. Had ample time there and yet again nearly no wait time for prasada lunch. Samarth wants to go buy some toys now..
Reached the Golden Temple. Leaving the phone in the car as the lockers will cost us a bomb here... Rumba hot iraka 🙄🙄
Leaving towards the Golden Temple
Ok a little change in the plan.. Came to Sai Baba Temple just before The Golden Temple.. Turns out that pants or panche is mandatory.. shorts not allowed.. ok. Time to change.. Neat and busy hospital..
Tummy full and back on track 🙄
Breakfast at Sarvana Bhavan !! Again..
So long Chennai !! It was fun (but you are too hot). Will definitely come back.. Starting towards Vellore.
Woke up to the alarm.. Shower and instant coffee to begin the day with.. long journey ahead but planning to visit the Golden Temple in Vellore..

25 February 2017

Back home.. sweating 🙄🙄
Reached Astalakshmi Temple on the shore of Thiruvanmiyur beach.. nice cave like temple.. All 8 Lakshmis under one gopura !! The first time I've come across something like this.. 🙏🙏
Back home.. Time to relax!!
Tired. Really tired because of heat 😔😔 Heading home..
Reached Kabaleeshwara Temple, Mylapore.
Done with Saravana Bhavan. Heading to Kabalishwara, Mylapur.
Breakfast at Saravana Bhavan, Vadapalani
Heading for breakfast
Reached Vadapalani. Huge temple. Vada means North and extremely good idol 🙏🙏.
Done and next towards Vadapalani Murugan Temple..
Really huge idol of Lord Anjaneya 🙏🙏 Photography strictly prohibited.. Yummy ghee made pongal for prasada
All set and heading towards a nearby Anjaneya temple..
Ah sleep was awesome. Woke up with body pain and shower helped beat the laziness. No coffee here but tea was awesome. Waiting for kids to get dressed while I sit in the balcony..

24 February 2017

Resting after a heavy dosa dinner at Komathi's !!
Finally reached Chennai.. It was really a tough job to drive in Mount Ponnamalle Rd..
Leaving to chennai
The wait was so worth.. we were 2nd to get into the super long queue after the door was open and were right in front of the idol Had ample time to look at him.. No one said ponga ponga !!! Yay !!
Waiting in Ekambareshwara Temple.. cool breeze but super sunny...feeling great to be under shadow !!
Done with a delicious lunch.. heading out in search of dont-know-what..
So lunch at Hotel Sakthi Ganapathy. Meals at 65 rs. Yummy too.
Reached Kanchipuram/Ekambareshwara Temple.. All temples are closed from 12:30PM to 4PM.. hmmm ok
Heading towards Ekambareshwara Temple, Kanchipuram..
Took deviation to visit Bala Tripura Sundari first.. Reached now at Nemili..
Tamilnadu yay !! 9:55 AM
Leaving from Maiyas
Breakfast at Maiyas, Old Madras Road
Starting from home.. heading towards Jalakandeshwara Temple in Vellore.