Mexico · 3 Days · 6 Moments · March 2018

Trip to Puerto Vallarta 3/23-3/28

25 March 2018

Yesterday night at dinner with a lizard 🦎

24 March 2018

Enjoying lots of smoothies, my book,and Sunny weather☀️🏝🇲🇽
Good Morning Mexico 🇲🇽 Can’t wait for what happens today🏝🤷🏻‍♂️

23 March 2018

Goodnight Puerto Vallarta,Mexico I can’t Wait for what lies ahead over these next 4 Days
Eroding brick wall all that remains refracted, fading fishermen shadow red dawn’s early light brackish still water shocked violent green seeps from the desert to be subsumed by an unrelenting sea restless dreamers rise muscle sturdy pangas into the churning tide seeking quicksilver at the continental edges returning boats ride low the shrinking horizon race to safe harbor cold beer on ice under palm palapas in the restaurant a young man shows off tuna half as tall as he is to admiring tourists like me, seeking the deep, slow burn salt, jalapeno, lime a fitting end to this unraveling dream Pueblo Mágico of “no bad days” walls of contention in a fractured land will never separate us one margarita, two another raised in defiance of those who would try to confine and define free-range spirits the Pacific touches this contiguous shore from equator to pole we could catch a clockwise current follow Polaris up North arrive transformed magnetically charged disparate souls