United States of America · 17 Days · 23 Moments · March 2018

Trip to Louisiana Gulf Coast (March 2018)

21 March 2018

Tupelo Automobile Museum. They didn’t forget Elvis and Liberace.
Tupelo Automobile Museum

19 March 2018

Natchez mansions and interesting houses.
Mighty Mississippi at Natchez.

18 March 2018

Emerald Indian Mound near Natchez Trace and Natchez , MS.

17 March 2018

Indian Creek Park, Woodworth, LA. And nearby at Forrest Hill - ‘The Nursery Capital of the World’ (I guess they never heard of McMinnville TN). Checkout the 3 lb bass.

16 March 2018

Cajun Prairie Garden, Eunice LA.
Lecompte LA. - ‘Pie Capital of the World’. Super yummy!

14 March 2018

Around Abbeville, LA. Crawfish farms, rice paddy fields, sugar cane fields, Cajun restaurants, southern homes.
Southwest LA coastal wetlands and waterways.

13 March 2018

Cajun feast at the well known Suire’s restaurant in Kaplan, LA. Boudin balls, crawfish pistolette, meat pie, fried alligator, sweet potato fries and their world famous pecan pie.
Bird City on Avery Island.
Jungle Gardens on Avery Island, LA.

12 March 2018

Palmetto Island State Park, Abbeville, LA.
Lunch at Tabasco Factory at Avery Island, LA. Shrimp etouffee, boudin, Cajun chili dog.
Along the road in southwest LA.

10 March 2018

And there is always time for junking.
Family gathering in Mobile with Robb and Harmon clans.

9 March 2018

Fun at the campground with Claire and Eloise. Eloise had to roll around in grass just like Puppy Sadie.
Camping at Lakeview RV Municipal Park in Citronelle. Very peaceful.

7 March 2018

Spent 3 days in Montgomery AL visiting Donny. Great visit. Parked camper at Gunter Hill COE campground.

4 March 2018

We took our first break at the first rest stop in AL (near Huntsville).