Germany, Croatia · 5 Days · 32 Moments · April 2018

Trip to Croatia

7 April 2018

At 3pm we took the bus back to the airport. We were little early so we had to wait a little. A really desperate guy (I think he was British) came to us and asked if we had a charger. His phone died and his boarding pass was on it. After a 2h flight we landed back in Germany and I was glad when I came home and could sleep. Thanks to Joana and Caro who joined me on this trip! Love you guys! It was a great time! ~A
We had gorgeous weather so after breakfast we went to the sea and I tried to go into the water but it was freezing so I stopped when the water came to my stomach 😂 but laying in the sun and relax was just amazing! The whole city was full of people because a cruise ship entered the port this morning. Mostly Germans were filling the city. ~A
It’s already our last day here in Split. We had to leave our Airbnb accommodation at 10am. After we found a restaurant with a good breakfast offer! ~A

6 April 2018

When we finished the tour around the waterfall we sat down a while and ate some French fries before going back by boat. Our driver was waiting for us when we returned and the way back was even scarier than before. Somehow we all managed to get back in one piece and finishing the day. ~A
Little fun is always good 😉 So these kind of photos are not allowed to be missing while having such a great scenery. ~A
We obviously had a great time there! Always searching for the best place to take photos and of course have the best view! ~C
We were literally walking on water. There were only little bridges that led the way. It was beautiful! All the trees growing in the water was just amazing! ~A
Krka waterfalls were amazing! Two things you notice when you get there: 1. It’s awesome! 2. It’s noisy 😂 the water is rushing down so fast so it gets really loud in most of the places! The nature around the falls is pretty cool too: there are many plants and little islands and spots to sit and enjoy ☺️ ~C
Standing up there watching the water rushing is a great experience! You feel very blessed to be in this special place and being with friends made it even better! We really enjoyed it! ~C
We were hoping to be able to swim here but the currents were too strong and the water was too cold. Still lots of beautiful pictures were taken! ~A
The huge waterfall was really gorgeous! It was little chilly when we arrived cause it was really windy. Once I saw the waterfall I was just really happy! To be able to see this and to be here with my two best friends! Love you two! ❤️ ~A
When we arrived at the tourist office a nice man explained everything to us and led us to our taxi. The taxi driver (Tomo) was really friendly though his driving was pretty dangerous in some cases. But thanks to that we reached our boat in Skradin on time which brought us through a beautiful canyon to the national park. ~J
Woke up early this morning at 6:30 to get to our tour to the national park “Krka”. We were so excited to see the waterfalls and the beautiful nature! ~J

5 April 2018

Raining all morning already... hope it will get better soon! ~A

4 April 2018

We finished the day with walking up lots of steps to get to a fancy viewpoint where you could see the whole city! ~A
Dinner in a pretty impressive restaurant! It was really tasty 😋 ~A
When we finally arrived at the top of the tower we enjoyed the view until the wind got too cold. ~A
Bell tower photo shooting ☺️ on the way up we made lots of stops to take pictures. ~A
After the tour and lots of new impressions we had wraps for lunch. The bakery called Bobis seems to be quiet popular around Croatia! It was definitely tasty 😋 ~A
You can hear these guys singing from time to time! They are four Croatian Tenors and they sing under a dome in the old town. The acoustic is absolutely amazing and they sound so good. Many people stop and listen for a while so of course we couldn’t walk by! ~C
Our meeting point with our Guide Darko was the ‘Golden Gate’. It was the most protected gate in the Roman Empire here in Split and part of the great palace of Diokletian, a roman emperor. ‘Grgur Ninski’ (seen in the statue) was one of the first archbishops of the city after Split had fallen under the control of the christian church. The artists name is Ivan Mestrovič who is famous for using his own face for his art works. ~J
It was really windy today but still nice to go to the promenade again and take some pictures before our historical tour started. ~A
We all were pretty tired last night so we went to sleep quite early. This morning we even had a greater view out of our window! You can see the other islands in the back as well as the ocean. I think it’s a really beautiful view to wake up to! Then we enjoyed our beautiful little breakfast! ~A

3 April 2018

The big bell tower at the citadel of Split! ~A
Here we were at the former entrance of the emperors chambers! Beautiful architecture. ~A
Enjoying the sea, sun and promenade in Split 😍 ~A
When we came near the harbour of Split these great letters appeared and as we are typical tourists at the moment we had to take some photos 😜😂 ~J
We left everything we didn’t want to carry in the flat and then walked towards the downtown of Split with many little streets and shops. There were lots of old buildings which were really cool and stunning! ~A
After we drove with the shuttle bus to the port of split we walked to our accommodation. We waited for about 30min and then a nice lady showed up and led us to our flat. It is really pretty and everything is green 😂 ~A
We just landed in Croatia and have to take a shuttle to the center of Split. This was our view when we stepped out of the airport!! ~A
The flight departed on time and was very comfortable and quick! ~A
Right now we are at the airport waiting for our flight to Split in Croatia! To a good week with both of you 😉 ~A