Germany, Austria · 6 Days · 42 Moments · April 2018

Trip to Vienna

3 May 2018

We had a really great time in Vienna! The city is absolute gorgeous and the people are really nice. Thanks for the good time! Some minutes ago we landed and are now on our way back home! Greetings Ann & Niko Steps and Kilometers we walked: Saturday: 18.400 / 14km Sunday: 13.200 / 10km Monday: 13.500 / 10km Tuesday: 24.000 / 19km Wednesday: 13.600 / 11km Thursday: 6.000 / 5km Total: 88.700 Steps, 69km
Airport Bus... already on our way back home 🤔 ~A
Ofcourse the traditional Sachertorte was not allowed to miss on our trip! ~A
We just sat in the city park for about two hours and enjoyed the great weather and our last day. ~A
Already the last day... after packing we went to the city park and had late breakfast or rather lunch...

2 May 2018

Last evening in Vienna with a really fancy dinner! Thanks a lot!! 😍 ~A
Palace Belvedere was the palace built and used by prince Eugen. The lower part was used for his private living and the upper one was used for representing his wealth and welcoming guests. Today they planted new bushes and trees for the summer. ~A
Ankeruhr Vienna Clock! Every day at 12 o’clock it starts playing music and all the figures can be seen. After about 10min it stops and the correct time is shown. ~A
Hot chocolate little different. In Vienna they always serve a little glass of water with the hot chocolate and this time they put the whipping cream on an extra plate 🤔 ~A
Little tour around the city with the Vienna Ring Tram! ~A
Manner Shop 🤪 ~A

1 May 2018

Enjoying the city at night! ~A
Little picture time! Was pretty fun last night to take these pictures! ~A
Traditional Dinner! Was really delicious but they messed up our order so my food came 15mim earlier than Nikos! ~A
Right now we are sitting at the old Donau river! You feel like you are in a different city! It’s quiet and peaceful. ~A
Relaxing at the 1st May festival at the Prater park. First country music, then rock and finally some Austrian music. There were some drunk Austrians next to us and they kept dancing and jumping around! It was really funny!! ~A
Isn’t it adorable the Liliput-Bahn?! ~A
At the Prater in Vienna! For me it’s amazing but for Niko it’s not that exciting cause of his fear of heights. I went onto the highest whirligig in Austria and until 2013 it was the highest in the world! ~A

30 April 2018

St. Stephen's Cathedral ☺️ ~A
Little late lunch at an Italian Restaurant near the St. Stephen's Cathedral. ~A
Imperial Crypt (Kaisergruft) with lots of sculls and really detailed coffins. ~A
Here at the St. Charles church! Another beautiful building here in Vienna. ~A
The so-called Naschmarkt was awesome! So many fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and lots more! Was really great and u had the chance to try something nearly everywhere! Great place to just walk along! I can highly recommend it! ~A
Actually we just wanted to get something small for breakfast... but we ended up with those delicious pancakes! ~A

29 April 2018

Hundertwasserhaus and Hundertwasser Village with lots of Little Souvenirs! Was a great day with lots of new impressions, beautiful shops, parks and impressive architecture. ~A
Walking along the canal starting at the Schwedenplatz and walking towards the Hundertwasserhaus! Beautiful weather with cool graffitis along the way. ~A
Hard Rock Cafe Vienna ✔️ ~A
A stature of Mozart with a clef of white flowers! Good place to relax a little and watch all the other crazy tourists wander around the park. ~A
After our lunch we went to the Schmetterlinghaus! The butterflies were really pretty and I had a really good time! 🦋 ~A
The Guest House — great lunch with ice tea, apple juice, fruit salad and Eggs Benedict. ~A
It was amazing walking through the different rooms and seeing all these great and old designs! ~A
Beautiful staircase to the entrance of the Sisi Museum and the Kaiserappartements! ~A
Here we went to visit the Silberkammer where we could have a look at the different designs of plates, glasses and table decorations. ~A
Next stop today was the Schatzkammer! The value of those items are incredible! Lots of gold, silver, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, marble, ember and lots of other expensive materials!
Breakfast in one of the most passages of Vienna! Our view was the Hofburg and boutiques like Gucci, Rolex, Moncler, Fendi and Louis Vuitton. ~A

28 April 2018

Afterwards we went to a supermarket and bought some food to cook dinner and went back to our accommodation. Sadly the electricity isn’t working that great so the power went off three times... and we were just using the oven and the light. But light was too much already 😂 ~A
We were both really tired but still we wanted to go to Schloss Schönbrunn! It’s huge and really pretty but sadly also overcrowded with tourists like ourselves. We walked to the back of the palace, the gardens and parks were beautiful! ~A
We met our Airbnb host at 11am and he gave us a quick instruction on everything. The bathroom is very tiny and it’s not that clean. ~A
We decided to walk from the Schwedenplatz to our accommodation... which was an one hour walk but we took longer cause we still had our luggage. It was a great way to get a first impression of the city! ~A
First time flying with Austrian airlines! Smooth flight and the time went by really quick! We arrived in Vienna little after 8am and now we finally found a bus to the city. We had to pay 13€ for a return ticket. ~A
At 4am the security checks opened and we tried to be one of the first ones to get through so we wouldn’t have to wait such a long time. We directly went to the gate we were supposed to fly from and found a spot to sleep for about 1 1/2 hours.
Off we go! On our way to the airport in Düsseldorf! ☺️ ~A