Thailand · 3 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Trip in Krabi ,2016

2 October 2016

Snorkeling in Koh Chicken . #Relaxing day# We met a Germany guy and then invite him to go to Koh chicken with us. We got totally wet already on the long trail before jumping into the sea. The wind was so strong and it began to run after lunch. It was quite fun to swim with lots of fish. But the view was soso maybe due to the rain. Hahaha. But it was kind of romantic to snorkel on the rainy day. And I slept on the beach to enjoy the boundless sky again , getting inner peace . Last time I did it with Ku Yun in Taitung,Taiwan. She said she companied me do lots of romantic things. haha
Thai style Dim Sum. We look like have a buffet breakfast . 555

1 October 2016

Late and big dinner again .hahahaha I and Serena slept on the same bed last night because we told Oath we didn't need to set one more air mattress. And sleeping together could make us closer. We also thought the bed was capacious enough. Most importantly , I promised I wouldn't move after sleeping. But the next day, Serena told me I broke it because I moved a lot and then she couldn't sleep well . 5555 #I am sorry. XDDD I sleep so well that I think I am quiet enough .# So, after the dinner, we did some exercise , like inflating air to the mattress. #I will do it on the sexy way next time. I mean dancing like my favorite sticker when making the air mattress.hahaha#
Muslim style breakfast in Thailand. Fried chicken and it's perfect match, the sauce !!!!😍😍😍 Yellow rice❤️❤️❤️

30 September 2016

Serena arrived .5555 Oath drove me to pick her up in the airport and had dinner in Krabi town. It was the first time we met but we became close sooo soon. And Oath got lost again because he gave whole his attention to what we talked and forgot to turn right, just keeping straight , haha. I love the beef soup but I don't know why I have no pictures about the dinner. TooT But I remember how happy we are and how delicious the food is. A nice night is had by all. hahaha P.S. They are both the big fan of Pokemon.
Very first rock climbing with King Climber Company in Railey beach. I saw rainbow when we went back to Ao Nan!!! I wanted to climb more but already used out my energy after climbing the highest one at the first time.Hahaha. My arms were weak. Then we created a song like, "I have a pen. --- I have no power." "I have no power. Let me go down." "No no no no no.200 baht one time for falling down." "How can I reach there?!!" "Push yourself !! You can do it!!!" "..." Actually, if you don't give up and try the best to climb up, you can reach to the higher place all the time.
Say hi to my new friends~ Coconut bar in Ao nan. The live band there is quite good. Haha. Oath took a long time to drive me there because we had got lost for several times.

29 September 2016

Sawasdee ka~
Delicious spaghetti in Sasi restaurant ,Krabi town. Thai-western food. haha In Thai language , Sasi means moon. And it's the name of the beautiful boss.