China · 3 Days · 13 Moments · October 2017

Peculiar Business Trip to Heizhugou

29 October 2017

Thank god, we are here. So delight to see the flickering neon lights, high buildings and even the congested traffic.
After long long time's drive, we were on the express way again. The sceneries changed dramatically and we could sense the Big City was waving to us, Chengdu, we are coming!
Dadu River and the cliffs.
Early in the morning, we got up quickly and set off right away after grabbing some simple meals for breakfast. We couldn't help escaping out of this horrible area as soon as possible. But strangely,this time we felt better and the road seemed not to be so bad. I could even enjoy the mountain views on the way back. Pretty good : )

28 October 2017

Back to the civilization again! Finally we left the misty mountain top and went back to the nearest town before sunset in the late afternoon.We settled at a hostel and the kind boss offered the free water to clean my car. Really good person.
Heizhu Gou- a place called Black Bamboo Valley as translated in English, is a special place well known for its mysterious legend of missing tourists and unique latitude which is similar to the Burmuda Triangle and Egyptian pyramids, adding extra uncanny feelings. The moment we arrived our survey spot, it was drizzling all the time and the surroundings were shrouded by heavy mist, we could see merely meters away on this eerie dark path,some uneasy feelings were aroused by such terrible weather and we decided to leave there immediately after our must-do task.
Amazing valley view.
Our site is up high in the mountain, as we were approaching, the sceneries were getting more beautiful and the atmosphere was more mysterious too due to the raining weather.
As I mentioned it is a business trip. Unluckily the destination is not at the city center. The following two days I bet that it is like a nightmare. The next day we drove toward the deep mountain area 65kms away from the city downtown. We were told the road to get there would be rough because of reconstruction but until we really started on the way did we realize that the situation was totally out of our expectation. The road was so so so bad,the car bottomed too easily on the bumpy road. I could hear the bang clearly as we drove along the deep wheel ruts caused by the heavy trucks.Just look at my dusty car,my heart broke: (

27 October 2017

Pic1: the sculpture at a road intersection symbolizing the peaceful union of Yi people and Han people. Pic2: the county's government office building. Pic3: a signboard of Bureau of Social Insurance with Chinese and Yi bilingual inscriptions.
Strolling round the downtown to look for a place to have supper, we occasionally walked into the county's exclusive pedestrian street. Nothing special but some colorful Yi ethnic figures of the mural paintings seemed interesting.
The city is quite small, actually the buildings are situated along the two sides of the Daduhe River. The patterns and colors on the bridge are interesting with indigenous ethnic Yi's cultural symbols on it. But we can't figure it out what is the real meaning.
Started from 10 am in the morning, we finally arrived at this little mountainous county called E Bian at 4:00pm in the afternoon. E Bian county is a remote Yi autonomous county which is 207kms away from Chengdu but will cost you hours to drive there because it's an impoverished county with no expressway,we have to drive along the provincial highway winding through the mountains together with many heavy trucks on the narrow road.Luckily we got the downtown before sunset and the weather here is not bad. This is the scenery out of window.