Japan · 3328 Days · 18 Moments · February 2007


15 March 2016

We're staying at the Nippondaira Hotel (日本平ホテル) tonight. It's pretty nice so far. I prefer the Mandarin Oriental, but that hotel was $800, whereas this hotel is only $200. I love the view.
My phone died, so excuse the quality of these pictures. This is the ice cream shop we ate at! It was cute and nice. I forget what it was called, and remembered not being able to translate it into English. It was right next to the beah though. Good ice cream with a cute venue.
We also went to Suruga Bay with plans to swim, but we decided against it. I only got a few pictures though. The beach was really nice. I enjoyed it.
こんにちは!We went to Nihondaira Zoo (日本平動物園) today! I've included some pictures of the tiger we saw. It was so cool to see something so deadly up close. The zoo was nice, but being from Columbus, Ohio my zoo standard bar is set extremely high, so I wasn't very impressed. It was nice nonetheless, worth seeing.
Today we took the Nihondaira Ropeway (日本平ロープウェイ) in Shizuoka and finally left Tokyo for Shizuoka. We had lots of fun at the zoo and the beach. It was fun, but being afraid of heights wasn't.

14 March 2016

"Life is the most important thing we have received from our parents. Once again, consider your parents, your siblings, and the children. Don't suffer alone, please, consult someone." -A sign outside of Aokigahara (青木が原)
Some very fine dining at Ginza Ukaitei (銀座うかい亭). The food was amazing, but the price was understandably steep. Located a few blocks from our hotel, it was ideal to get after coming back from Meiji Shrine.
So we went to the Meiji Shrine (明治神宮) yesterday as well. My phone died before I could upload any pictures. We are off to Mt. Fuji (富士山) tomorrow though! The Meiji Shrine was absolutely stunning. I don't know which I liked more, Hase-Dera or this.

13 March 2016

Our last stop in Chiyoda (千代田) was the Science Museum (科学技術館). If you like science this would be for you. Pretty neat. English is sparse so make sure you know Japanese if you go here. Worth looking into!
While in Chiyoda, we visited the Imperial Palace (皇居). Nice architecture. Nothing too exciting, though. It is kind of cool to think of the history behind it, though!
いただきます!On our walk, we stumbled across the Hibiya Matsumotoro (日比谷松本楼) restaurant. They opened at 10 so we had to walk around a little more until they did but when they opened we were some of the firsts. I ordered a rice curry because I thought it could get me over my fear of curry. It didn't. I let Matthew have it, and he loved it. He traded me tempura, which I was happier with. ごちそうさまでした。
We took a tranquil stroll through Hibiya park (日比谷公園) this morning. It's not very far from our hotel so we could easily walk there. It was so beautiful!

12 March 2016

We had dinner at Tan Estu (淡悦) in Tokyo Midtown (東京ミッドタウン) and wow! Absolutely loved it! The view from the outside deck was so tranquil and the bentou box I ordered was simply splendid. The place had such a chill ambience.
東京ミッドタウンへようこそ!Spent the rest of the day in Tokyo Midtown and had a blast in the shops. I really enjoyed the architecture.
On the way to Tokyo from Hase-Dera, we found a cute little sushi shop we wanted to try out. Muten Kura Sushi Kawasaki Mizonokuchi (無添くら寿司川崎溝の口). We had ebi, salmon, and tuna Nigiri, plus a sushi roll. The place was so fun and small. Not very busy. Service was good with food to match!

12 June 2015

From a place labeled the "Suicide Forest" by many, it is only expected to see some graphic imagery. The last picture shows no human remains, but may be disturbing to those viewing. Be warned. Our day at Fujiyama (富士山) was quite fun! Of course, going to Mt. Fuji, you had to see Aokigahara (青木が原), the forest located at the base. Since mountain climbing isn't my thing, we decided to go hiking and I saw some very disturbing things. Only to serve as an awakening of how prominent suicide is in Japan. The hike was serene, with those few exceptions though.

4 September 2013

My trip first takes me to the Hase-Dera (長谷寺) temple in Kanagawa! Only a few hours drive to Tokyo from here where I'll experience lots of shopping malls! Maybe I should go to Mt. Fuji (富士山) next.

3 February 2007

What a beautiful hotel the Mandarin Oriental is! The room was absolutely amazing and the views were something else. We loved the modern design of the room and were pleased with the exercise room. It could have been cleaner, but overall, I would TOTALLY recommend.