Germany · 11 Days · 12 Moments · October 2017

Life in Germany

7 November 2017

Dear diary Another stressful day today. I am not sure how to get through this stressful period of this job. I am not sure how long this will last. I think I have no option but to stay positive. To keep on going. Please god please help me to stay strong. Help me to get

6 November 2017

Dear diary I am having another bad day today. I find this whole experience is so overwhelming. I love being here in Germany but this job is very stressful. I feel like I am not welcome here and people don’t trust me to do my job. I feel like I am a fake who is going to be found out. I don’t know how to cope in this environment. How to keep positive and keep on going. May be in a year time I will look back at this and say that was not too bad at all. At the moment my brain is in overdrive and always catatrophize every thing. Everyone hates me, I am going to get kicked out. All this hard work will be for nothing. I need to keep positive and keep on going. I need to keep on smiling and keep going. I have no choice. I have to keep on going. God please give me strength. Please help me to keep on going and face the challenges heads in. Please give me some sign that this too shall pass. The storm would be gone and the sun will come out. Please help me. I will leave it all in your hand.

31 October 2017

Berlin Day 1 Arrived in Berlin. The weather was bitterly cold and raining. We checked in and then hopped on the train to go around the city to check things out and getting used to the transport system. After checking on Trip advisor, We decided to go for a late lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. The first Vietnamese restaurant that I have since arriving in Germany. It is not so bad, not as good as the stuff we get in Sydney but it is OK for Germany. Guy have Pho and I have crispy ducks in mango sauce. It is not bad but certainly not Vietnamese. It’s probably a Germanised version of Vietnamese. We went into the city and then checked out the Dali museum. They do have a very good collection of his work but mainly sketches and book illustrations not many of his paintings. It was ok but I was hoping to see some actual paintings.
Berlin the train trip Our visit to Berlin start with Air Berlin gone bankrupt and our flights were cancelled on Friday. We quickly booked our tickets for the train. Being a long weekend in combination with the airline ceasing operation on the same weekend, it is almost impossible to book for the train tickets that weekend. We ended up booking for the train with no seat reservation as there were no seat left. We are very lucky to find 2 seats somebody must have their flights delayed and did not make it to the train in time. We get to sit from Düsseldorf to Hannover. The train is very comfortable, clean, quiet and very fast. Actually a lot better than the Euro star. Note to self we need to take trains next trips. Guy did some work and I caught up on my Netflix program. It was a pleasant ride to Hannover. We got kicked out of our comfortable chairs at Hannover and have to sit on the floor for the next 1:30 hours to Berlin. It is not so bad considering all things.

29 October 2017

Memorial site for Murdered Jews.
Checkpoint Charlie
Museum island

28 October 2017

Brandenburg Gate
Visiting Berlin