Europe · 21 Days · 27 Moments · April 2017

RPK õpetajate seiklusreis Inglismaal

8 May 2017

TOP 3 restaurants in Brighton: 1) Jamie's Italian 2) Bella Italia 3) Nando's

5 May 2017

Learning every step of the way :)
But actually it still was a language learning trip as well

4 May 2017

For cultural reasons we had to watch football.
And in case you wondered where the world ends, this is where
Teachers visiting the school.
Rainy day activities :)

3 May 2017

Even my socks felt that they had enough ;)
A day in London where the people aren't that relaxed as in Brighton, everyone looks good and are in a hurry but are still polite. It is great to see places that you untill now only know from books and postcards. Awesome!
We visited the Queen but she wasn't home.
Brighton railway station dogs.

2 May 2017

Very friendly and helpful people indeed.
Brighton beach huts
How do you start your breakfast? We do it all together with eggs, fruit and orange juice. Thanks Kai, for a lovely meal this morning! :)

1 May 2017

I must say that most of people living here are amazingly helpful, they take time to notice and to help you. They don't mind if the row before them is longer than three people and then the first one lands over to a bit longer conversation than hi-thanks-bye. They give seats to the less able to stand and help right away when needed. I think this kind of humanity is what we lack back home... In Estonia we are used to having things quick and with an extra good quality. But do we need it always or should we rather give a helping hand and a smile once in a while..? :)
Fish & chips are one of the traditional cuisines here in England. It didn't blow my mind but it was good for having a taste of something local.
ChoccyWoccyDoodah ehk pisike shokolaadipood kohvikuga

30 April 2017

Quick tour in Brighton. Everyone was tired meeting those sisters ;) but luckily our guide accepted it and made the city tour short and informative. Kids were nice and polite. Keep up the good work! :)
These boots are made for walking and that's what they did ;)
Seven Sisters - totally worth it! And the landscape on the way to the coast is amazing to look at - so different from our flat land. Big "mountains" filled with homes and fields are picturesque.
Ice cream breake ;) The quickest way to get rid of tired feet ;)

29 April 2017

A day in Cambridge. Walking down the street feels like I am on a scenery of a movie or a play. This town actually has a spirit like we have in Tartu... or even more. It's quiet around the universities (because of the exam period) but busy on the streets.
Welcome to Brighton
Esimene lend selja taga, üks veel tulemas. Lapsed rõõmsad ja endalgi tuju hea :)

28 April 2017

Are you readyyyyyy? Piletid? Check! Jope? Check! Kodumaine snäkikink? Check! Pagas? Check! Kui takso ka saab ära tellitud, olengi valmis... Vist ;)

18 April 2017

Koosolek Eestis. Lapsevanemate ja õpilastega. Küsimuste-vastuste ring