North America, Europe · 9 Days · 14 Moments · June 2017

Tricia's journi to Ireland

26 June 2017

My day of exploring Dublin solo was the perfect day to end my trip. I took a free walking tour of Dublin where I learned all about the city's history. I walked past St. Patrick Cathedral and Trinity College. My tour guide was awesome and he explained the little myths and legends of the city. I made my way down to the Guinness Factory to do a total touristy move and do the Guinness tour. I loved every second of it! I love Guinness so it was awesome to see how this delicious beer was actually made! Being from St. Louis, where beer is a major part of my city, it was cool to see the similarities and difference about making a Guinness. I was able to learn how to pour my own beer and how to get free drinks from others who did not like the taste of Guinness. A total win for me and the others that I had met up with. Ended the night, running in the rain to get my last Murphy's ice cream of Ireland. I was soaked and wet, but the Murphy's ice cream was totally worth it!

25 June 2017

My last day with the tour was a long day! We stopped at Blarney Castle. We ran to kiss the Blarney Stone before the other bus tours made it there so we had no line! When we walked out, the line was so long just to get into the castle! Safe to say we made it there just in time. Kissing the Blarney Stone does give you luck, for it gives you the gift of eloquence. We then explored the gardens of the castle, which included the poison garden. There were plants that were poisonous if cooked or inhaled, some were even caged up to make sure no one could reach them. After the Blarney Castle, we walked around the Ormond castle, unfortunately it had cost money to get so we just walked around it. Then, we made it back to Dublin and all went to a pub together for the last time. We left our mark there in Dublin by signing a dollar bill. Savage Craíc will forever be Dublin all together, listening to music and drink a pint

24 June 2017

There are 3 places in Ireland that have a 360 degree view of the country. We stopped at the one that has one of the most breathtaking views and the shortest walk. Talk about a win win! Then when we were in Killarney, Ireland, we walked to different bars to listen to authentic trap music. Known fact of Killarney, the men to women ratio is 1 in 4.... (aka 1 woman to 4 mean) I just might have to go back and find myself a husband. Loads of craíc was had along with a lot of dancing till wee hours in the morning!
Stopped by the beach today and was able to stick our feet in the Atlanta Ocean. Legend has it that if you stuck your feet in the ocean at this particular spot, the ocean would keep a piece of your soul until you returned. I think the ocean already has a part of my soul so I made sure it kept a little more
My tour group traveled the cutest little town called Dingle. Though we did not get to see as much as I hoped to see, it was still beautiful. The small mom and pop shops were just what my soul needed. Of course I tried their local ice cream and copious amounts of fish and chips. Any chance I can, I get fish and chips with a side of tartar sauce. All fresh fish caught that day. Something I will definitely miss getting back to the states. We also stopped at this guys house and paid 3 euros to pet and feed his baby lambs. Best 3 euros I have spent in a while. I was even able to hold it too! The house with the brick is actually a smoke house. The owner actually gave us freshly smoked fish!

23 June 2017

We arrived in the city of Ennis, Ireland. Though we had done the cliffs mostly today, it was grand to get dinner and drinks with my tour group. These people have been my family for the last week. We had listened to some Irish and blues music. Our group even went to bars that are "closed" but you just have to have a special knock to get in after hours.
We explored two different sets of cliffs, but mostly the Cliffs of Moher. It was great timing for seeing the cliffs because there was no fog. We had about a 30 minute time window that we were able to see all the way down the cliffs. After about 30 minutes however, fog engulfed the cliffs and you couldn't see the anything. It was very eerie not being able to see the bottom of the cliffs much less 15 feet in front of us. It was truly a remarkable experience that it is so hard to put into words on the beauty of these cliffs

22 June 2017

We explored the beautiful island of Inis Mor! We took a ferry over to the island then rented bikes to cycle around the island. We drove through beautiful parts of the island that people live at every day. The coolest part about the island is the worm hole. Some people recognize this from the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition. Best part was that we got to see Red Bull setting up and some of the athletes shooting their promo videos! You could not pay me to jump off that cliff! It is so high and the part they jump in was very narrow!

20 June 2017

We explored the beautiful city of Derry, Ireland and stopped to see a beautiful castle from Game of Thrones along the way. With all the controversy that occurred in the city of Derry in years past, the city is stronger than ever. We had an amazing tour guide who gave us the royal treatment and gave personal testimonies that were truly remarkable. We stood and remembered those victims who were effected on Bloody Sunday in 1972 and prayed for their families. We stood where the rally had started years ago and silently prayed where the victims are remembered. The tragedy that occurred these past years made the town stronger than ever yet they are still a long ways away from peace. May we always remember those innocent victims that were effected in the city of Derry.
We explored the "8th wonder of the world" called the Giants Causeway. Legend has it is the aftermath from the fight of two giants, a giant from Scotland and a giant from Ireland. The Irish say that it is from when the giant from Scotland came to fight the giant from Ireland but was frightened by the giants "baby". The giant thought the baby was just a very large baby but it turns out the Irish giant dressed as a baby to fool the Scottish giant. Thus causing the Scottish giant to run away, leaving this trail. I'm sure the legend is a wee bit different in Scotland. It is actually from a volcano eruption. The lava hit the ice cold water and made these formation of individual rocks, all stacked on top of each other.
Today has been quite the day! Logged 19,000 steps and it's only 6pm here. This morning we woke a wee bit early and hiked down to the rope bridge in Ballintoy. The bride was built for when fisherman used to set their salmon traps, though now it is no longer legal to catch the salmon off the shore. We hiked across and was given an amazing view of the town of Ballintoy. Just the night before, I stayed out too late, drank a few beers, and sang along to some Irish tunes. To say I love it here is an understatement ☘️

19 June 2017

Explored the city of Belfast yesterday. We stopped to see the Dark Hedges. These hedges have been shown in Game of a Thrones. The trees are very creepy in a way. They usually live only for about 150 years but these have been growing much longer. We stayed at cute hostel in Belfast. Ate some fish and chips along with a Guinness. We went to a pub and had a live Irish musician, we all karaoked and a crack of a time!

18 June 2017

After a delayed flight in Atlanta, I missed my plane to Dublin so I was stuck in Boston for the night/day. Thankfully my amazing family picked me up from the airport and brought me home and I was able to explore Boston for the day. We celebrated Bubbly Sunday along with some Oysters! The nanny in me was freaking out when I got to see the only Curious George store in the world. Here's to hoping that I make this flight to Dublin! Then catching a bus/train to Belfast and hopefully meeting up with my tour! Please keep your fingers crossed everything (now) goes as planned.

17 June 2017

Well here we go!! My journey to Ireland starts right now. From there, I'll hop on over to Germany and spend time with my Oma (grandma), my Mama, and Aunt Heidi. Arrived to the airport and made it through security quickly, my suitcase was even 50 lbs right on the dot (thank heavens). Getting coffee then I'll be ready to fly! I'll keep you all posted on this amazing journey ✈️❤️