United States of America · 6 Days · 101 Moments · September 2016

Rachelle Klopfenstein

Travis & Rachelle's trip to Warsaw, Poland ✈️

10 September 2016

Hello, U.S.A 🇺🇸🎉 You were missed~Always love coming home to you❣
This guy is worn out & fast asleep!! 😴✈️
I never tire of these views!! And think of my Dad every time ❤️
Munich, Germany 😍

10 September 2016

We didn't get much sleep last night as late to bed than early morning flight but he still managed a smile 😊😴
2nd to last flight to home~Warsaw, Poland to Munich, Germany

9 September 2016

Three different types of Barchetta!! 😋🍷
Late night work to complete!
These people know how to advertise 🇵🇱😂
So awesome to see the factory of Oskar Schindler!! Will never forget the powerful message from the movie Schindler's List ✝❤😢️
To learn more.... http://chgs.umn.edu/museum/memorials/krakow/
"The memorial to the Jews of the Jewish ghetto in Krakow was inaugurated on 8 December 2005. The winning project by Krakow architects Piotr Lewicki and Kazimierz Latak included 33 steel and cast iron chairs (1.4 m high) in the square and 37 smaller chairs (1.2 m high) standing on the edge of the square and at tram stops. The memorial’s chairs intrude to bus and tram stops and are used by locals awaiting transportation, suggesting that anyone can be a victim. The theme of empty chairs was also used at the Oklahoma City Monument at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building blast site to reflect "absence." ✡😢🇵🇱
Wiska River 🇵🇱😍 (pronounced Viska)
This painting was our favorite~it captures all the happenings of the crucifixion yet with all the things going on~as you're looking at it all you are struck when the realization hits that Jesus eyes are looking out at you! "No greater love than this.." ❣
"The Baroque (US /bəˈroʊk/ or UK /bəˈrɒk/) is often thought of as a period of artistic style that used exaggerated motion and clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur in sculpture, painting, architecture, literature, dance, theater, and music. The style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy, and spread to most of Europe."
A mirrored suit for his day's work 😎
Market Square~Kraków, Poland
Painting in the lobby of our hotel
Our 3rd floor looking down at our hotel
We stopped in most of the churches in Kraków...Excellent depiction of the Europeans fascination with the Baroque style...

8 September 2016

Check out the name of this night club 😂 Memory lane sake for my Brother, Sisters & family 😘
Taking a walk break by the fountain 😊
Market Square 😍
"This is an intriguing sculpture in the western corner of the main market square (the Rynek Glowny) of Krakow, Poland: a huge hollow bronze head, laying on its side, and bound with 2 strips of bronze tape. Visitors are fascinated and stop to look, touch it, and take photos on it or next to it. It’s certainly an unusual modern touch in the old square with its gorgeous medieval buildings. People refer to it as “The Head” but its official name is Eros Bendato, and is the work of Polish artist Igor Mitoraj (born 1944 in Germany)."
And the beauty of Market Square continues!
More of Market Square 😍
Market Square 😍
Night views but I can't wait to see it all again in daylight 😍
Supper at Glenn & Tom's Pub
Our hotel 😊 #3rdfloor #noelevators #greatworkout
Arrived in Kraków~beautiful evening, perfect temperatures! Can you find Travis in this picture??
And yet another favorite European thing 😋 #yum
Flew into Warsaw first night we arrived in Poland, traveled by train to Kielce where we have been the past 4 days and now we head further south on the train for an overnight stay in Kraków 🚊 Will walk around & sight see tomorrow 🏃🏻🇵🇱👍🏻 #thisclose #onceinalifetime
I must admit with all the travel around Europe this past 1.5 yrs that I am officially hooked on their cultural bubbly water!! 😋💜🍾 #carbonated #nosugar #forsipping

7 September 2016

This is an elegant chandelier off the lobby entrance along the marble stairwells 📸
I should take a picture of my bed given that I spent some extra needed time in it 💤😳 #jetlag #nosleep #7hourtimezonechange✈️🇵🇱
Hotel pool, hot tub 👍🏻 My favorite is the steam room! Will try to take a picture later if possible.
Give me a path in the woods no matter where in the world I am and this girl is happy 😊❤️
Almost always find a pine cone I can bring home for my collection 😊💜
More roots!
Stumbled upon this water slide but unsure if it's still functional?
I am forever fascinated by the root systems of trees 🤓🌲
Saw quite a few locals fishing 🎣🐟 but I think they were a bit surprised to see me 😂
Some kids out enjoying the lake in their boats this beautiful day!
I always love the universal scenes 😍
Some sort of obstacle/training course on this farm but don't know for what?....Maybe dogs?! Don't see any horse stables plus it seems too small for them
Pictures from my walk this morning ❤️😊🏃🏻

6 September 2016

Their hot water craft looks like it was designed with the rocket ship in mind 🚀😂
Poland's definition of Breakfast! One thing we have really enjoyed about travels & the European culture~their food is always so fresh & tastes wonderful 😋 🍌🍎🍉🍒☕️

5 September 2016

The Polish sign for Speed bump 🇲🇨😄
Our Hotel in the woods
Kielce, Poland
Sights along the way....
Now we catch the train~head to southwest countryside🚊🇵🇱🛤
Wishing I could read every language! 🚚😂
Taxi rides are always an interesting experience 🚕
A before dinner walk & a short exercise park stop 😊💪🏻