India · 46 Days · 21 Moments · July 2016

Travels in India

4 September 2016

Back in Chennai and heading out in a few hours to fly home. Here are a few pictures on the streets of Chennai. Its been an interesting trip. So glad I was able to accompany Bonnie as she went to each of the homes. Met so many good people and learned a lot from all of them but especially Bonnie and Ganesh! Thanks!

31 August 2016

During our second stay at the Hyderabad home we had a few days of heavy rains, not sure if it shows on the pictures but the yard turned quickly into an Olympic sized swimming pool (albeit only 6" deep). ;) Some pictures of the children too.

25 August 2016

Today is a Hindu holiday in celebration of Hari Krishna. The music is blasting, the drummers are drumming , the children (and adults) are dancing and they are being sprayed with water. They will make a human pyramid and try to reach the pot hanging up high. They hung 4 pots and both the girls then the boys took turns breaking them. Fun day!

24 August 2016

We went to the tribal home near Savarsai and met a boy who had just had surgery 2 Weeks ago! He looked very well. The children put on performances and speeches too

23 August 2016

We are now in Savarsai home. Here are some street scenes in the nearby town (over 22,000) of Pen where we are staying. It was bazaar/market day. Lots of vegetable and clothing stalls ball along the streets. I got to shop for a few hours

16 August 2016

Bonnie travels along the dusty bumpy roads to get to Bhaktapor, a very special place she likes to buy many of the lovely silent auction items.

14 August 2016

We had a police escort from the home to the airport. Three car convoy and sirens sounding and lights flashing. Bonnie travels in style :)

12 August 2016

The children put on a wonderful performance this afternoon. They sang and danced many traditional numbers up on the roof top of our Bangladesh home.
Bonnie tucking into some lunch ;)

11 August 2016

Here at the Bangladesh home. The children are washing up, Bonnie take some time to catch up on local news, children eating dinner and a view from the roof top of the home. The past few days the rains have been off and on and the temperature has cooled. It was about 28 Celsius yesterday. Seems like today will be hitter again.

10 August 2016

We have arrived in Bangladesh! Spent the night in Dhaka and then flew to Chittagong today. We had a lovely welcome of flowers and a song.

8 August 2016

A few pictures from Kathmandu. Many people are still in tents and many roads are very rough.

2 August 2016

Here are a few pictures of what goes on in a day in our home in Meu...

30 July 2016

We have arrived to the home in Meu, Gujarat. Its north of Mumbai on the west side of India. The monsoon rains came with us. The area has been quite dry until now. The garden and flowers at the home are beautiful!

28 July 2016

They are having a reservoir dug for holding water to use at the home in Hyderabad. It is 13x10 feet and about 7 feet deep. It is lined with bricks then coated with cement. It will come in very handy with 183 children here at the home

26 July 2016

Arrived in Hyderabad just as the much needed rains began. The children had fun playing in the puddles

24 July 2016

Children are getting measured and can choose styles of outfits for Diwali. Thanks a a couple local families
Sports day at the kaliyampoondi homehome

23 July 2016

Bonnie and I are here in Kaliyampoondi, the biggest Child Haven Home with about 282 children

20 July 2016

Minutes away from our big adventure to South East Asia
Here I am just minutes away form our 46 day adventure in South East Asia