Around The World · 71 Days · 299 Moments · February 2019

Travelling Redhead

13 April 2019

And just like that my first trip circling the world is over. You can bet I am going again as I have already started the list of places I want to visit next

11 April 2019

Not where I was meant to be but due to delayed and missed flights I'm now getting a night in Orlando and having dinner and ice cream with Raquel

10 April 2019

9 April 2019

Walking the strip and visiting all the hotels

8 April 2019

Visiting the South rim of the Grand Canyon
We're in Vegas

7 April 2019

Driving from Anaheim to Las Vegas

6 April 2019

Disneyland in bloom
We made it

5 April 2019

Let’s drive to Disneyland

4 April 2019

Walt Disney Family Museum
Pier 39
Let’s visit Alcatraz

3 April 2019

City hall round two

1 April 2019

San Francisco city hall

31 March 2019

Fun first day in San Francisco with the boys
Had to meet up with the boys for a few drinks

30 March 2019

Park behind my hotel - post breakfast stroll

29 March 2019

Three amazing nights of aurora activity, I’m so lucky

28 March 2019

27 March 2019

My camera’s view of the northern lights. I’ll be getting the professional photos for sure

24 March 2019

Gondola ride up to Sulphur Mountain
Johnston Canyon ice walk
Hotel in Banff

23 March 2019

Visiting Lake Louise, Alberta
Me versus a grizzly bear, I think he’ll win
Tried to catch the sun rise but with too much cloud cover Norah’s to be seen. However it was still a beautiful sight this morning
There may be no snow but the lakes are still frozen

22 March 2019

Quarout Lodge
Monte Creek winery
Hope and the journey to Monte Creek winery

21 March 2019

Vancouver is in bloom

20 March 2019

Watching the sunset as we fly into San Francisco
My final sunset in Hawaii

19 March 2019

Randoms from the walk home, post Diamond head hike
Hiking to Diamond Head

18 March 2019

Visiting Pearl harbour, having a moment of remembrance for the fallen and meeting a survivor,what a day
Honolulu city tour

17 March 2019

Watching the sunset on Waikiki beach
Visiting Kualoa and movie sets of films like 50 first dates, Jurassic park and world

16 March 2019

Hello Waikiki beach
Starting March 16th all over again but this time in HAWAII!!!
Sunset on round one of March 16th
It's March 16th and the sun is raising over Kyoto. It's my last day here and I am off to Hawaii but craziness and time travel is about to occur because after leaving Japan at 7:30 tonight I will arrive in Hawaii at 7:30am on March 16th. Technically I will be at the same moment in time as the sunrise photo but in a different country. Bring on the 48 hour March 16th.

15 March 2019

Gino geisha District
Fushimi Imari Tanisha Shrine. I chose not to do the walk from Memoirs of a Geisha like so many around me instead I took in the beauty.
I made my lunch
Nara park

14 March 2019

Nishigamo bamboo grove
Kinkaku-Ji, Golden Temple

13 March 2019

Relocated to Kyoto today on the Shinkansen. Within 2 hours we had seen My Fuji (unlike our actual attempt to see it a couple of days ago) seen a beautiful sunset and are in much cooler climates

12 March 2019

Yes that is the statue of liberty and yes I am still in Japan
Tokyo tower
Randoms from Tokyo museum

11 March 2019

Looking for Mt Fuji through all the clouds

10 March 2019

9 March 2019

The start of the cherry blossom season 2019

8 March 2019

Tokyo Disneyland

6 March 2019

5 March 2019

Day one in Japan, visit Disney Sea

4 March 2019

Just love arriving to an airport and the entire ac system is down. So much for being fresh for a day at Disneyland upon my arrival in Tokyo tomorrow
When the weather changes and you do get to fly to Mount Everest
When you think you are going to see Mount Everest but have to get off the play due to bad weather

3 March 2019

Travelling from Pokhara to Kathmandu

2 March 2019

After watching the sunrise over the mountains there is no better thing to do than jump off said mountains and paraglide into the valley
Watching the sunrise in the Annapurna range, simply beautiful.

1 March 2019

28 February 2019

Looking for tigers and rhinos and sloth bears, oh my
A nice stroll around the local villages

27 February 2019

Cycling in Nepal
Visiting the birth place of Buddha

26 February 2019

After another epic night with these crazy people we have suffered the long bumpy drive to cross the border into Nepal. Unlike other border crossings we had to walk this one. But here we are ready to start our Nepaleese portion of our adventure

25 February 2019

Last dinner in India
Visited a Buddhist temple
Watching the morning sunrise service in Varanasi then sailing on the ganges to watch the day begin.

24 February 2019

Lassis to old temples, saying goodbye to the departed to Hindu festivals on the Ganges. Just a sample of the first night in Varanasi
Surviving the overnight train from Jhansi to Varanasi

23 February 2019

From cooking class to hanging out in the temple with the children, visiting palaces and seeing amazing sunsets and an amazing night out under the stars with fab people before sleeping in tents, Orchha you have been amazing.
Cooking class in Orchha
A nice chilled day after a big night and before we experience the night train.

22 February 2019