North America, Europe · 8 Days · 35 Moments · March 2017

St. George's Trip to France and England.

17 March 2017

Coffee to warm up on Piccadilly Circle.
Took the Eurostar to London and have been enjoying the day.
Early morning wake up to the train station. Boarding the Eurostar headed to London.

16 March 2017

At Versailles

15 March 2017

Pointe du Hoc
American Cemetery and Juno Beach in Normandy

14 March 2017

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

13 March 2017

Chateau Chenonceau.
Amboise Chateau Royal

12 March 2017

Crepes at La Picoterie in Chartres.
Chartres Cathedral from 1100s.
From the top of the Eiffel Tower.

11 March 2017

The Louvre posing with the Venus de Milo.
Bonjour Paris!

10 March 2017

Finally made it to Paris safely. Saw Norte Dame and now we're about to indulge in some yummy French cuisine.
Taking the Metro and the kids already look like pros.

9 March 2017

The Whole Group.
At Memphis International Airport getting all checked in. The group is ready to go!