United States of America · 23 Days · 8 Moments · June 2015

Tracie's trip to Washington D.C.

13 July 2015

Here are some monuments we have been to in the last couple of days. The Washington monument, Korean War monument, and the Lincoln monument. We have been walking a lot!! We are becoming experts at the Metro and meeting lots of nice people!! I have been so tired I haven't been posting to journi.

11 July 2015

Well we made it to Bristol, VA!! We are getting ready for bed at the swanky Hilton Garden Inn. The person at the front desk was so nice. Well it's DC or bust tomorrow!! Woo-hoo!
Well we made it to Memphis!! We are now officially east of the Mississippi. The pyramid you see is a Bass Pro Shop!! There is an observation deck at the top. We saw people up there!! We are now in Jackson, Tennessee for gas and lunch at Burger King.
We are currently outside of Little Rock but we were blessed with a great sunrise this morning!! We are headed to Abington Virginia. We are at Cracker Barrel having breakfast and the kids are acting crazy. Must be low blood sugar!!
Here are the sunrise pictures!!

27 June 2015

Senator Boozeman's office contacted us and our tour of the Capitol will be July 14th!! I have wanted to see the Capitol forever! I wanted to be a politician when I was in high school, but I thought I would be able to change the world. I believe one person can change the world, but not in Washington. I'm super patriotic and love my country, though. Like us all, she has her flaws. God Bless America!!

25 June 2015

Well we got the news yesterday that our request to tour the White House was denied. I am just happy that we finally know so we can plan our trip!! We will visit the White House visitor's center and take pictures from the street. We are 2 weeks and 2 days from departing. The kids don't seem crushed by this news. I'm not crushed just a bit disappointed. We will have fun anyway! We have Sunday planned (our first day there--July 12) and we have decided to tour The National Cemetery at Arlington and to tour some of the monuments. On Monday we are going to the National Cathedral and the National Zoo. Trevor will get to see his favorite animal--the panda bears! Only 3 zoos in the U.S. has pandas. He has been wanting to see pandas since he was little. I just hope Devin doesn't see the bakery right across the street from zoo. Evidently they specialize in cake pops. Devin loves cake pops. I will post more as I get more information.

21 June 2015

We are leaving on July 11th to take an amazing road trip to our Nation's Capital. For all of us, except Dave, this will be our first visit there. The excitement is mounting day by day as Devin reminds us all of our impending departure. Trevor is bringing a friend, Nick. Ah, two teenagers and a 9 year old. Should be interesting. We have been discussing what we should bring, making lists, what should we see, and most importantly what kind of food does Washington D.C. have. I explained that we will still be in America so the food choices will be the somewhat similar to the food we now eat. A sigh of relief from Devin, the world's pickiest eater. We are all excited to leave and I'm sure we will be happy to return from our adventure full of stories and memories that will last a lifetime.