North America, Europe · 6 Days · 47 Moments · October 2017

Rome with Tracey, Ardith and Connie

3 November 2017

Our bartenders. Paul and Rey

2 November 2017

Top of the Victor Emanuel monument
Their soldiers consistently dont appreciate their picture being taken
More Colosseum tour
More Colosseum tour
More Colosseum tour
More Colosseum
More Colosseum
Colosseum tour

1 November 2017

Pantheon at night
Pantheon at night
Ardith at the Trevi fountain eating gelato
Various stuff in Rome
We were planning to go and actually tour the Roman Coliseum but they closed at 3:30
More ruins outside the forum
More Roman Forum
More Roman Forum
More Roman Forum
More Roman Forum
Roman Forum

31 October 2017

More food tour
Suppli and pizza marinara
Food your continued
De Enzo
Wine. Pork meal served to Caesar
Trastevere Food tour
Other forum pics and misc
Sta Maria aracoeli church above piazza del Campidoglio
Forum from above. From near piazza del campidoglio above Michelangelo's Grand Stair case
First selfie
Michelangelo's Grand Stair case
Victor Emanuel monument
St Peters Basilica continued
St Peters Bascilica-continued
St Peters Basilica
Sisteen chapel
Vatican. Hall of maps

30 October 2017

Too much wine, not enough pizza for these old broads.. it was an adventure getting them back to the room. Have to be up by 5:30am.
Trevi Fountain
Hotel Santa Maria, Trastevere Rome Very nice single story hotel in the Trastevere neighborhood.
Hotel Santa Maria Trastevere
Various Rome sights. Circus Maximus etc

29 October 2017

Des Moines airport. Almost ready