Canada, Italy, Vatican · 7 Days · 85 Moments · March 2019

Tour di Reagan attraverso il/la Italy

16 March 2019

This marks the end of the tour of Vatican City. We also visited the Sistine statue where they did that 👉🏼👈🏼 thing, but pictures were not allowed. However, I know that Owen snook a picture of it so I might be able to get it off him. Either way, the Vatican is 100% worth the 3 hour tour that killer my feet.
More from the church!
The inside of the church that the Pope goes to!! It was GIGANTIC like wow. Everything was made of marble too which was impressive. There was a mass going on while we toured the church, and the hymns they sang made it even more haunting.
The transition where we finally got to go outside after breathing stale art gallery air
The end of the tour of the art gallery
A part of the gallery was all just maps. These were made hundreds of years before technology like compasses even existed, yet all of these maps are about 80% accurate. This is amazing - they look almost the exact same as google maps
This tapestry from the gallery depicts Julius Caesar being stabbed by his friends. Mom and Dad, please make Rachel look at this, she’ll like it.
And even more from the gallery
Even more from the gallery
This piece I believe was from the Ancient Greek times, taken by the romans. Michelangelo has used this statue as a reference for many of the bodies in the Sistine Chapel, simply changing the position of the missing limbs.
More from the art gallery!
The tour of the art gallery started right away, showcasing the art already on the building and many statues - some made by Michelangelo himself.
The first glimpse at Vatican City! It is absolutely stunning, full of nature and green
Finally reaching the outskirts of the Vatican. This is where I started to get very anxious because I had forgotten my passport on the bus. Thankfully they only needed to see the passports of those under the age of 18. Old age saved me lol
Approaching Vatican City!! You can clearly see some of the structures
The streets of Rome on our way to Vatican City! Almost felt like Verona, the way the streets were designed.
More pictures of the pantheon.
Part one of the Pantheon. It was a lot different than I expected, but just as breathtaking
The streets of Rome (old Rome, not the big city part)
Some pretty mountain pictures from out the window just for my dad lol
A nice view from our hotel

15 March 2019

Had gnocchi at diner! It wasn’t as good as Nonno’s, but it was pretty darn good.
Small photoshoot😂
Absolutely gorgeous view. We actually stopped the bus and pulled over just to take pictures😂
The end of the Pompeii trip! 100% recommend to anyone who hasn’t been before - it’s amazing how much I learned about the history of their people and how touching the stories are. Just looking at the stone of the buildings felt as though I was looking hundreds of years back in time. It was truly a fantastic experience
This was the freakiest part, seeing all of the real bodies encased in rock. There are skeletons still inside those decayed bodies. It’s just so sad
The start of our tour of Pompeii! It was amazing
Had authentic Pizza from Naples with the girls. It wasn’t very good😂 but we were on a mountain!
Our view from Mount Vesuvius!!
View from the bus

14 March 2019

Got lost in Assisi! Tried to find a castle but took a wrong turn I guess lol. A nice view though
Some food from Assisi!
The family ❤️
ASSISI IS BEAUTIFUL! My favourite place so far!

13 March 2019

Does this look like my dad?? Shafia and I vote yes - we think it’s the hair🤔
These pictures were taken inside the gallery of Uffizi. We tried to get tickets to climb the tower, but it was closed. We’re having bad luck with towers recently, but we’ll climb up one eventually!! Also take note of the yellow rain jacket Shafia bought because it was raining, but then as soon as soon as we left the store it was clear skies.
The statue of David was, although uncomfortable to look at, was amazing. The one outside is a fake, but the one inside is the real stair by Michelangelo! It was amazing, there are no words to describe the beauty in that statue.
Me and the girls walking around Florence! We also stopped to get lunch in a small restaurant. It was pretty good and not very busy, which was nice. I had risotto!😋
The view of Fiume Arno, the river that flows through Florence! It was a cloudy day but the view was amazing.
More of Florence!
The duomo of Florence looked like a candy crush palace😂 it’s was amazing!! It was created during the renaissance era but the Baptist church beside it was from the Roman times. Also the door on the Baptist church was made of solid gold!!
Currently raining in Florence so I’m not sure how many pictures I’ll be taking.

12 March 2019

On the way to Florence!
Lunch time!! Amazing prosciutto 😋
The streets of the heart of Bologna.
This library belongs to the oldest university in history! The university of Bologna was initially run by the students, who paid the teachers and paid for the buildings themselves. The credits on the wall is a tradition of the graduate students where they put their home country above their crest and their family name below it. It was absolutely stunning, all the incredibly old books on display (even books written by Galileo Galilei, an astronomer).
The streets of Bologna! A much more modern city although it is still rich with history.
Day 3 of Italy!! Bologna here we come!

11 March 2019

Some pictures of a photo shoot with the girls at the main strip by the hotel. Staying in Conegliano for one more night before hitting the road and heading to Bologna!
The inside of a museum of renaissance history! Me and Shafia had a blast exploring the fancy rooms. There were also books of old Italian on display which was super weird and cool.
The beautiful streets of Venice! Everything was beautiful in the sunshine. So far my favourite place in Italy!
Me and Shafia on the gondola ride!❤️❤️ It was super relaxing and a great way to explore the city. Our guide (boat driver??) was also incredibly funny and attractive, so that only added to the experience.
Me and Shafia in the Doges Palace❤️
More images of the streets of Venice! Fun fact, some of these were taken on a gondola ride!
This is the beautiful church beside the Doges Palace! Pictures were not allowed, however you could only imagine the beauty inside. The ceilings were made of gold mosaics with beautiful dark wood. It was quite an experience, I stood inside for 10 minutes just taking it all in.
The inside and outside of Doges Palace! It started as a small museum and opened up into the heart of the palace. It was a large courtyard with two floors surrounded it, all white stone! It was quite impressive.
Pictures of my travel family!!
On the water taxi going from the mainland to Venice!
A little tourist shop at the water taxi spot selling masks for Carnivale. The Carvivale di Venezia is an annual celebration and only ended 10 days prior to our arrival.
On the bus ride to the Water taxi! On our way to Venice!!

10 March 2019

First Italian dinner! Absolutely amazing
We’re now in Venice!! No exploring today; we checked into our hotel rooms and are getting ready to go to dinner.😋 these hotel rooms are pretty small (three beds, wow!) but cozy.
In Verona lies Juliet’s Balcony, where they say she had waited for Romeo each night (or something). Now, people leave messages of love all over the walls of the building.
The streets of Verona! It’s a BEAUTIFUL city, with very expensive fashion and aesthetic buildings. Everyone there was very nice, and the food was amazing!
Just landed in Milano and now on our way to Verona!!
I met my cousin Alessandro and his wife when I landed at the airport! They were incredibly sweet and it was amazing to meet them if even for 5 minutes. I also realized how bad my Italian is, so it’s motivated me to work harder!

9 March 2019

We have arrived at the airport!! ✈️ this is so exciting; everything looks so cool and modern! Cannot wait!!
Today marks the official start of my trip to Italy!! More to come:)