Europe, Asia · 13 Days · 53 Moments · August 2017

First taste of Thai!

23 August 2017

Day 14: Bangkok Here it is... our last day in this surprising country. I was a little bit prejudiced about Thailand and all the South-East Asia, but I have to admit that we have really enjoyed this trip! So this is a little melancholy picture in Amara (wonderful) hotel.

22 August 2017

Day 13: Bangkok Back in town, we had a good dinner at this German-Thai restaurant, G's Bangkok. Love my curry and Riccardo enjoyed his German sausage and smashed potatoes!
Day 13: Bangkok For our last night in Thailand, we treated ourselves with a five star hotel, Amara hotel! The rooftop pool is really breathtaking!
Day 13: Koh Pha Ngan Good bye Haad Rin beach! It was a pleasure!
Day 13: From Koh Pha Ngan to Bangkok Here we are.. For the second time, we experienced the combo transfer to the Capital. The ferry was more comfortable than the first one, but one hour late!! So the mini van driver did Fast and Furious to reach Nakhon Si Thammarat airport!

21 August 2017

Day 12: Koh Pha Ngan We wanted to have dinner on the beach, but the storm forced us to move inside! But the menu was the same: fresh grilled sea bass and a grilled squid! Great! After we would like to celebrate our last night on Pha Ngan, but the streets and the beach were desert!! 😱
Day 12: Koh Pha Ngan The rainbow, the clouds and the sea made this incredible sunset... just before the tropical monsoon!! 🌧
Day 12: Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan We booked a one day snorkeling trip to Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan. Actually we never walked on Koh Tao, as the speedboat (the navigation was awful) stopped closed to the island, but on a coralline reef point. But finally we reached the super crowded, but lovely Koh Nangyuan, where 3 small islands are connected by a thin tongue of white sand! The view from the viewpoint worths the line in the jungle for the final climb, but also the beach is great!
Day 11: Koh Pha Ngan No Name Thai Restaurant, simple and cheap, but good food. Don't be in a hurry as the service is veeeery long!

20 August 2017

Day 11: Koh Pha Ngan And when the sun comes out, it has to go down! Lovely sunset from Sunset Beach!
Day 11: Koh Pha Ngan Breaking news: the Thai sky on the island can be blue!!! After 5 days of milky white sky, we had some sun!!
Day 10: Koh Pha Ngan We were tired, we were laying on the bed at 23:30... Wait, hear this music!!! Taken the pajamas off and run on the crowded beach for some fun!

19 August 2017

Day 9: Koh Samui Ark Bar for our last night in Samui 😭
Day 10: Koh Pha Ngan Monnalisa Pizzeria At last, Thai food wins. We desperately wanted a pizza!!! Here we found a very good one!
Day 10: Koh Pha Ngan Too hungry to wait for Haad Rin movida!! Streets are desert!
Day 10: Koh Pha Ngan Arrived in the new island, our Phangan Bayshore Resort seems really nice!
Day 10: Koh Samui Last few hours and the sun came out at last!!

18 August 2017

Day 9: Koh Samui Sala Thai Restaurant Great food and helpful staff!
Day 9: Angthong Marine National Park The trial to reach the viewpoint is strenuous, the heat and the humidity accelerate the time of your death. But when you reach the top, that's heaven! ❤️
Day 9: Angthong Marine National Park Horrible food on the boat. Bring your own food!!!
Day 9: Angthong Marine National Park Second stop: the Emerald Lagoon. Steep set of iron steps to reach it. Nice view but too many people!
Day 9: Angthong Marine National Park Kayaking in the emerald water!
Day 9: Angthong Marine National Park Day trip to Angthong archipelago: long boat transfer, but the islands are marvelous.

17 August 2017

Day 8: Koh Samui In Chaweng markets and shops, you can find a wide selection of fake bags and clothes. But 6800 baht for a fake Gucci small bag are too much.
Day 8: Koh Samui Chaweng Night Market Second dinner here, this time Thai food: 1 fresh grilled squid, 2 Pad Thai and 2 mojitos, 530 baht!
Day 8: Koh Samui Another cloudy (and late rainy) day in Samui. Just relax on the beach!

16 August 2017

Day 7: Koh Samui Chaweng Night Market If you're not too choosy, you can dare a dinner in this incredible place. Many vendors, different type of food and drinks. We had a pause from Thai food: Phat Burger worths the smell from the cooking pans around you! Oh, almost forgot... Everything is super super cheap!
Day 7: Koh Samui The Beach of the Chaweng Garden Beach Resort is good, not the same for the weather!! Fortunately during the tropical storm you can enjoy a very cheap, but relaxing massage on the beach or by the pool!

15 August 2017

Day 6: Koh Samui Khao Klong Restaurant Finally I found a really good Thai plate!! The noodles with vegetables, seafood and tamarind sauce was delicious! Khao Klong is a very good restaurant!
Day 6: Koh Samui The Chaweng Garden Beach Resort is a peaceful way out from the caos of Chaweng Rd! Private beach, comfortable rooms and great price!
Day 6: from Bangkok to Koh Samui Endless transfer from Bangkok to Koh Samui! Starting with 1 hour taxi to Dom Mueang airport, then 1 hour flight (delayed) to Nakhon Si Thammarat, unknown hours to Dom sak pier, 1 hour and a half on an old and dirty ferry, then 1 hour on a mini bus for reaching Chaweng Beach!!! The direct flight is expensive, but next time..........

14 August 2017

Day 5: Bangkok Tealicious Restaurant Second attempt with Thai curry, from white to red, very little spicy! The owner is European, probably he knows our limits!! Nice place, nice food and Thai prices! 👍
Day 5: Bangkok Quick and very wet walk on the infamous Khaosan Rd! Here we met the monsoon for the first time!
Day 5: Bangkok Sailing back in Bangkok on the Chao Phraya (desserts included)
Day 5: Bangkok Great gardens in the Summer palace!
Day 5: Bangkok Daily trip to the ancient Siam capital -Ayutthaya. Even if the stops were shorts, going back on the air-con bus seemed a touch from heaven!

13 August 2017

Day 4: Bangkok Cafe Iced Vegetarian curry... asked "very little spicy", got "flames from Hell"
Day 4: Bangkok The Dome @ lebua Super, amazing, breathtaking view at the sunset.. At its cost, right, but it definitely worths it!
Day 4: Bangkok Rent a boat (private tour if you are running away from the Grand Palace) and do the canal tour in the weekend, head to the Taling Chan floating market: small, but curious! 1000 baht per person for 2 hours!
Day 4: Bangkok Taling Cha Floating Market 100 baht meal! 8 organic rolls with tuna/crab/hot dog/Laos pork 8 coconut salty and sweet pancakes One carrot and passion juice!
Day 4: Bangkok The Grand Palace is such a beauty, but way too overcrowded!!! The heat is really insane! Price 500 baht for the palace and the Wat Phra, home of the Emerald Buddha

12 August 2017

Day 3: Bangkok Withlocals tour Great foods tour!!! Thanks to our guide Big from Withlocals!
Day 3: Bangkok Quick relief from the heat in our hotel rooftop pool!
Day 3: Bangkok Our first tuk tuk!
Day 3: Bangkok Climb the Golden Mountain for a stunning view of the Old City
Day 3: Bangkok Wat Pho Wonderful wat! Put 108 coins in the metal cups for good luck!
Day 3: Bangkok Cross the river for 3,5 baht!
Day 3: Bangkok First spot in our first Bangkok morning... Wat Arun (50 bath)! Early in the morning is not overcrowded and definitely worths a visit!! 😍
Day 3: Bangkok Wake up and a have a walk in hotel neighborhood..
Day 2: The Grand Sathorn Hotel Old hotel, quite clean and large room. The rooftop pool and bar are really nice!
Day 2: Landed in Bangkok!! The immigration lines were not as bad as I imagined and all our luggages arrived! But the trip to the city center was a real nightmare 😱
Day 2: Super fast security check for connection! But endless line for Starbucks coffee!!

10 August 2017

Day 1: Here we go!