Europe · 17 Days · 67 Moments · August 2017

Tour di Antonio & Renata attraverso l'Europa

21 August 2017

Rapallo - Sestri Levante - Santa Margherita Ligure

19 August 2017

145.3 km on foot Chimney cake with chocolate Minigolf Netflix in Munich The statyue of Freud Cities from the top Drops for the caughing Beer in the minibar Berlin metro Kebab with cucumber and onion Onion Fried Broccoletti A lot of beer Soup of mushrooms Panini with salame milanese Plastic bottle recycling Donuts Nudists in the park What happened in Game of Thrones Kartoffelkeller Let's eat some sushi Green umbrella We need warm clothes Breaking skulls No McDonalds at the airport Wurstel...a lot of wurstel Kraut Dinner on the bridge Street music The wall

18 August 2017

Nikolaikirche and the last lunch in Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie and Museum Island

17 August 2017

Fries sushi and the tragedy of the green umbrella
The wall and the tower

16 August 2017

Berlin by night
La cantina della patata
We are funny!
Between the clouds and the sun

15 August 2017

Berlin by night: kebab and beer 🍺
Welcome to Berlin!
Berlin Metro
Anto: Andiamo a Berlino Beppe! Andiamo a prenderci la coppa! Reni: Dove? Al macellaio?
Prague Castle

14 August 2017

Next time we take the tram
Prague Day 2.

13 August 2017

How many ribs can I eat?
Colors of the Charle's bridge
And we were walking and walking...
Some more walking in Prague
Happiness ❤️
SUNday in Prague

12 August 2017

Prague by night🍸
From the top of St. Peter church...
Botanic Garden 🐛
Nymphenburg Botanic Garden Selfies 😏
Nymphenburg castle 🐿

11 August 2017

Wonderwall Save tonight Californication No woman no cry
Dinner at Augustiner in the city center and amazing street singer
Facce simpatiche😄
You can see the Königsplatz but not us, you can see us but not the Königsplatz
Cibo e Reni che ha bevuto troppa birra...
Lunch at Andechser am Dom
Tu tu tururutu tururutu, tuuu tuuuu tururutu tururù 🤓
Palm trees...palm trees everywhere 🌴
Munich Residenz
Old town hall
True smiles after having a 20 minutes fight with the selfie stick...and the New Town Hall of Munich
San Michele
Donuts... 😎

10 August 2017

Il primo stinco di maiale
Who is happy with the beer? 😀
Augustiner...all excited about the one of the oldest breweries in has also a cellar...attention to the head when going downstairs...more attention when coming is bleeding...he speaks only English now
Augustiner 1328 d.c. The oldest brewery in Munich
Monaco... we are coming!

9 August 2017

Coca-Cola Lime ❤️
And the winner is...
Strategy ON
Old School

8 August 2017

Bregenz... Lago di Costanza

7 August 2017

6 August 2017

Reni! Dove scappi? 😈
Austria... esattamente come la immaginavo😃

5 August 2017

...avagy mire jó a szelfi bot

4 August 2017

Abbiamo comprato il selfie stick per questo motivo.../ Keresd a különbséget...