Singapore · 1 Days · 6 Moments · February 2016

Touch down in Singapore

2 February 2016

Over the bridge and into Malaysia! Bye Singapore, it was a great 3 hours together.
Great design
Here he is in Singapore passport control.
And here we are loving life. The chairs recline to almost business class positions and the walls and ceilings are carpeted in a space print. Awesome.
Feeling like super cool experienced travellers we easily found this hut to buy a ticket to Melaka. Although... It was cash only so I had to run to a random supermarket opposite sim lim towers to find a cash point. It was also torrentially raining so I got completely soaked. I left Jon to guard the bags in the dry. We bought our tickets and were on board the luxury coach by 7.30am - less than two hours since we landed at Changi! Woo yeh aren't we clever.
Touch down in Singapore ! 45 mins early. We need to keep this up! Changi airport was as we remembered, comical. We flew through customs and baggage control (FYI nobody cared when we were flying back to London...!). Faffed about like tourists with the MRT ticket machine and we were on the super efficient metro system into town. We knew roughly where the bus station was so headed in that direction.