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ToryAnn's Minnesota Adventure!

9 March 2018

Grand portage
Grand Marias
Cascade river park

21 August 2017

Tettegouche State Park High Falls and Two Step Falls 3 mile hike round trip - thousands of stairs
Two Harbors, MN " best pizza in town"
SugarLoaf Cove Nature Center
Flood Bay State Wayside
Split Rock Light House again
Camped at GooseBerry Falls site #15 Could here the water falls while we slept...

20 August 2017

Silver Bay Black Beach

19 August 2017

Enger tower
Road trip with Matt and Daniel

17 August 2017

Shooting Star Casino Birthday Parttyyy

11 August 2017

River Cinema East Grand Forks, MN Went to see The Glass Castle Movie Theatre was pretty neat with sculptures and posters everywhere
Mike's Pizza Pub East Grand Forks, MN Artichoke Pizza is great

9 August 2017

First ThunderStorm in like 2 weeks. Always Much Needed Rain. CLOUD VEIWS !

8 August 2017

Scenic State Park Obviously didn't time the trip right today... we didn't make it here till pitch dark. And couldn't see anything in the dark. Except an extraordinarily beautiful FULL MOON. Awesome... will have to come back so i can actually check this MN State Park off my list.
McCarthy Beach State Park
BlackDuck, MN

5 August 2017

Cabellas store
Grand Forks Scenery
Arbor Park *Park Closed*
Urban Coffee Shop
Obelisk Marking Water Level of Flooding over the Years.
Neat Sculpture
Chia Pet in Downtown Grand Forks
And justice for all
Grand Forks Town Square. We got pizza from Mikes Pizza Pub on the way home. Its on the other side of the building.
Picnic at Red River Valley Recreation Area
Drove to Red River Valley Recreation Area "The GreenWay" Grand Forks, ND East GrandForks, MN

30 July 2017

Fishing with my Dad on Sugar Bush Lake

26 July 2017

Becker County Fair

18 July 2017

15 July 2017

Bear Head State Park
Soudan Underground Mine Park
Gundersin national forest
Outside the Hill Annex State Park We didnt make it in time for the open pit mine tours. One at 10 a.m and the other at 1230pm There are fossil hunt tours at 3 pm Only open fridays and saturdays
Minning mueseum at Hill Annex Mine State Park
Play Place Mc.Donalds Grand Rapids, MN
Historical Site Sugar Point Battle Leech Lake, near walker MN

13 July 2017

Slayer, Bohemeth, Lamb of God Sanford Center Bemidji, MN
Red River Valley Fair Fargo, ND

5 July 2017

18 June 2017

Mississippi River - cat fish & golden carp Tory - 2 Dad - 2 Catfishes Quentin - 1 Catfish Jayke - a jump in the great river
Cat Fishing with my dad, brother and son. A cool Hydro-Electric Dam Little Falls, MN @ Mississippi River
Little Falls Grocery Store
Minnesota Fishing Museum For Father's Day
Road Trip Again!!!

17 June 2017

Swimming, tacos and a Bonfire Today @ Chris Little Pine Lake

13 June 2017

The Farmers Daughter Ice Cream Shoppe Richwood, MN

12 June 2017

Minnesota Woman Historical Site
PELICAN RAPIDS, MN CITY PARK VERY CUTE Home of the Worlds Largest Pelican
MapleWood State Park Hiked to Holloway Point Picnicking at the Beach ***SWIMMERS ITCH IN THE LAKE*** DO NOT SWIM HERE As a matter of fact the whole pelican river watershed is contaminated past detroit lakes Nice Bathrooms Drove the Scenic Park Drive
With Jayke Heading to MapleWood State Park Pelican Rapids, MN And Trowbridge Zoo

11 June 2017

Hamden Slough WildLife Refuge
Shooting guns today Daniel, Julian & Matt @ Numec Lake

10 June 2017

Went to a wedding Hotel Holiday Inn @ Detroit Lakes

9 June 2017

Went Swimming at the Rediscovery Center @ White Earth Lake The waves were really crazy and huge! Windy day With Becca and Nicholas

8 June 2017

DAM RECREATION AREA (Outside of Grand Rapids - Hwy 2) On the way hone there was a wayside dam recreation spot. So we pulled in and enjoyed walking around
Grand Rapids, MN A Bigger Town, looked interesting. Stopped at Chinese Buffett (Grand Buffett) Stopped at Gas Station to fill up and wash windows. On the way out of town; there was a silly spider surfing the windshield. He was pro.
School Craft State Park Very Peaceful Campsites right along the river bank Wasn't a big one at all; only a few miles of hiking in the whole park. We decided to just stay in car and drive the river bank; because mosquitos were so bad.
Chippewa State Forest and Scenic Route The forest was absolutely Spectacular No heavy traffic Tons of wildlife Very enjoyable drive
Lake Bemidji State Park Rocky Point Trail & Lake Bemidji Overlook Lots of silk worms and spider webs Nice beach Enjoyed the views of the shoreline Clean bathrooms Sort of crowded - lots of people
Lake LaSalle State Recreation Area Minnesota's Deepest Lake --- 215 feet deep Turtles, Birds and Tons of jumping fish Just went to fishing peir and campground dock Beautiful and worth coming back to explore the longer trails. Coffee Pot Landing was also pretty
Took a Trip June 8 with Rebecca with the intent of crossing 3 places off our list today. La salle state recreation Lake bemidji state park SchoolCraft state park Left around 315 PM on Thursday Night Came home at 1120 PM same night GAS = 21+27 = $48 <EZ One, waubun > synergy, grand rapids Food= 9+25= $34 <burger hut, mahnomen >grand Buffett, grand rapids

7 June 2017

Savanna Portage State Park Seemed like a long drive from Jay Cooke to Savanna; but we made it. We drove down to the beach and picnic area. The beach was cute, and shallow. I enjoyed the veiw. However the flies, bees and mosquitos were pretty rough. Jayke loved the playground. The sun provided us some excellent mom and Jay photos.
JAY COOKE STATE PARK Finally woke jayke up; so we could go walk across the swinging bridge over the st.louis river. Very cool spot! Jayke had fun blasting back and forth on the bridge. The hiking trail just beyond the bridge proved to be too jagged and hard for jayke; so we didnt continue past the bridge a whole lot. Almost half the park was shut down for construction ; so we were not able to make it to oldenburgh point. Which ive heard is wonderful. This park will be worth returning too once construction is finished.
Thompson River Dam & Gorge (Just outside of Jay Cooke) Jayke still sleeping in the car from last night so i parked next to a pretty bridge and snapped some photos. Wonderful way to start my day. Refreshing and awesome.
Moose Lake State Park Jayke Still sleeping in the car, so i drove here. I parked at the beach/picnic area. And enjoyed the fresh air and peaceful waters. It was rather cold this morning. And with jayke still sleeping i couldn't hike any trails. So i got back in the car and started my trek for the next place.
Moose Lake, MN Apparently woke up in the wrong campground. This is how far off the mark we were Also we slept very near a Prison!!! Awwghhh! Scary stupid move on my part haha
Me and Jayke Spent the night in our Car; it was honestly okay for comfort, and we slept hard. Anyways our goal today was to hit Moose Lake State Park, Jay Cooke State Park and Savanna Portage State Park before i had to return to work at 2:30PM We woke up at 5:30 in the morning And arrived home at 1:15 PM Jayke puked in the car right when we got back to Waubun --->>> gross Did make it to work on time!! Lol Food $8 Hardeez, Walker MN

6 June 2017

Banning State Park By the time we arrived here it was dusk. We were about to goto see the waterfalls anyways when fellow campers seen us heading down the trail; they told us to stop and go back. Apparently the hike there is perilous and steep. Later looking at the map - it had a warning on the map that said the trail is not recommended for small children. I do plan however to return here and see the 2 waterfalls in the park; and the river rapids. Locals from the town of Sandstone said that it is extremely pretty and worth going to see. It was finally dark and we had to make it to the next destination to be on time for the days schedule in the morning. Next time tho!!!
St.Croix State Park Kinda thought this park was a little creepy. Idk why - maybe cause its the largest state park in the state. It just seemed really vast and empty. I didn't take hardly any pics here, me and jayke were pretty lost. We did find the beach area but the lake was drained out. Lots of nice bike trails we noticed. Wildlife was plenty. This park is probably awesome during the office hours. We were there pretty late at night...
Father Hennepin State Park Walked the beach Played at the playground Ate our subway at the picnic area Began a trail hike but jayke was overtired so we turned back around went to the car and trekked to the next S.P.
Mille Lacs State Park Very Enjoyable State Park Hiked a short trail up to the fire tower; went all the way up. Than we played at the playground for an hour or so. Walked the Bog walk, went down to see the dam too... awesome park. (Only got pictures of the tower tho, cause my phone died)
PINE GROVE ZOO Little Falls, MN Petting Zoo Black Bears Wolves Arctic wolves Cougar Tigers Buffalo Elk Tortoise And a baby kangaroo. Didn't get any pictures Kind of a quick zoo to walk thru. Quentin was sad the animals were trapped. Very hot day
Went to go Visit Quentin in Little Falls with Jayke @ little falls dairy queen @ little falls zoo Than i got this hairbrained idea to go on a very unplanned and unprepared road trip to some state parks near by, and began a very fun, adventurous trip! By the end of the night we had gone to: Mille Lacs State Park Father Hennepin State Park St. Croix State Park Banning State Park Attractions: Zoo Fare: $22 Fed Animals, Gift Shop $30 Annual Pass: $25 Food: Dairy Queen, little falls $25 Subway, Mille Lacs $11 Accommodations: Moose Lake $23 Supplies: Family Dollar, Sandstone $ 75 **** next time we will actually plan a trip! Gas: Richwood $25 Sandstone $29

5 June 2017

Traveled to Itasca State Park Daniel and Jayke To play at the Beach, Playground and Volley Ball Court on Itasca Lake. Absolutley LOVE IT HERE There is always tons to do; as it is the oldest State Park in Minnesota. There is a tower here, Mississippi HeadWaters, tons of hiking/biking trails. Always a blast! Will return again this summer to do more than the beach.

16 May 2017

My sons graduation today! @ the community center Theatre Stage, Indoor Pool, and Indoor Playground This momma is proud!!

1 May 2017

Crow Wing State Park
Charles Lindberg State Park
Laurentian Divide
Lake Carlos State Park
Inspiration Peak State Wayside
Glendalough State Park
Me and Jayke Decides to head off on a State Park Trip to the most Nearby. Glendalough State Park Inspiration Peak State Wayside Lake Carlos State Park Charles Lindberg State Park Crow Wing State Park We also Passed the Laurentian Divide; which is the Continental Divide that makes water flow either north or south We Made Stops in : Detroit Lakes, MN Alexandria, MN Little Falls, MN

29 April 2017

Split Rock LightHouse State Park Such a beautiful lighthouse. Loved the Rocky beach at the bottom; incredible views. This one was on my bucket list Crazy amount of stairs!! But loved IT!!!! Really enjoyed this place!
GooseBerry Falls State Park
Two Harbors Light House and Navigation Pier I always like this spot. Two harbors is a very neat town. Lots of museums, interesting food spots. History is there. Also its cool when the huge boats come in to the rail dock.
North Shore Scenic Route - lots of pedestrians - too many houses But the drive of the shore was nice; seen big boats heading towards the duluth port
Daniel's Birthday Trip Traveled with Daniel, Julian, Pam and Herman! Started at the hotel in the Black Bear Casino Drove the North Shore Scenic Route Went up to Two Harbors seen the LightHouses Than went to GooseBerry Falls And finally the Split Rock Lighthouse

28 April 2017

DULUTH BREWING COMPANY = Yummy. Delicious Brews, and good food.
LAKE Superior Aquarium Very neat to see all the fish in lake superior Offers a great skyline of duluth, views of the airel bridge. Very near all the hotspots of duluth in the downtown area.
Traveling to Duluth, MN With Daniel, Julian, Pam, and Herman Went to the Aquarium The Canal Park And the Duluth Brewing Company

24 April 2017

Headwaters Science Museum Lots and lots of interactive fun learning. Came here with Jayke's HeadStart
Field Trip with Jayke to the Headwaters Science Museum in Bemidji