Sweden · 1 Days · 7 Moments · January 2017

Gothenburg International Film Festival 2017

30 January 2017

Miss Kiet's Children, Netherlands A teacher with a group of immigrant children 5-9 years old, new in Holland and coming from Syria, Macedonia, etc. Miss Kiet, a tall thin very articulate Dutch teacher, has infinite patience and teach them Dutch, the alphabet, calculus, discipline, self esteem, and being a good friend. When they succeed they get they get stickers, for more important milestones, like when they master the multiplication table of five, a diploma in front of the class. A bit un-Swedish perhaps... Some children have very little Dutch, some are troubled by memories from Syria. Miss Kiet tries to find the key for every lock. In A sweet film with a passionate teacher and cute and touching children. But did it have to be almost two hours long? The camera follows individual children in long sequences. There is no story. ? For us it was the last movie in a long day and we were struggling to stay awake. awake. It is too long to be shown on TV, too long to be a lesson

29 January 2017

Tess, South Africa The movie starts by showing a pretty, sexy, cool africaans girl around 20 being picked up but an older guy in an expensive car, having sex with him among the sand dunes. Then standing among a group of black hookers along the motorway, Picked up by another man, sex for money. Vomiting in the toilet. Raids to the pharmacy for a steady supply of pain killers with codeine. The pharmacist is getting more and more alarmed, saying that if she is pregnant the foetus will be damaged by the codeine. Sure enough, she is pregnant. She goes to an abortion clinic, but misses her appointment. She is still pregnant, fighting with herself to stay away from tablets, selling her body cheap along the seaside road each afternoon. A man picks her up and takes her to a stable. But he is awkward and embarrassed and cannot perform. They meet more times with the same result. They talk and reveal their misfortunes.
One Week and a Day, Israel A middle-aged couple loose their only son to cancer. The mother is mourning him normally, but the father looses his contact with reality, slaps the neighbour's wife in the face and learns to smoke pot with the neighbour's son. It feels like the movie is based on real sorrow and mourning, but transformed to art and spiced with some comedy and humour.
Rosetta, Belgium A young girl with an addict dysfunctional mother trying to get and hold a job. She tries to manage her own and her mother's lives with furious determination.
Wolf and Sheep, Afghanistan A documentary about a village in the mountains in Afghanistan. The children are herding the goats in the mountain where there seems to be almost nothing to eat. The boys are practicing with their slings, the girls are braiding bands and chatting. We see how they dry dung for fire, the farmer's wives quarrel, the men are beating the children. In the mountain there are wolves and the invade the village both during the day and in the dreams. There is also a green fairy they dream about, a woman who walks undressed through the village at night.
1. The Open Door, a Spanish movie about a "family" of whores. The main character is a 40-50-ish blonde woman living with her slightly demented mother and a 1:90 tall transvestite. The have an open door to the little court and share the lives of their neighbour sex workers. workers.
The usual procedure, a Sunday crammed with films from 09:30 to 22:00, Inger, Kerstin J and Torbjörn. We left the dog with Martha and parked the car at Vasagatan. Both we and Kerstin brought sandwiches, Torbjörn brought an energy drink. .