North America, Europe · 36 Days · 32 Moments · June 2016

Smith sisters through Europe

2 August 2016

August 2: Munich Started our day with a wonderful breakfast buffet (thanks mom and dad). We made sure to grab some fruits on our way out so we got our money's worth as well πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Then we headed to Marienplatz which is the central square on Munich. This square has beautiful buildings surrounding the area. We walked around the grounds for about 2 hours and we window shopped as well (tons of shopping near this area). Our next destination was Englischer Garten. It spans 3.7 km2 and is bigger than New Yorks Central Park. In this park they also have a man made river flowing through it. And in certain areas people are able to surf on the water! We didn't see anyone surfing but the park was huge and really pretty! We came across many of the famous sights such as the Steinerne Bank, and the Monopteros. We walked around for 2.5 hours, ate an apple then headed back to our hotel.

1 August 2016

August 1: Innsbruck We arrived in Innsbruck July 31 and headed our way out to a little suburb outside of Innsbruck. Paige had one job.. To get bus tickets and as we boarded the bus, the driver said, "your not a baby" to Paige. So that bus ride we were both infants which was okay cause the tickets were only 1.50 euro! We stayed in Alp and Art which was a beautiful hotel situated in the mountains. That day we hiked up to Gâtzner Alm which took a total of 3 hours. We didn't get a view sadly due to all the clouds. After our hike we went in the sauna and then for a really nice dinner at Binis. The following morning we had an amazing breakfast buffet, Paige got a good buzz on from the four mimosas she had 🍾. We spent the day in Innsbruck touring old town, some monasteries and cute little streets. Then at 430 we boarded the train to Munich.. Our final destination!! Smith sisters 😘😘

30 July 2016

July 31: Yesterday Paige and i took a trip to the country side of Salzburg. We headed to st. Gilgen lake. It was a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. The lake was clear and quite warm. It took us about an hour to get out there due to traffic but it was worth it. Since our trip is getting best of us, we relaxed for most of the day. Then near the end of the day we did an hour of stand up paddling (SUP). It was really fun. Took us a bit for each of us to get our balance on the board but we killed it in the end! We got back to the hostel at 8 pm and just hung out and visited with our new friend maddi. I told her about how Cory and I met and I'm hoping we will be in a book one day because maddi writes books! Now today we are off to Innsbruck Austria πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ—» Smith sisters 😘😘

29 July 2016

July 29: First full day in the city of the Sound of Music, Salzburg 🎼 We started our day out right by sneaking into the breakfast buffet in our hotel (normally costs 7 euros per person). So we chalked that up as a win βœ”οΈ free breakfast πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Then for the morning and part of the afternoon we explored the fortress, the hohensalzburg castle. It was beautiful. Paige spent most of her time there face swapping with the old soldiers faces and portraits πŸ˜‚. Then we had lunch at a supper delicious vegan place in old town. For 5 hours I had a headache so I tried combatting that with sleep and Advil. Then at about 530 we went to mirabellgartens. It was beautiful and like a scene from the sound of music (although the not for sure about that cause I've never seen the movie). There was live music and we had gelato πŸ‘ŒπŸ». I ended the night with a run, & then we made pizza & chilled in our dorm with some great people. A girl from England, and a couple from the Netherlands. Smith sisters 😘

28 July 2016

July 27th: Our worst day So the morning started out really great.. I went for an hour run, had a delicious breakfast. Then before we went to catch our bus we decided to check our night train ticket.. And realized we were leaving from a totally different place than we had thought. So in the end we had to pay 200 euros to take a cab to Zagreb so we could make it in time for our night train to Salzburg. So i had a bit of a stress break down, a few tears were shed and Paige was on the verge of vomiting the whole day. We however did make it to our night train and we realized it could have been worse. We are now in Austria: we made here at 4 am on the 28th. So we camped out in the train station for four hours and then camped out in our hostels lounge for another 4 hours before finally getting up. Today we toured the old town of Salzburg and had a lovely dinner. πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Smith sisters 😘

26 July 2016

July 24-27: time in Mostar We arrived in Mostar late the 24th after taking a bus that was supposed to take 2 hours and ended up taking 5.. πŸ˜‘. We were greeted by the nicest people at our hostel tho. We stayed at Ninas hostel and everyone must stay there! Our first day we spent it walking around the cute town and we toured a mosque in old town and climbed a tower so we could have a beautiful view of the city. We instantly fell in love with this city. It was so beautiful and raw and it's crazy to think that the civil war was so recent. During our stay we visited the kravice which is the photo with all the waterfalls! We also met lots of people in our hostel. We met two really nice Canadians, 3 Swedish guys and two people from Vegas! We loved Mostar πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Smith sisters

24 July 2016

So far behind on the blog! So after Greece Paige and I made our way to Dubrovnik Croatia! Which is absolutely beautiful!! We only had one full day there so we started it early. We went for a hike up to the imperial Fort (about an 1.5 hr hike) and this Fort was built in 1806 and it is the symbol of defence against Serbian and Montenegrin armies in 1991. During this hike we saw amazing views of Dubrovnik (we loved the cliffs, red roofs, and sea view) After our hike we booked a kayak trip. It was about a 3 hr trip and we kayaked around the island lokrum, kayaked into caves, rock jumped, kayaked around the walls of the city, swam in the sea and also stopped at a cove for lunch. We really loved our one day in Dubrovnik! One of our favs! Smith sisters

22 July 2016

July 22: We left Naxos very early in the morning because we wanted to spend the day in Mykonos before leaving to Athens. We got to Mykonos at 10 am, and headed straight to paradise beach. We laid in the sun till about 4 and we were about to go into the town until the party really started on this beach. We had heard Mykonos parties hard, but it was the craziest party I have been to. We were dancing on tables, taking free shots, being sprayed with bottles of champagne and that was just the start. We partied there from 4-730 and that was long enough. We made our way to the ferry, on that way Paige broke her shoes, fell down stairs and we were turned away from a cab due to being too drunk. Once we got to the ferry Paige puked in her hat and we slept for the whole ferry ride. We ended up making it to Athens safe and hung over πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Smith sisters x3 😘😘😘

21 July 2016

July 21: On this day I got up the courage and decided to try wind surfing! I did an hour lesson and I really loved it! I was able to catch on fast, but catching speed was the hard thing for me. Paige was supposed to get pictures.. But failed because she was too late πŸ˜‘. After wind surfing Paige and I hung out with the three locals and they took us to a beach about 15 min away from our hotel by car. It was really nice, it was surrounded with large boulders to suntan on. We did some rock jumping and lots of swimming. After that, Paige met the locals for supper and Kayley and I stayed in. I went for an hour beach run, found a few hidden gems and then afterwards Kayley and I went for a beach walk. Smith sisters x3

20 July 2016

July 20: First full day in Naxos We all went to town to explore the little streets of Naxos. It was really beautiful. The streets had many markets and we shopped a little bit. We also went and checked out a gate that is famous in Naxos as well. That night we invited the locals over (they said they have never been in a hot tub before) and we had drinks in the hot tub. We had a dramatic full night and it ended quite early.

19 July 2016

July 19: first night in Naxos We arrived in Naxos at around supper time and made it to our gorgeous villa. We had our own living room, bedroom, large bathroom with a shower with jets and a jacuzzi in it. As well we had a porch with our private hot tub on it.! It was so beautiful. (Definitely will stay there again) We took a walk around the area that we were staying and had a small bite to eat. Then Kayley and I decided to go out on the town. Paige stayed in because she was too tired 😒 ;). Kayley and I went to a bar that served really cool drinks in different drink containers such as little pails, shells, and cool cups. And We met three locals from Naxos (we hung around them because we thought Paige would enjoy the company of one in particular 😏) After the first bar we went to a club and danced, but left around 2. We had a fun first night!
Continuation: for the tour we went to the highest point in santorini called Profitis Ilias. After that we walked through a traditional village called Megalochori. It was very quite compared to the main part Thira. We then toured around akrotiri which is an archaeological site where a prehistoric town was buried under lava and ash. Then we quickly stopped in at the red beach (red due to the lava rock), then spent 2 hours relaxing on the black sand beach Perivolos. We ended the tour with a wine tasting of the locally grown wines. For supper we went to Oia for the sunset. The sunset was breathtaking (highly recommend it). Then we came back to the hotel, face timed our loves (Claire, mom, and Cory <- I'm really missing him 😫). Kayley and I walked around and Paige stayed in trying to recover from her sun burn from the day before 😳😳

18 July 2016

July 18: Been slacking on the blog a bit, only because I'm with my two best friends! Run down: we all made it to Athens, toured and shopping that night then woke up at 330 to make it to the airport for our flight. We took off at 7 am, got to santorini but couldn't land due to the wind so we went back to Athens and we were delayed another time. Finally at midnight we flew for santorini and landed at 1 am. Staying up for 24 hrs is not recommended.
July 19: First day in santorini (July 17th). We spent the morning touring around this beautiful island. It's actually the prettiest place I've been to yet! The rest of the day we hung out by the pool and it didn't feel too hot because it was so windy. At 330 we started getting ready and went for supper around 7. That night we went out on the town and danced all night. Night life was crazy! We had a ton of free shots and the bars were busy. Kayley was the one who wanted to stay out more and party, because she's such a cool mom πŸ‘ŒπŸ». The next morning was a bit of a rough one. But we managed to go on a tour of the island.

14 July 2016

July 15: Our time in Germany has been so much fun.. Maybe too much fun! We got to our hostel at 9 on the 13th and ended up sleeping in the bar till we could check in. Then we got ready for the night and started pre drinking and playing beer pong at our hostel at about 6. We ended up meeting lots of people from the states, Canada, Australia and England. We went out in Germany, ended up losing each other which wasn't very fun. But Paige ended up having a great night still. The next morning we didn't get out of bed till 2.. And Paige not till 4. I did some sight seeing while Paige died in our hostel. Then we went shopping together, and watched and enjoyed the comedy show at our hostel. We met lots of fun people and really loved Berlin. I'll be coming back for sure. Now off to Greece to meet our other wonderful sister ❀️❀️❀️ Smith sisters

13 July 2016

July 13: Made it to Berlin after two long ass trains. The first one was awful, a four person table seats (all seats full) Spent the 7 hour train ride with a sore neck, and no sleep. Paige ended up with sore legs, sore neck, red eyes and no sleep. But we made it! A new country, here we go πŸŽ‰πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

12 July 2016

July 12: We made it to Copenhagen Denmark.. And we left 25 hours later. We must definitely go back! Paige and I agree it was our best day yet. We made it to the hostel last night at about 10. So we called it an early night. We Woke up the next morning very early and walked in the Rosenborg castle gardens (kongens have) as well as the Copenhagen botanical gardens all before 9. It was beautiful but our feet were sore already! Thankfully we decided to rent bikes from 10-1500 and we saw many beautiful buildings and streets. One of our highlights was the Copenhagen street food. It was a market with all different kinds of amazing authentic food. I had a hot dog and it was absolutely amazing (life changing). After the bike we went to tivoli which is an amusement park in Copenhagen. It was a blast! & we went on rides & enjoyed the atmosphere. We went back to our hostel, slammed 6 somersby (because they originated in Denmark) and met two kind Americans. We are now heading to Berlin πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

11 July 2016

July 11: Well Sweden came and then Sweden left. Spent 26hours in Gothenburg and we absolutely loved it! The people were by far the friendliest! The town was very sweet with red and turquoise tin roofs. The buildings were old & cute and so many parks!! We got into Gothenburg at about 3, made it to our hostel with some help on the way. Our hostel was by far the worst we have had. They messed up on or reservations so Paige and I got split up. Paige drew the short straw and ended up in a sweatshop πŸ˜‚ with one smelly man. (Needless to say she didn't sleep) I stayed in a room with two nice Englishmen. The hostel rooms were also the size of a closet. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ We did meet some nice Germans and went for supper & drinks with them and watched the football game (yay Portugal). 6 people have said Paige is older.. 0 have thought I've been older πŸ˜’. We will keep the tally going tho! We spent the day sight seeing and had a wicked Chinese buffet πŸŽ‰. Now on our way to Copenhagen via trainπŸš‚

8 July 2016

July 9: Today we visited the holmenkollbakken. This is a ski jump located in Oslo. Here there has been many events such as ski jumping world cups, 1952 olympics, and world ski championships. It was a beautiful area to see, lots of running trails (in the summer) and cross country skiing trails for the winter. After we made our way back to our apartment to cook supper and pre drink before our hoped for party night. We headed out on the town and went to the opera house. This building was completed in 2007 and one of the coolest buildings we've seen. The roof of the building allows for people to walk on it and get breathtaking pictures After this outing we tried to find a bar, but couldn't find any where you could be under 23. In our search we found another stalker guy. He followed us into the bus, then we waited till the last moment to leave the bus and he ended up coming too. I had to use my firm voice and tell him to go (like a dog) and he did so, with his tail between his legs.

7 July 2016

July 7th: Another day in Oslo Norway, Started the day early because all museums were free today! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ great news for students and for all! We went to the national gallery, museum of architecture, museum of contemporary art, the royal palace, the parliament building and the cathedral. All those places were amazing, but we did get very tired of walking around and looking at things. We spent about 8 hrs walking downtown today. But we did get all the tourist things out of the way without having to spend much money βœ”οΈ. We ended the day with getting keys to our apartment for the next three nights! Our first time doing Airbnb and we love it! Our apartment is on the 12th floor overlooking all of Oslo. We have made ourselves at home with a bottle of wine, salad and sausage (we will be forever posting about eating our sausage we purchased πŸ˜…). Tomorrow consists of hikes, beaches and perhaps the ski jump Oslo is known for. βœŒπŸΌοΈβœŒπŸΌπŸ’•Smith Sisters

6 July 2016

July 7: first day in Oslo Norway Today was a day of many hours of walking! We Started the day off right with a free amazing breakfast at our wonderful hostel! (Our hostel is so good, has free breaky, chess, ping pong tables, coffee corner, nice rooms and more!) After breakfast we went to try and find our way downtown. We happened to stumble upon the Oslo botanical garden which was so beautiful. It had thousands of plants, huge trees, green houses, and ponds (definite must see). Next we stumbled upon the Munch Museum. This is an art museum dedicated to Edvard Munch, a very famous Norwegian artist. It was actually very cool (Paige got a post card but lost it.. But was still worth seeing) On our way downtown we noticed Norway is a lot more multicultural then we thought, noticing many Somalians & other people from foreign parts of the world. We finally found downtown Oslo and toured around a bit, had lunch and ice cream as well! We are really enjoying the city so far! ❀️
July 6: Made it to Oslo Norway! We had the longest day in the airport yesterday but we managed to make it into Oslo and we are beyond excited. Had a bit of a hiccup yesterday.. On the plane we were seated by a man and he seemed to be quite nice (an American). We offered him drinks, he bought us food and we thought we would be friends. But as the flight progressed.. We realized we could NOT be friends with him. We ended up having to leave him stranded with the taxi because we didn't want to go for drinks with him (and he couldn't take a hint). Luckily we made a dash for it and arrived at our hostel at 3 am. We weren't supposed to check in till 3 pm today, but the man was able to find us a room at 3 am so we managed to get some sleep :). We are now more than ready for our time in Oslo! Paige learned that she should trust me when it comes to creepy guys. What else are big sisters for πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜˜ Smith sisters 😘

5 July 2016

Continued.. The local we met was so nice. He brought us to his penthouse apartment in downtown Reykjavik which was very spacious and pretty! On the way out to the golden circle we stopped at his cottage out in the country. He had a river flowing through his yard, 5 chickens, and a hot tub. Golden circle: we visited the pingvellir national park. This park is the location of Iceland's first parliament in 930 AD. This is also the place where North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are slowly separating (about 3 cm every year). Our next stop was geyser. Where the earth heats up water with mineral deposits in it and shoots it out of the earth due to the massive pressure it creates! Our next stop was Gullfoss waterfall. This was spectacular, the biggest waterfall I've seen with so much power and beauty surrounding it. After this trip we went back to Reykjavik, picked up our car and headed to our hotel near the airport. Now we will be waiting 7 hrs before we fly to Norway βœˆοΈπŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄
July 5th continued... So we found my purse, panic attack was avoided πŸ‘ŒπŸ»βœ”οΈ This day was one of the craziest. We started out our day trying to find liquor.. Only to find out all stores are closed on Sunday's. We then went to a grocery store where I found a drunk Irish man and he led us to a pub where he bought us drinks (a win!). We stayed there until 3 visiting with locals and then went to our hostel (it was a dive) and got ready for our night. Watching the football game was amazing! There were thousands of people in the downtown square and the atmosphere was crazy. We met lots of fun people and ended up partying and drinking with many locals! The next morning we were slightly hungover.. Paige a tad more than me. But we still had a jam packed day. We met up with one of the locals we met and he took us on a tour of the golden circle. The golden circle is a huge tourist attraction in Iceland because of its beauty and many attractions. Continue next blog...
July 5th: (been slacking on the blog) Paige and I made it back to where it al began, the airport in Iceland. Recap on our relationship: still sisters and still the best of friends. Only had one fight where I told her to sit in the car and I went for a walk. But we got over it of corse. Recap, we made it through the west fjords. Ended it at a cute fishing town with tons of history and hiking called isafjordur. Here we went to a museum, watched a few videos of their winters and history. We then headed back to Reykjavik. In Reykjavik we did not have a place to stay so we stayed in the car for another night. We pretended that we were staying at bus hostel again so we were able to wash our faces and brush our teeth πŸ‘ŒπŸ». We got a bit better at car sleeping but not much.. Slept maybe 4 hrs. When we woke in the morning, I realized I lost my purse (which had my passport, all my money and train tickets in.) luckily we drove to dominos at 6am where we found the pizza guy and he had it! Cont'

1 July 2016

July 1: Yesterday on Canada day we ended our day at the dynjandi waterfalls. This is the largest waterfall in western Iceland and it is 100 meters tall. It was absolutely breathtaking! A highlight of the trip for sure. We also met some Australians who were in Iceland for paragliding. There were 5 older men and they were so kind to us! They found out we were sleeping in our car and offered us shelter, mattresses, hot water and food! Traveling is by far the most life changing thing we've done. And meeting people along the way has been amazing! People go out of their way for others and its extremely humbling. Today we are doing more driving. And hopefully we will find more hot springs and who knows what else. Smith sisters
July 1: Happy Canada Day! We celebrated by touring Iceland today! We started driving this am at 530 because Paige was unable to sleep in our car. On our way we stopped at a waterfall which I went and climbed while Paige got her beauty rest. Following that, we came across a tiny town and they pointed us to the hot springs. It was so amazing, just a small natural pond surrounded by rocks and the water was 38 degrees! So perfect. After we drove towards the latrabjarg which is the most western part of Iceland and one of the worlds biggest bird cliffs. It was so amazing! The colors were incredible, we were surrounded by turquoise waters and beautiful birds of all species, but our favorite, the puffin bird. Tonight we plan on getting a better sleep in the vehicle (going to try a few strategies for sleep). Tomorrow we will be heading to the dynjandi waterfalls and a few other gems I'm sure. :). Smith Sisters

30 June 2016

June 30: First day with our new whip. A Suzuki swift, which we obviously named her T Swift πŸ‘ŒπŸ» We started out by hitting a small town called borgarness which was a settlement town of the Vikings. Then we headed to arnastapi. On our way we came across this amazing canyon. This canyon had a good tale to it which involved trolls. In here we both explored. I explored deep into the canyon where I climbing a rope while getting soaked by a waterfall it was so amazing. So much adrenaline (a reminder why I love emergency nursing). When we got to arnarstapi, the sight was beautiful. After this we climbed a volcano, and went through a national park with so many places to stop. Now we are going to be staying in our car. Our adventures will be taking us to the west fjords for the next four days. Wish us luck.
June 29th So it was pretty expected, I woke up at 530 am to go for a run while Paige, stayed up too late partying did not join (bless her heart). Then at 730 we headed out to the Blue Lagoons. One of the 25 wonders of the world. Blue lagoons... We really enjoyed our time there, feelin all fancy & shit with our bath robes, two face masks and two hours in a warm natural spa pool. Highly recommend everyone going. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Following the lagoons we went and bought groceries because other blogs weren't kidding, Iceland is really expensive. Later that night we met a wide range of people. Starting out we met two guys from the Netherlands in a pub. They were a good time! Then we went to another hostel, Kex.This was where the party was at... Live music and lots of wild Brits & cool Americans. We spent the night out drinking till 330.. When it really felt like 9 pm. Icelands sun never sets & so drinking and partying felt like it was a never ending night out!

28 June 2016

June 28: Survived our first day in Iceland. We were up for 26 hours.. You'd think there'd be a few fighting matches between Paige and I, but Somehow it didn't effect our excitement for Iceland. We are in great spirits, a bit tired but we Managed to rent a car for four days so we can tour the west fjords. Today we saw the hallgrimskirkja which is a Lutheran parish church. It stands 73 meters tall. Getting a picture with this thing was hard! We also saw the sun voyager which is a sculpture situated by the ocean. It is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. Another great sight we saw was the Harpa which was an amazing building. In it performances and concerts are held. Both the inside and the outside was beautiful. We walked all over Reykjavik today and loved this beautiful city! Here comes the blue lagoons tomorrow !
June 27: Departure for Iceland The day finally came and after a long day of stress, and goodbyes we finally made it to the airport. The day started out by first not being able to get our eurorail tickets because the ups was closed.. Thankfully after some phone calls and driving around the city, we are now fully equipped with our eurorail tickets.! Day one: sister fight βœ”οΈ Still love each other βœ”οΈβ€οΈ