United States of America · 6 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

Building a house with habitat for humanity

14 July 2017

Friday: Wow! I cannot believe how fast time went by. And in just under a week we blitz built this beautiful house for an amazing family. I am so honored that I got to be here and experience this wonderful week. Today was the day we held the ceremony of giving the keys to Amanda Gibson, the mom of the family we built the house for. It was a very emotional time for everyone looking at all of the hard work we have done in the past week. And how close we are grown it to each other thanks to the close proximity we worked in. Today was all about reflecting over the past week and sharing our experiences together. As you probably expected, there was a lot of crying, but it was good cry because we had done something so amazing for a beautiful family. I would like to thank everyone Who sponsored me and allowed me to come on this beautiful trip I had so much fun getting to know my friends better and meeting new friends and building the house.
Thursday: Today I got to finish doing the roof. And they also began House siding. Working on the roof again it was a lot of fun because when we were waiting for more wood we can just lay down on the roof and relax because we weren't going to come down. It was really hot today though, so being on the roof meant we were constantly getting shined on by the sun. After we finished with the roof, we started doing the metal part of the roof, I wasn't up there for that though I got down to get a drink and then started helping with the siding. Today we did not have to make our own lunches because Amanda, The person we were building the house for, is the manager at the local Pizza Hut and they, to give thanks to what we were doing for her, gave us free pizza for lunch. And I'm not gonna lie it was better than what I expected pizza from Pizza Hut to taste like. After the day was over we went back to the bunker and we got to hang out for a little bit before we went to the pool to swim!!

11 July 2017

Wednesday: Today I finally got to work on the roof. However only for half the day because we were all done working at noon. Today is our half day of work and later we will be going to a river and swimming. Working on the roof was a ton of fun. We got to hammer in all of the roof boards and the climb around in the rafters to get up there. And loving it to climb things as much as I do, it was by far the highlight of Appalachia so far. After the worksite at about noon we went back to the bunker to eat lunch and hang out for a little bit until we were ready to go to the river for the rest the day. Me and my friends hung out for a little and played some cards until it was time to go. The river was about an hour away and we left at around 330. When we got there we had to carry all the stuff for the barbecue to where we were eating. Immediately everyone ran to the water and were in was in for an hour or so. Then we had barbecue and later we created a fire and had smores. We left at like 830

10 July 2017

Sunday! Today we drove down to West Virginia. It took 8 1/2 hours to get here, including the 2 stops we took. One for lunch, we stopped at Panera. And the other stop was for gas. My car was the first car to the church we are staying at by a half hour, so we got to choose beds first. When everyone else got here we unloaded the truck and put our stuff on our beds. We then had an orientation and instructions about safety on the work site. We them went to a pizza place for dinner. After dinner we just hung out inside and played some card games until lights out.
Tuesday We woke up early today si we can get a head start on the day. We were at the work site by 7:50. Today we finished putting up the walls and we put up the entire interior wall skeleton. Because next, we had to do the roof trusses. Man were those heavy. After we put the trusses up, I didn't really have a job because i really wanted to get on the roof, but there was not enough room yet so I have to wait till tomorrow. Anyway after the work cite we went back to the bunker and played cards again until dinner, which was ziti.
Monday: Today we got to the build site bright and early for the opening ceremony. We prayed and got introduced to the crew leaders. They are all really cool! Immediately we started working, i was put on wall duty. I was in charge of raising the walls of the house and securing them to the foundation. It was super cool how fast we got to work. By the end of the first day, all the walls were up. Its amazing how much work we got done! After construction, we went out for pizza at a local pizza place. And after that we all just hung out around the bunker/gym that got made into a housing facility. We played cards till about midnight then headed off to bed.

9 July 2017

We left the church! Starting our 9 hour car ride down!
Here are some pictures of everyone that are going to Appalachia with me.